We support transformational learning experiences

Welcome to Archives and Special Collections! We create transformational learning experiences through engaged, hands-on work in our archives. Consider collaborating with us to design sessions for your class or group. We will work within your subject area and other needs.  

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The best learning experiences in archives are the result of collaboration between archivists and main course instructors. Schedule a planning meeting with us in advance of your class to identify concepts, collections, and hands-on activities that will ensure a high level of learning and engagement in your students, preparing them to work further in this and other archives. 

  • To design an in-depth class or project in the archives with us, we request at least one semester’s advance notice/collaboration time 
  • For a less in-depth class, we request at least 2 weeks notice, including a meeting to set learning objectives and select materials 

To request a class with us, please be in touch!

Students in the archives and special collections reading room: large wooden tables, chairs, and many windows

In Person or Online 

Whether you are located on campus, in Bozeman, or beyond, we welcome the opportunity to work with you in person in your classroom or in one of our instruction spaces in the library: 

We can also meet with you and your students online in synchronous or asynchronous modes on various platforms.   

A librarian works with a class

For K-12 Teachers

If you are a K-12 teacher we will work with you to establish learning objectives for archival experiences for your students, including basic concepts and beginner tasks that will give your students an understanding of what it means to explore an archival collection. 

To request a class with us, please be in touch!


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