Fishing Across the Continent; Short True Stories for Boys, William Newell Hull, c1905, facing 177, Brook TroutFishing Across the Continent; Short True Stories for Boys, William Newell Hull, c1905, facing 177, Brook Trout

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Illustration of a Trout

Angling Oral History Project

Oral histories with anglers, politicians, artists, authors, and others whose work relates to trout and salmon. Interviewees represent angling worldwide.


Illustration of a rainbow trout

Montana State University (MSU) Archives Trout and Salmonid Artwork Digital Collection

The Trout and Salmonid Artwork Digital Collection holds images of sample artwork found in the Montana State University Trout and Salmonid Special Collection.


Item from the Behnke collection

Robert J. Behnke Papers

The Robert J. Behnke Papers include a vast array of created and collected material representing his many years as a consultant with experts, students and interested parties on his specialty of studying the trout and salmonid families of fishes.  Included are unpublished books and papers, professional and personal correspondence, reprinted articles of a wide variety of studies, drafts of manuscripts, photocopied or original articles and newspaper clippings, legal papers related to his consulting work with fishery and water issues, reports and studies by universities, fish and wildlife agencies and other related groups.  Also present are materials from his teaching classes in various aspects of fish species and environment.  There are photos, maps, diagrams for use in published works, memorabilia, and papers related to organizations and societies for which he had membership.

Image from the Lilly collection

Bud Lilly Papers

Collection 2528: The Bud Lilly Papers consist of biographical and genealogical materials, correspondence, organization papers, literary productions, business records, photographs and motion picture film all created or collected by Lilly in the course of his life and business career. Topics include military service and family life, his visit to Hiroshima, Japan shortly after the detonation of the atomic bomb in World War II, Lilly's store, outfitting activities, and consulting work. People of interest include Roderick Haig-Brown, Tom McGuane, Curt Gowdy, Lee Wulff, and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

Collection 2556: The Bud Lilly Papers consist of biographical letters, business records, printed materials, and photographs all created or collected by Lilly in the course of his life and business career.

Items from the Nemes collection

Sylvester Nemes Papers

The Sylvester Nemes Papers consist of research, notes, drafts and manuscripts of Nemes' books, both his published works on fly fishing, as well as two unpublished works of historical fiction. Also included in the collection are correspondence, a brief biography, miscellaneous personal records, his obituary, business and professional records, photographs, negatives, memorabilia, and slides.

Image from the Proper collection

Datus C. Proper Papers

The Datus C. Proper Papers consist of journals, correspondence, family history documents, literary manuscript drafts, galley proofs, research notes, publisher correspondence, photographs and other memorabilia which document Proper's life as a student, United States Foreign Service officer, and outdoor writer. The subjects of Proper's writings encompass the full spectrum of fly fishing for trout, from stream side entomology to the ethics of catch and release angling. Hunting, particularly pheasant hunting and the training of dogs for the sport, is another subject heavily represented.


Trout and Salmonid Books

 We hold the most comprehensive collection of books on trout and salmonids in the world. Browse the whole collection, or choose a category!

Collections About Trout, Salmonids, and Angling History

This extensive series of archival collections strives to illustrate anglers, guides, authors, politicians, scientists, artists, and other related individuals in all aspects of their research and work with trout and salmonid species and their habitats. The collections have material from local, regional, national and international sources and represent a global experience of angling. 



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