Creator: Pesman, Gerard J., 1906-2000

Provenance Note: Oral history transcripts, photocopied essays and reminiscences created by Gerard J. Pesman were donated to Montana State University by him in several installments between 1989 and 1995.

Historical Note: Gerard J. Pesman was born April 23, 1906 in Colorado. He was raised on the Huntley Irrigation Project east of Billings, Montana. From 1926 to 1941, while he was a student and later an instructor and mechanical engineering researcher at Montana State University, he spent the summers as a tour bus driver in Yellowstone National Park. After World War II, he worked for the Federal government in aeronautics and retired from NASA in 1968. After retirement, he again spent his summers driving buses in Yellowstone Park until 1978. He wrote several stories about the history and operations of the "Yellow Buses" in Yellowstone Park. He also participated in an oral history interview about his childhood in Ballantine, Montana, his years at Montana State University and recollections of driving in Yellowstone Park. Mr. Pesman died on Oct 16, 2000.

Content Description Note: The Pesman papers consist of four folders: three containing photocopied of original unpublished manuscripts of accounts about the Yellowstone National Park's tourist bus operations and one with a photocopied transcription of an oral history.

Restrictions apply: Copyright for "Yellowstone's Transition from Stagecoaches to Yellow Buses" by Gerard J. and Helen I. Pesman remains with Gerard J. Pesman as of April 26, 1995.



Folder 1. " Geysers and Gears" by Gerard J. Pesman, 1981
Folder 2. " The "Yellow Bus" Transportation System" by Gerard J. Pesman, 1987
Folder 3. "Yellowstone's Transition from Stagecoaches to "Yellow Buses"" by Gerard J. and Helen I. Pesman
Folder 4. Transcription of Montana Historical Society Oral History taped June 19, 1989 (# OH 1167)

Updated: 4/12/10