Creator: Wheeler, Burton K. (Burton Kendall), 1882-1975


Provenance Note: Political and personal papers created or collected by Burton K. Wheeler were donated to MSU libraries in January, 1990 by Charlotte and Edward K. Wheeler.


Historical Note: Burton Kendall Wheeler was born in Hudson, Massachusetts on February 27, 1882 and moved to Montana shortly after his graduation from law school in 1905. He began his law career in Butte, serving as U.S. Attorney for Montana from 1913 to 1918 prior to his election to the U.S. Senate in 1922. In 1924, he ran unsuccessfully for vice-president on the Progressive Party presidential ticket. Wheeler is remembered as one of the most powerful senators in Washington D.C. in the 1930s. Chairman of the Interstate Commerce Committee and of the Indian Affairs Committee, he personally influenced such key New Deal legislation as the Public Utilities Holding Company Act of 1935 and the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 (the Wheeler-Howard Act). In 1937, he successfully led the opposition to President Roosevelt's attempt to pack the Supreme Court with justices of his own political persuasion. Throughout his years in the Senate, Wheeler consistently opposed war. He supported neutrality legislation in the 1930s, spoke out against peacetime conscription in 1940, fought against the Lend-Lease aid to Britain in 1941, and took an active roll in the "America First" movement. After the United States decided to enter World War II, however, Wheeler gave his full support to the effort. He was defeated for reelection in 1946 and practiced law in Washington D.C. until his death in 1975.


Content Description Note: The papers consist of correspondence, memoranda, memorabilia, clippings, speeches, subject files, photographs, and other materials pertaining to Wheeler's personal and political life. There are few senatorial papers from Burton's long tenure in office because he appears to have disposed of them after the 1946 election. What remains are primarily materials which are retrospective in nature, including drafts of Wheeler's autobiography, "Yankee from the West," letters and memoranda pertaining to the same, and correspondence from researchers, political associates, and family members. Subject files include materials pertaining to Wheeler's 1923-25 court battle against a Justice Department indictment; rural telephone legislation; the 1924 presidential campaign; anti-war and conscription items; and general topical notes kept on 5 x 8 and 3 x 5 inch cards.


Series 1: Autobiographical materials, 1958-1972

Letters, memoranda, manuscript draft, personal greetings collected or created by Burton K. Wheeler in conjunction with his autobiography "Yankee from the West," published in 1962. Material includes letters to the publisher's legal counsel regarding possible libelous materials, marketing information, and research notes. Two files of birthday greetings received and acknowledged by the senator on his eightieth birthday, which coincided with the release of his book, are also in this series. Notebooks, likely prepared by writer Paul F. Healy while preparing to work on the autobiography, have been placed in box 3 along with manuscript speeches and articles written by Wheeler after he had retired from public life.

Box 1
1. "Yankee from the West" papers, April l958-January 1959
2. "Yankee from the West"-solicitations and contract, February 1960-February 1962
3. "Yankee from the West"-dedication, releases, request for libel review, March-July 1962
4. "Yankee from the West" papers, August-October 1962
5. "Yankee from the West" papers, November 1962
6. "Yankee from the West" papers, December 1962
7. "Yankee from the West" papers, January 2-10, 1963
8. "Yankee from the West" papers, January 11-31, 1963
9. "Yankee from the West" papers, February 1963
10. "Yankee from the West" papers, March 1963
11. "Yankee from the West" papers, April-June 1963
12. "Yankee from the West" papers, October 1963-March 1964
13. Undated papers-mailing lists, letters, memoranda
Box 2
1. "Yankee from the West" (draft)
2. "Thank-you" letters 1959-1961
3. Eightieth Birthday correspondence 1962
4. Eightieth Birthday correspondence 1962
Box 3
1. Notebooks, ca. 1907-1920; re early Butte, 1907-1920
2. Notebooks, Montana background; re events ca. 1925-1930
3. Notebook, re events ca. 1933-1934
4. Untitled chapter regarding the Supreme Court battle, n.d.
5. "Human Events" conference (speech), January 7, 1961
6. College of Great Falls (speech), October 1964
7. "Traffic World" article; "What's Wrong with Radio?"; other articles and speech fragments

Series 2: Biographical materials, 1922-1974

Primarily letters exchanged between Wheeler and writers who were engaged in compiling articles or scholarly works about him and his career. Copies of many of the articles are included in the appropriate folders with Wheeler's commentary.

Box 3 (cont.)
8. New York Times: Correspondence re letter to same, October and November 1973
9. Haste, Richard A.: Poem about Burton K. Wheeler, 1922
10. Colman, Stephen T., papers: "Burton K. Wheeler: A Biographical Sketch" and "Burton K. Wheeler: To the Defense of the Supreme Court," 1957
11. Ruetten, Richard T.: Burton K. Wheeler's comments on master's thesis, 1959
12. Cameron, Don J., dissertation about Burton K. Wheeler: "Burton K. Wheeler. Spokesman for the Progressive Movement" and correspondence, 1968
13. Paxson, John M., thesis about Burton K. Wheeler: "The Candidate and the Company: The 1920 Gubernatorial Campaign of Burton K. Wheeler and Its Treatment by the Montana Press" and correspondence, 1972
14. Kuusela, Lynn - paper: "Burton K. Wheeler: A Political Biography" and correspondence, 1973
15. Malone, Michael P. (Montana State University): Transcript of interview with Burton K. Wheeler, 1970
16. Harrison, Richard A. (Princeton University): Transcript of interview with Burton K. Wheeler, 1972
17. Hoene, Robert: correspondence re television script on career of Burton K. Wheeler, 1973-1974
18. Wheeler, John M.: Burton K. Wheeler's answers to biographical questions, 1968
19. Thatcher, M.W.: Letter to same re Burton K. Wheeler's agricultural legislative efforts, 1974
20. Clark, Robert M.: Statement used by same at reception in honor of Burton K. Wheeler at the Burning Tree Club, 1972
21. Carter, Robert F. (Colonel): Correspondence re Time article about Burton K. Wheeler, 1959
22. Doying, Wallace, October 1939
23. Wheeler, Edward K., "With Apologies to Abraham Lincoln," 1962
24. unidentified, "New England, the Mother of a Modern David."
25. Cole, Wayne, letter re article in Mississippi Valley Historical Review

Series 3: Family papers, 1942-1975

Genealogy notes, announcements, and letters exchanged by the Burton K. Wheeler family. Included are letters between the immediate and extended family of Wheeler and carbon's of the senator's replies.

Box 4
1. Genealogy notes and family memorabilia
2. Relatives - Correspondence, 1961-1974
3. Wheeler, Lulu (wife) - Correspondence, ca. 1945
4. John L. Wheeler (son) - Correspondence, 1942-1974
5. Richard B. Wheeler (son) - Correspondence, 1958-1975
6. Burton K. Wheeler II (grandson) - Correspondence, 1966-1974
7. Elizabeth Colman (daughter) - Correspondence, 1959-1969
8. Stephen Colman (grandson) - Correspondence, 1963-1974
9. Robert Colman (grandson) - Correspondence, 1960-1969
10. Carol Colman (granddaughter) - Correspondence, 1966-1968
11. Allen Sayler (son-in-law) - Correspondence, 1958-1969
12. Diana Sayler (granddaughter) - Correspondence, 1964-1974
13. Gloria Sayler (granddaughter) - Correspondence, 1965-1974
14. Iris Wilkins (niece) - Correspondence, 1962-1974

Series 4: 1946 Political campaign papers

Letters, endorsements, campaign notations, and other papers pertaining to Wheeler's unsuccessful bid for reelection in 1946. Included are letters of regret received by Wheeler from supporters and friends following his defeat, campaign pamphlets, and other items.

Box 5
1. Senatorial campaign - correspondence, 1946
2. Endorsement letters
3. Regret letters
4. Regret letters
5. Regret letters
6. Regret letters
7. Labor (weekly newspaper) - correspondence re articles about Burton K. Wheeler, 1946

Series 5: General correspondence, 1939-1974

General correspondence to and from Burton K. Wheeler from a wide variety of people including political intimates, members of the media, statesmen and citizens. Most of the letters postdate Wheeler's senatorial career and are either congratulatory or retrospective in nature. The letters have been arranged alphabetically by the correspondent's name, and many files contain carbons of Wheeler's replies. Correspondents with just one or two letters have been gathered in folders bearing the letter of the alphabet. The names of writers represented in these files are listed in an index at the end of this finding aid.

Box 6
1. "A" correspondence, 1959-1974
2. Abrams, Al, 1973-1974
3. Adamo, Alfred P., 1963
4. Agnew, Spiro T. (U.S. Vice-President), 1969
5. Aiken, George D. (Senator), 1974
6. Albin, Mrs. B. R., 1960-1974
7. Aldersgate United Methodist Paris, 1962-1973
8. Allen, Henry F., 1972
9. Anderson, Forrest H. (Governor of Montana), 1959-1972
10. Archer, James H., 1959-1974
11. "B" correspondence, 1959-1972
12. "B" correspondence, 1959-1972
13. Babcock, Tim (Governor of Montana), 1966-1969
14. Baldwin, James H., 1924
15. Benda, Frank J, 1963
16. Brennan, John B., 1961
17. Butterworth, Olga, 1959
18. Buckley, Jr., William F., 1961
19. "C" correspondence, 1959-1972
20. Cartoons (political), 1967-1971
21. Catledge, Turner, 1960
22. Cisel, Grover C., 1960
23. Citizens Foreign Aid Committee, 1960-1962
24. Clemens, Cyril, 1960-1973
25. Clott, Herman, 1960-1961
26. Columbia University, 1967
27. Committee on Civil Legal Aid of Judicial Conference of the D.C. Court, 1963-1964
28. Committee regarding Representation of Indigents in Court, 1959-1962
Box 7
1. Corette, John E., 1959-1961
2. Corrette, Robert D., 1964-1971
3. Cox, C. E., regarding Department of Agriculture, 1961-1962
4. Craighead, Barclay, 1959-1962
5. Craney, Edward B., 1959-1962
6. Craney, Edward B., 1963-1966
7. Craney, Edward B., 1967-1970
8. Craney, Edward B., 1971-1972
9. "D" correspondence, 1959-1972
10. Denefe, Fredrick M., 1964
11. Dill, Clarence C., 1964-1968
12. Dixon, Joseph M., 1971-1972
13. Dorman, Dwewy, 1959-1963
14. Dulles, John F., 1956
15. "E" correspondence, 1959-1970
16. Ellencer, Allen J., 1969-1970
17. Emry, Robert, 1968
18. Everson, E. H., 1963
19. "F" correspondence, 1959-1971
20. FDR Series (ABC Televison), 1971
21. Federal Bar Association Committee on Indian Law, 1959
22. Feinman, Ronald, 1971
23. Flaherty, James J., 1960-1963
24. Flathead Electric Cooperative, Inc., 1959-1960
25. Frankfurter, Felix, 1957-1963
Box 8
1. "G" correspondence, 1959-1970
2. Gallagher, Charles H., 1960-1961
3. Gizzi, John M., 1969-1970
4. Gkikizan, J. C., 1967-1968
5. Goggin, David G., 1959-1961
6. Graf, Eugene, 1959-1961
7. Grist, Margaret, 1961
8. "H" correspondence, 1959-1972
9. Haddaway, Klein, K., 1963-1968
10. Harriss, Robert M., 1959-1960
11. Hart, Russell, 1960-1972
12. Hichborn, Franklin, 1959-1960
13. Hirman, George, 1970-1972
14. Hitchcock, Ethel, 1960-1961
15. Hoover, Herbert, 1946 and 1962
16. Hughes, U.S. Chief Justice, 1937
17. "I" correspondence, 1959-1974
18. "J" correspondence
19. Jacobs, W. F., 1959-1961
20. James, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, 1973-1974
21. Johnson, Edwin C., 1960-1970
22. Johnson, Lyndon B., 1965
23. "K" correspondence, 1959-1970
24. Kennedy, John F., 1961-1963
25. Kennedy, Joseph P., 1960-1961
26. Kennon, Robert, 1970-1972
27. Kronmiller, Bert W., 1960-1974
Box 9
1. "L" correspondence, 1959-1974
2. Lamparski, Richard, 1965-1967
3. Lang, Eugene R., 1971
4. Larcombe, J. Russell, 1966-1973
5. Leahy, John (Rev.), 1959-1961
6. Libby, Justin H., 1969
7. Lindbergh, Charles A. (General), 1970-1971
8. Livingston Anti-merger Group, 1960-1961
9. Long, Hamilton A., 1969-1973
10. Love, James W., 1960-1974
11. Lowenthal, Max, 1953-1958
12. Lowenthal, Max, 1959-1971
13. "Mc" correspondence, 1959-1974
14. McCann, Wayne M.
15. McCarthy, Thomas A., 1963-1974
16. McElwain, Joseph A., 1961-1973
17. McLaughlin, John L., 1960-1974
18. "M" correspndence, 1959-1974
19. "M" correspondence, 1959-1974
20. McInerney, John E.
Box 10
1. Mahan, John W., 1959-1960
2. Mansfield, Mike (Senator, Montana), 1959-1974
3. Metcalf, Lee (Senator, Montana), 1962-1975
4. Miner, Julius H. (Judge), 1959-1960
5. Montana Historical Society, 1959-1973
6. Montana State University, 1973
7. Morgan, Barbara J., 1969-1972
8. Murray, James E., ca. 1937-1971
9. "N" correspondence, 1959-1974
10. Neils, Walter E., 1960-1967
11. Nixon, Richard M., 1968-1974
12. Nutter, Donald G. (Governor of Montana), 1961-1962
13. Nye, Gerald P., 1970-1974
14. "O" correspondence, 1959-1974
15. Old Crow, Chief S., 1965
16. Olsen, Arnold, 1960-1972
17. O'Leary, Jack M., 1959-1965
18. "P" correspondence, 1959-1974
19. Parsons, Lona W., 1962-1963
20. Pease, Eloise, 1963
21. Peets, Earl, 1960-1972
22. Percy, Charles H. (Senator), 1973
23. Presnell, Betty, 1959-1974
24. Pugh, John E. (Rev.), 1969-1972
Box 11
1. "R" correspondence, 1959-1972
2. Robinson, Joseph, 1959-1962
3. Roosevelt, Franklin D.
4. Roscoe, Will, 1972
5. Ruegsegger, W. F., 1959-1961
6. "S" correspondence, 1959-1975
7. "S" correspondence, 1959-1975
8. Schlesinger, Jr., Arthur, 1959
9. Scoyen, Eivind T., 1942-1965
10. Sherman, Harold, 1960-1974
11. Shoup, Dick
12. Silburn, Marguerite M., 1973
13. Sister Rita of the Sacred Heart, 1964-1968
14. Spoffard, Walter R., 1966-1974
15. Stearns, Hal G., 1961-1972
16. Spritzer, Donald E., 1970-1973
17. Stout, Tom, 1960
18. Sullivan, Jean, 1961-1974
19. Sullivan, Robert E., 1959-1973
20. Sullivan, William C. (FBI), 1967-1974
21. "T" correspondence, 1960-1974
22. Thatcher, M.W., 1959-1974
23. Thayer, Peter J., 1963-1973
24. Toole, John H., 1972
25. Trohan, Walter, 1970-1974
26. Truman, Harry S., 1960-1972
Box 12
1. "U-V" correspondence, 1959-1974
2. United States Department of the Interior. Glacier National Park, 1960-1972
3. University of Illinois, 1965-1966
4. "W" correspondence
5. "W" correspondence
6. Wheeler for President Club, 1939-1940
7. Wheeler for Senator Club, 1946
8. Wheeler, W. S.
9. Wilkins, Tom, re Department of Agriculture, 1958-1962
10. Wilson, Dola
11. Winchell, Walter re Burton K. Wheeler, April 27, 1942
12. Wright, Joe, 1958-1965
13. Wright, Joe, 1966-1974
14. "Y-Z" correspondence, 1963-1973
15. Yeager, Admiral H. A., 1963-1966
16. Yoken, Melvin B., 1970-1974

Series 6: Business and financial papers, 1930-1975

Will, certificates and awards, income tax papers, insurance papers, banking documents, stocks and securities, and medical expense documents all pertaining to Burton K. Wheeler and his business interests. Most certificates from folder 19 are oversize and have been removed to Box 22.

Box 12 (cont.)
17. Last will and testament, 1974
18. Honorary certificate from the American Federation of Labor, December 20, 1946
19. Honorary degree from Montana State University, June 9, 1973; other certificates*
20. Stocks and securities
21. Medicare statements
22. Bank book, October 1930
Box 13
1. General financial and business matters, 1959-1964
2. Income Taxes - correspondence, 1956-1967
3. Radio Phoenix, Inc. (KRIZ) - Financial Statements, 1958-1960
4. Denver Radio, Inc. - Richard Wheeler's reports, 1956-1967
5. Stocks - correspondence, 1954-1974
6. Treasury Bills and Certificates of Deposit - correspondence, 1965-1974
7. New York Life Insurance Co. - correspondence, 1962-1975
8. Grand Hotel (Butte, Montana) - correspondence re insurance, 1952-1975
9. Mountain Bell Telephone correspondence re West Glacier, Montana, bills, 1972-1974
10. Check stubs (1-123), 1952-1955
11. Montana Weekly Advertising Rate Book, 1950
12. Ion generator to help asthma - correspondence, 1961-1962

Series 7: Topical files, 1924-1974

Letters, reports, court briefs, legislative memoranda, and note cards collected or created by Burton K. Wheeler and pertaining to his 1924 indictment for fraud against the United States government and a related case against George B. Hayes; Legislation regarding rural telephone service, American Indians, and the Public Utility Act of 1935; America First movement and anti-war activities; various bills, resolutions, and statements; research notecards on a variety of topics compiled by Wheeler. One oversize volume, Comparative print showing difference between S. 2796 and the House Amendment, has been removed from folder 15 for oversize storage in Box 22.

Box 14
1. 1924 presidential race
2. U.S. vs. Burton K. Wheeler-general
3. U.S. vs. Burton K. Wheeler-general
4. U.S. vs. Burton K. Wheeler-general
5. U.S. vs. Burton K. Wheeler-letters
6. U.S. vs. Burton K. Wheeler-affidavits
7. U.S. vs. Burton K. Wheeler-affidavits
8. U.S. vs. Burton K. Wheeler-memorandum on behalf of defendant
9. U.S. vs. Burton K. Wheeler-indictment and plea
10. Indian legislation
11. Rural telephone legislation
12. America first and anti-war documents
13. Press releases, 1939-1966
14. Press releases, no date
15. Bills, resolutions, etc. (see also Box 22)
Box 15 Personal reference files-5x8 cards by subject heading
1. Important dates in Butte history (1906-1923)
2. Family history
3. Butte and the Anaconda Copper Mining Company
4. Getting into politics
5. 1910 election
6. 1911 legislation
7. 1911 election
8. 1912 election
9. District Attorney to 1917
10. 1914 strikes
11. Private cases
12. 1916 campaign
13. Draft cases
14. Espionage law
15. War-time pros
16. Spy stories
17. Mob violence
18. Department of Justice
19. State Council of Defense
20. 1917-1918 strikes
21. Reappointment
22. 1918 legislation
23. Newspapers
24. Walsh papers
25. Power
26. Tariff
27. Appointments
28. Farm relief
29. General economics
30. 1928 Presidential election
31. 1928 Burton K. Wheeler election
32. Character sketches
33. Civil liberties
34. Foreign affairs
35. Orient
36. Europe 1923
37. Indians
38. Labor
39. Labor - coal investigation
40. Misc. legislation
41. Progressive bloc
42. Railroads
43. Senate
1. Bulletin case
2. Non-partisan League primary
3. 1920 election
4. Daugherty investigation
5. Indictment and trial
6. 1924 campaign
7. Walsh
8. 1922 campaign
9. Private cases
10. Individuals
11. Interviews
12. ca. 1930-1934
13. 1935
14. Court fight
15. Holding Company
16. New Deal legislation
17. Misc. ICC legislation
18. Silver
19. Railroads
20. 1940 election
Box 16 Personal reference files - 3x5 cards by subject heading
1. 1918
2. 1919
3. 1920
4. 1921
5. 1922
6. Butte data
7. General economic data
8. Anaconda Copper Mining Co. data
9. Newspapers
10. Montana laws
11. Private cases
12. Levine taxation case
13. Non-partisan League petition
14. Dunn case
15. Butte election
16. Keeton case
17. 1932
18. Unemployment and the economy
19. 1932 election
20. Books read
A-Z. people and addresses of those who wished Burton K. Wheeler a happy 90th birthday

Series 8: Scrapbook material and memorabilia, 1930s-1970s

Scrapbook, newspaper clippings, photographic halftone printing mats, halftone printing cuts, academic regalia, and other three dimensional objects dealing with the personal and professional life of Burton K. Wheeler. The scrapbook and academic regalia have been removed to Box 22.

Box 17
10 mounted halftone photograph printing cuts
2 Senate door name plates
Miniature plowshare (Tools for Britain '41 - HR1776)
3 Souvenir bronze campaign coins
Box 18 - Unmounted photograph halftone printing cuts
1. Burton K. Wheeler as a boy
2. Burton K. Wheeler as a young man
3. Burton K. Wheeler as a young man
4. Burton K. Wheeler head portrait
5. Burton K. Wheeler head portrait
6. Burton K. Wheeler head portrait
7. Burton K. Wheeler seated at desk
8. Burton K. Wheeler gesturing with hands
9. Burton K. Wheeler standing with pet dog "Sully"
10. Burton K. Wheeler standing with cigar
11. Burton K. Wheeler riding at Glacier National Park
12. Burton K. Wheeler fishing at Glacier National Park
13. Wheeler family
14. Wheeler family
15. Wheeler family
16. Burton K. Wheeler with colleagues
17. Wheeler home
18. Cartoon, mining equipment
19. Cartoon, cowboy
20. Cartoon, Wheeler biography
21. Cartoon, "Senator Wheeler's Record"
22. Cartoon, Democratic donkey
23. Cartoon, Wheeler at mail box
24. Cartoon, same as above, with editorial columns
25. Cartoon, newspaper headline montage
26. Cartoon, newspaper headline montage
27. Bears
28. Calling cards, Burton K. Wheeler and Maude Wheeler Mitchell
29. 80th birthday invitation
30. Signature
31. Proofs from cuts in folders 1-30
32. Burton K. Wheeler personal congressional rule book
33. "Cartoons of Burton K. Wheeler" book
Box 19
1930-1940s newspaper clippings
1950s newspaper clippings
1960s newspaper clippings
1970s newspaper clippings
1970s newspaper clippings
Congressional Record reprints
Photographic halftone printing mat-various portraits
Photographic halftone printing mat "Wheeler works on agricultural problems"
Photographic halftone printing mat "Wheeler and family"
Photographic halftone printing mat "Nation's business keeps Montana's senator busy"
Photographic halftone printing mat "Senator Wheeler may return to state soon"
Photographic halftone printing mat "Wheeler to visit"
Photographic halftone printing mat "Wheeler in action"
Photographic halftone printing mat "In fighting for the 1939 transportation act..."
Photographic halftone printing mat "Senator Wheeler catches his own fish"
Removed to box 22: Photo album containing letters wishing Burton K. Wheeler a happy 90th birthday, February 1972
academic regalia

Series 9: Photographs and audio-visual materials, ca. 1880s-1975

Individually numbered photographs of Wheeler, his family, and associates; political cartoons by C. K. Berryman and others; 16mm motion picture produced by CBS in 1964; audiotape of a 1964 speech by Wheeler. The photographs have been arranged by subject. Photographs 1-30 are primarily formal and informal portraits of Burton K. Wheeler. Photographs 31-70 are group pictures which mostly include Wheeler and often show political associates and political activities. Photographs 71-88 are personal snapshots of Wheeler with family and friends. Photographs 89-147 are family photographs which do not include Burton K. Wheeler. Photographs 148-195 are primarily vacation photographs. Photographs marked with an asterisk (*) are oversize and have been placed in box 21 or are on display in the Wheeler reading room. Photographs marked with a lower case (n) have negatives available.

Box 19 (cont.)
Folder 16. Photographs #1-5
#1. Burton K. Wheeler and sister Maude Wheeler Mitchell as children.
#2. Burton K. Wheeler circa 1955
#3. Burton K. Wheeler circa 1940
#4. Burton K. Wheeler in front of Keytone Inn
#5. Burton K. Wheeler (Halftone print)*
Folder 17. Photographs #6-10
#6. Burton K. Wheeler -portrait by Middleton of Butte*
#7. Burton K. Wheeler - portrait*
#8. Burton K. Wheeler - portrait signed by Burton K. Wheeler
#9. Burton K. Wheeler - portrait
#10. Burton K. Wheeler in a tuxedo
Folder 18. Photographs #11-14
#11. Burton K. Wheeler - portrait
#12. Burton K. Wheeler playing shuffleboard
#13. Burton K. Wheeler with his hands on his face
#14. Burton K. Wheeler sitting at his desk (from Time Magazine)
Folder 19. Photographs #15-20
#15. Burton K. Wheeler smoking, 1947* (n) (accompanying correspondence)
#16. Burton K. Wheeler with his arms crossed, 1947* (n) (accompanying correspondence)
#17. Burton K. Wheeler smiling, 1947* (n) (accompanying correspondence)
#18. Burton K. Wheeler sitting back, cigar in hand, 1947* (n) (accompanying correspondence)
#19. Burton K. Wheeler with coffee in hand and glasses in the other.
#20. Burton K. Wheeler with coffee in hand
Folder 20. Photographs #21-30
#21. Burton K. Wheeler smiling looking down at coffee cup
#22. Burton K. Wheeler with a Montana hat in foreground
#23. Burton K. Wheeler circa 1953
#24. Burton K. Wheeler - head shot, circa 1960
#25. Burton K. Wheeler sitting
#26. Burton K. Wheeler golfing, in color
#27. Burton K. Wheeler golfing
#28. Burton K. Wheeler sitting on stone gatepost with a horse in the background
#29. Burton K. Wheeler sitting at a desk
#30. Burton K. Wheeler standing at podium
Folder 21. Photographs #31-35
#31. Burton K. Wheeler along with Merrill G. Burlingame, and E. L. Grant receiving Honorary Degrees at MSU, June 9, 1973
#32. President J. F. Kennedy and group November 20, 1963, accompanying correspondence
#33. Burton K. Wheeler golfing with Edward Wheeler, Governor of West Virginia, Walter Tuohy, President Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, circa 1959*
#34. Burton K. Wheeler and Senator Albert W. Hawkes (New Jersey) talking to Edith C. Roxer WACS/SGT in Paris on May 21, 1945
#35. General Eisenhower with Burton K. Wheeler in background, circa 1945
Folder 22. Photographs #36-41
#36. Burton K. Wheeler and Senator Robert R. Reynold (North Carolina), August 14, 1943
#37. August 13, 1940 Senate Debate, Burton K. Wheeler standing with back to camera
#38. Supporters of Wheeler for president campaign, July 8, 1940
#39. Logan Pass, Glacier National Park, circa 1935, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Superintendent Scogen, James Roosevelt and Burton K. Wheeler in front seat
#40. Dedication by F. D. Roosevelt of Logan Pass
#41. Senator Robert M. Follette and Burton K. Wheeler, July 27, 1924
Box 20
Folder 1. Photographs #42-45
#42. Law school picture, 3rd in front row, Burton K. Wheeler, circa 1902*
#43. Group of young women and Burton K. Wheeler by a train
#44. Burton K. Wheeler and William Fitzgerald*
#45. Group shot, Burton K. Wheeler 4th from left, accompanying correspondence
Folder 2. Photographs #46-53
#46. L-R Senator Henrick Shistead, Senator W. Borah, Burton K. Wheeler, Senator Gerald Nyes, Senator Patrick McCarroll*
#47. L-R Ed Webster, Burton K. Wheeler, Charles Lindburgh*
#48. Burton K. Wheeler riding in backseat of car, left side
#49. Same scene as number 48, but different view
#50. All in the car, Front seat Senator Thomas, Backseat L-R; Senator Raser, Al Growd and Burton K. Wheeler
#51. Group shot possibly in Glacier National Park [photo damaged] Burton K. Wheeler 3rd from left along with Senator Fraser, 1st on left, Al Growd, 5th from right front row, and Senator Thomas, 5th from left.
#52. L-R standing, Governor Harold E. Stessen, George M. Moffett, Henry T. Ewald, Ben C. Duffy, George B. Bickelhaupt, C. K. Blandin, L-R sitting Congressman Joseph W. Martin and Burton K. Wheeler
#53. Senator Bank (Nebraska) and Burton K. Wheeler
Folder 3.
#54. Group shot, 2nd from left, Burton K. Wheeler
#55. Burton K. Wheeler drinking from a cup
#56. Group shot 3rd from left, Burton K. Wheeler
#57. Group shot, Burton K. Wheeler sitting, 2nd from right, possibly Rome, Italy.
#58. L-R Governor Sam Ford, Senator Walsh, Senator Burton K. Wheeler, Judge Jason Baldwin, last man unknown
#59. Standing between 2 Native Americans, Burton K. Wheeler
#60. Golfing, Burton K. Wheeler left side
Folder 4. Photographs #61-65
#61. Burton K. Wheeler left side cigar in mouth
#62. Burton K. Wheeler shaking hands, left side
#63. Burton K. Wheeler, right side
#64. Burton K. Wheeler, right end
#65. Burton K. Wheeler and Jean Sullivan
Folder 5. Photographs #66-70
#66. Burton K. Wheeler walking down steps, 2nd from left
#67. Burton K. Wheeler with Walter Tuohy, President of Chesapeake and Ohio RailRoad
#68. Roy Aikee and Burton K. Wheeler
#69. Burton K. Wheeler at a radio station in San Francisco
#70. Burton K. Wheeler at National Press Club, far left side
Folder 6. Photographs #71-80
#71. Burton K. Wheeler and Mrs. Wheeler getting off plane*
#72. Burton K. Wheeler and wife Lulu Wheeler
#73. Burton K. Wheeler and Lulu Wheeler in riding gear, April 29, 1941
#74. Burton K. Wheeler and Edward Wheeler, 1947*
#75. Burton K. Wheeler and Edward Wheeler at wedding of law associate, circa 1955
#76. Burton K. Wheeler, far right, with a nun and another older man, July 1968
#77. Mickey Johnson Player, Burton K. Wheeler, Alma Lovely James, St Mary's Lake, Glacier National Park, August 1970
#78. Sister Kathleen, Burton K. Wheeler, Ann Marie Rudel, January 1971
#79. Burton K. Wheeler and brother and sister(?) from Everett B. Goodrich
#80. Ernest and Maude Wheeler, brother and sister of Burton K. Wheeler
Folder 7. Photographs #81-91
#81. L-R woman in wedding dress, man in tuxedo, Burton K. Wheeler
#82. Same group of people as number 81
#83. An elderly man, a woman and Burton K. Wheeler at Glacier(?) in front of a wooden carving of an old miner
#84. Same group of people as number 83
#85. Burton K. Wheeler, Lulu and 2 boys
#86. Burton K. Wheeler standing with a woman in front of a house
#87. Burton K. Wheeler standing with a man in front of a house
#88. Burton K. Wheeler talking with someone off camera
#89. An older picture of 2 women
#90. Christmas card, December 1971 2 great-grandsons Bill and David Coleman
#91. Christmas card, great-grandchildren Bradley and Dan Snow and Robin Van Orman
Folder 8. Photographs #92-102
#92. Maude Wheeler at 3 years, (sister of Burton K. Wheeler)
#93. Same wedding as number 81, number 82 only with the woman and a group of children
#94. Ann Wheeler and husband cutting cake
#95. Ann Wheeler in wedding dress
#96. Lulu Wheeler
#97. Tom and Stevie Coleman, grandsons of Burton K. Wheeler, sitting on couch, 1940
#98. Tom and Stevie Coleman, grandsons of Burton K. Wheeler, outdoors
#99. Stephen Coleman on a sled, grandson of Burton K. Wheeler
#100. Steve and Bobby Coleman on a sled, grandsons of Burton K. Wheeler
#101. Steve and Tom Coleman playing with a train set, grandsons of Burton K. Wheeler
#102. Tom and Steve Coleman, grandsons of Burton K. Wheeler
Folder 9. Photographs #103-113
#103. Steve and Tom Coleman and Nancy Stolz, June 7, 1942
#104. Tom and Bobby Coleman
#105. Bobby (baby), Tom and Steve Coleman
#106. Tom Coleman
#107. Tom, Steve and Bobby Coleman
#108. Steve and Bobby Coleman
#109. Bobby Coleman with a dog
#110. Tom and Steve Coleman
#111. Bobby Coleman, grandson of Burton K. Wheeler
#112. Frances, Edward, Elizabeth and John Wheeler in Lake McDonald, circa 1918.
#113. Richard Mitchell with Frances and Richard Wheeler
Folder 10. Photographs #114-123
#114. 2 boys in lake, 1 floating on a raft
#115. Little girl, little boy and woman (boy and woman have backs to camera)
#116. A little girl sitting in a pan and little boy sitting on lounge chair
#117. Same little girl form number 116 sitting in the pan
#118. Same little girl as number 116, number 117, standing in the pan
#119. Same boy and girl from number 116 and an older woman sitting on grass
#120. Same people as in number 119
#121. Same people as in number 119 and number 120
#122. A dog
#123. Uncle Ernest's Place
Folder 11. Photographs #124-134
#124. Woman and man unknown
#125. Little child holding a doll, photo cut into shape of heart
#126. Uncle Charles wife Lil
#127. Unknown woman standing in front of car
#128. Eleanor and "Muncle Com" (Uncle Tom)
#129. Mother, Eleanor and a friend
#130. Mother Mitchell
#131. Group shot 13 children and one elderly man
#132. Navy picture - 3 men
#133. Navy picture - group shot
#134. Navy picture - group shot
Folder 12. Photographs #135-141
#135. Girl walking through the door, December 3, 1969
#136. Same girl as number 135 sitting in truck bed
#137. Elizabeth Ann Beard, 11 years, 1968
#138. Girl in graduation cap and gown
#139. A. B. Melzneer, January 26, 1931
#140. group shot unknown
#141. Cemetery
Folder 13. Photographs #142-150
#142. Boy sitting on a man's shoulders while the man is shooting a rifle, signed "Grady rides The Chief, H.B.H."
#143. Richard at 8 months
#144. A woman, a boy and a baby (from number 143) circa 1939
#145. Baby and boy from number 144, circa 1939
#146. Baby and boy from number 144, number 145
#147. Baby and boy from number 144-146
#148. Ruins of a tower
#149. 2 moose running down highway, by Mel Ruder, Hungry Horse News
#150. Two boats on water (n)
Folder 14. Photographs #151-160
#151. Burton K. Wheeler in Sunium Greece, October 19, 1937
#152. Burton K. Wheeler in Eleysis Greece, October 20, 1937
#153. 2 little children, Mazatlan
#154. the food market, Mazatlan
#155. a little girl selling pots, Mazatlan
#156. A man and his pig, Mazatlan
#157. The beach and hotel, Mazatlan
#158. The marina, Mazatlan
#159. A man, a swordfish hanging and another man, Mazatlan
#160. 1st man from number 159 and fish, Mazatlan
Folder 15. Photographs #161-170
#161. Swordfish and a woman, Mazatlan
#162. Swordfish and a woman, Mazatlan
#163. Swordfish and a woman, Mazatlan
#164. Burton K. Wheeler looking out on water, Mazatlan
#165. Burton K. Wheeler fishing
#166. Richard B. Wheeler, Simon Arboleda, Burton K. Wheeler and a string of fish in Glacier National Park
#167. Burton K. Wheeler, Richard Wheeler, Simon Arboleda in a snowshoe cabin in Glacier National Park
#168. A hung fish and man
#169. J. H. Mitchell casting
#170. J. H. Mitchell with fishing pole
Folder 16. Photographs #171-190
#171. Mr. Morley on the ice, Glacier National Park
#172. 2 girls on horseback, September 6, 1926, Glacier National Park
#173. On top of the world in Beartooth Mountains, group on horseback
#174. Lulu Wheeler and Group on horseback moving off at Granite Park
#175. Lulu Wheeler and Group on horseback
#176. Mr. Sherman Lauren holding horse, Burton K. Wheeler, Lulu Wheeler, Mr. Mitchell - on horseback*
#177. Same group as number 176*
#178. Burton K. Wheeler and a woman at halfway down Wolf Creek Pass
#179. Same as number 178
#180. Mary Lou and Burton K. Wheeler
#181. Silverton
#182. The valley prior to Durango going down Wolf Creek Pass
#183. View from Wolf Creek Pass
#184. Black Canyon of the Gunnison River
#185. Black Canyon of the Gunnison River
#186. Old mine near Ouray
#187. Mine near Ouray
#188. Town of Ouray from the highway coming down Red Mountain
#189. Looking back at Red Mountain from Ouray
#190. North of Ouray
Folder 17. Photographs #191-207
#191. Ouray from Red Mountain Highway
#192. Burton K. Wheeler standing by family gravestone
#193. Burton K. Wheeler in front of Hudson High School
#194. Burton K. Wheeler and Joann Sullivan
#196. 3 children standing on a dirt street
#195. Family headstone in Hudson, Massachusetts (n)
#197. Mule team - Milestown, 1881*
#198. Greece - Stone Column
#199. Christmas Card from Mr. and Mrs. Horace Chadbourne, Calistoga, California
#200. Abner Wheeler House, Framingham Centre, Massachusetts
#201. War Memorial, Hudson, Massachusetts 1964
#202. Aerial view of Hudson, Massachusetts, 1966
#203. Business district of Hudson, Massachusetts, 1964
#204. Uncle Fred's Elmwood Farm, Goffstown, New Hampshire
#205. Part of Wheeler (Fort Peck), Montana, April 1, 1935
#206. A portion of Sperry Glacier, Glacier National Park, the Little Matterhorn in distance
#207. Greece, men marching in uniforms
#208. "World's Largest Pile of Hay"*
#209. Glacier National Park*
Folder 18. Negatives and duplicate photos.
Folder 19. Audio tape, Speech for the Republican Women's Club, Great Falls, August 6, 1992
Box 21 16mm motion picture, CBS television interview, 1952
Oversize cartoon drawings on display or in box 22:
--"The Attorney General's Problem"
--"Big Burta Opens Fire"
--"Hey! The bull's over there."
--"This plank or else--"
--"Let's give him three cheers, boys, his hat seems to be in the ring to stay."
--"I thought you were going to stop those smokescreens."
--"Well, Burt, I never thought I'd make a saint of you."
--"The Voice of a Great American"
--"Senator Burton K. Wheeler" (caricature portrait)

Index of Correspondents

This is an individual listing of correspondents who were not listed individually in Series 5 because they have just one or two letters which have been gathered in folders bearing the letter of the alphabet.

Ahrens, Mrs. Walter H.
Akers, Mrs. Dolly
Albright, Horace M.
Allen, Clarence D.
Allen, Jon
Allen, Keath G.
Allen, William M.
Athans, Della P.
American Society of Traffic and Transportation, Inc.
Anaconda Standard (Montana Standard-Post)
Anderson, Ralph J.
Andree, Herbert T. (New York Times)
Andrews, T. Coleman
Arends, Leslie C. (U.S. Representative)
Arnold, Cecelia
Aronson, Hugo (Governor- Montana)
Ashcraft, Mrs. R.
Ashe II, Victor H.
Athearn, James L.
Atwood, Bartlett S.
Baer, John M.
Baker, Leonard
Bartley, Bill
Baruch, Bernard M.
Bear, Charles B. (Fortune Magazine)
Becker, Ralph E.
Beckworth, Lindley (U.S. Representative)
Bessette, Arthur J.
Binnewies, Fred W.
Black, Hugo F. (U.S. Supreme Court Justice)
Black, James C.
Blackburn, James W.
Boesel, Veronica L.
Bolitho, I. H.
Bolles, William L.
Bonner, John W.
Borer, Edward W.
Bosone, Joseph
Boulter, Mrs. K. C. (Grand Hotel - Butte, Montana)
Boyle, W. A. (President - United Mine Workers of America)
Bradley, Tom
Brandis, Louis
Brandt, Karl
Brennan, John A.
Bridges, Styles (U.S. Senator)
Brooks, Philip C. (Director - Harry S. Truman Library)
Brucker, Wilber M. (Secretary of the Army)
Bruffill, Harry
Bumgardner, Eleanor M.
Burdette, Ed
Burger, George J.
Burke, John J.
Bush, John W. (Commissioner - Interstate Commerce Commission)
Butler, Donald A.
Butte Lodge No. 240 - BPOE
Bye, John O.
Byrnes, James F.
Carmichael, Jr., O. C.
Carney, Robert J.
Cervi, Gene
Chase, Sam B.
Chittenden, Albert E.
Clapp, Roger W.
Clement, Mrs. Clara H.
Cohill, John L.
Colier, Elizabeth Brownell
College of Great Falls
Collins, Stanley
Conklin, William
Conner, Mrs. Laurene
Conner, Stuart W.
Cooksey, Mrs. Edward D.
Coombs, Frank
Corette, Robert D.
Courcy, Kenneth
Crowley, Leo T.
Culligan, Glendy
Davies, Ronald N.
Davis, Evelyn
Davis, Norman
Davis, T. C. (Colonel)
Davis, William J.
DeVeau, Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Doan, Herbert D.
Dodd, Thomas J. (U.S. Senator)
Dominick, Peter H. (U.S. Senator)
Douglas, H. B.
Draper. Leonard A.
Drayton, Charles
Duckett, T. Howard
Duffner, John T.
Dupre, Mrs. E. M.
Dworshak, Henry C. (U.S. Senator)
Eaker, Ira C. (Lt. General)
Earley, Edward J.
Eastland, James O. (U.S. Senator)
Eaton, Cyrus S.
Edwards, Fletcher
Edwards, Jerome E.
Edwards, Mrs. Mary Ann
Elizalde, Mrs. Joaquin M.
Englund, Merrill W.
Falcoff, Mark
Falvey Granite Co., Inc.
Federal Trade Commission
Feinman, Ronald
Fields, B. A.
Fisher, Mrs. Elsie
Fitzgerald, W. L.
Flaherty, James J.
Flom, Leonard
Flores, Antonio C. (Ambassador of Mexico)
Ford, Sam (Governor- Montana)
Fowler, Henry M.
Fraser, Donald V.
Freund, Paul A.
Fulbright, J. W. (U.S. Senator)
Garner, Jack
Geagan, William N.
Genet, Arthur S.
Genzberger, Earle N.
Goodman, Ernest
Gribble, Paul M.
Groff, S. L.
Grue Tailoring Co., Inc.
Gruenther, Homer H.
Guder, Genevieve
Guidoni, Amideus
Hall, Sybil
Hamilton, Leverne
Hamilton, Richard L.
Hanighen, Frank
Hanley, E. J.
Harcourt, Charles J.
Harrington, Leona
Harris, Frederick B.
Hartman, John A.
Hartzog, Jr., George B.
Hass, William
Haste, Gwendolen
Haug, Mrs. Marie
Hawkes, Albert W. (U.S. Senator)
Healy, Paul
Hester, John W.
Hickey, W. J.
Hill, Arthur M.
Hill, Lister (U.S. Senator)
Hindle, Mr. and Mrs. James
Holdsworth, Mrs. Florence
Hood, J. M.
Horning, L. W.
Houtzer, Richard E.
Howe, Mr. and Mrs. William E.
Humanities, Montana Committee for
Huntley, Chet
Inter-Mountain Deacones Home for Children
Iverson, Philip
Jackson, Bette
Jacobson, Per (Director - International Monetary Fund)
Jakoubek, Robert E.
James, David F.
James, Mrs. Ted
Jarrett, Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Jarussi, John
Jeffries, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L.
Jenks, D. B.
Jensen, Edward
Johnson, Mrs. Edwin C.
Johnson, James L.
Johnson's Greenhouses
Jones, Ernest R.
Jones, Mrs. J. D.
Jordon, Jr., DuPree
Kamer, John
Kauffman, Joseph C.
Kavanaugh, W. D.
Keck, George E.
Keebler, Doris
Kelly, Arthur F.
Kelly, G.
Kennedy, Edward M. (U.S. Senator)
Kennedy, Mrs. Robert
Kerr, Ewing T.
Kilday, Jim
Kinman, B. C.
Kinne, Joan
Kirby, John
Kitzenberg, Sam
Klick, Mrs. Charles J.
Kliewer, Mr. and Mrs. Otto G.
Knox, Jr., Phillip M.
Koford, Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Kohler, Conrad
Kohly, Mario G.
Korwald, G. L.
Kratz, Charles E.
Kraus, Betty
Kreider, Homer L.
Kubek, Anthony
LaFollette, Philip F.
Landon, Alf M.
Lang, R. E.
Larson, Floyd
Lassner, Franz G.
Laudic, Louis
Laux, John W.
Lee, R. V. (Major-General)
Lee, Robert E. (Commissioner - Federal Communications Commission)
Lepawsky, Albert
Lerner, Max (New York Post)
Lewis, Jeffrey
Lewis, John L. (President - United Mine Workers of America)
Library of Congress
Litvin, Mrs. Fanney
Lockwood, R. M.
Loomis, Daniel P.
Lord, John W.
Loring, Mrs. Len
Los Angeles Times
Losh, William J.
Love, James W.
Lowe, John G.
Ludwig, R. L.
Lund, George N.
Lundgren, Dave
Lundoff, John M.
Lux Lamp Corporation
Lynch, Jeremiah
Lynch, Neil J.
McArthur, Colin
McCarthy, Frank W.
McCarthy, George D.
McClaran, Ralph S.
McClaughry, John
McClure, John E.
McClure, Stewart E.
McConiel, Robert R.
McCormack, John (U.S. Representative)
McCoy, Mike
McDermott, Russell
McFarland, Ernest W.
McFarland, Kermit
McFarland, Russ
McGinnis, Earl F.
McGrath, Edward H.
McGrath, William L.
McGregor, Harry
McKenna, Hugh F.
McKinney, Robert
McKinnon, George E.
McLeish, Archibald
McMillan Company
McNab, Robin
McQuinn, Chester A.
McWilliams, Tennant S.
Macomber, Mrs. Bea
Magic Fingers, Inc.
Maney, Patrick J.
Manning, Mrs. Helen S.
Manning, James
Mansfield Endowment
Marans, J. Eugene
Marcus, Aaron G.
Marcus, David A.
Marquart, Rolland R.
Marr, Herbert L.
Marr, William G.
Marsh, Mrs. L. K.
Martin, Fred J.
Mayfield, Mrs. John F.
Mee, Charles L.
Melloan, George
Melzner, A. B.
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, and Smith
Metzger, Mrs. Evelyn
Metzger, Philip
Middleton, George
Miller, Reed
Miner, Arlyn
Minor, Robert W.
Mitchell, Jozette
Mitchell, Maude
Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. R. H.
Mohn, Einar O.
Monaghan, Joseph P.
Montana Western History
Montemarano, Dan
Montgomery, Mrs. Dee Ann
Morris, Edgar
Morris, W. A.
Morrison, Paul V.
Morse, Wayne (U.S. Senator)
Morton, Betty J.
Moseley, George Van Horn (General)
Muckelston, Sandra R.
Mudd, Sister Rita
Mulder, Ronald A.
Mullin, Patrick J.
Mundell, James W.
Mundt, Karl E. (U.S. Senator)
Murphy, Rupert L. (Commissioner - Interstate Commerce Commission)
Murray, Frank (Montana Secretary of State)
Myers, John
Nash, Philleo
National Archives and Record Service
Neal, Donn
Neitzling, Fred
Nerud, Charles
Nesbitt, Joseph E.
Neuberger, Maurine B. (U.S. Senator)
Nevins, Allan
Newby, Mr. and Mrs. Neal D.
Newlon, Mrs. Robert E.
Newman, Roger K.
Newquist, Winden
News Enterprise
Nicholson, W. F.
Nicoll, Russ
Nolan, David
Noonan, Ruth
Norfolk, Frank
Norkewicz, Isabel
Norris, G. A.
North Dakota, University of
Northern Hotel (Billings, Montana)
Northern Montana College
Novak, Robert J.
Nutt, R. S.
Nybo, Kenneth
O`Conner, Lawrence L.
O`Dea, Robert E.
Oden, Paul
O`Grady, Marguerite
O`Hara, Joseph P.
Old Crow, Chief S.
O`Leary, Barry
O`Leary, Dennis
Olsen, Arnold (U.S. Representative)
Olsen, Iver S.
Olson, Eldon S.
O`Malley, Anthony J.
Oreskovich, Rosalyn
Osborne, Debbie
Osher, David M.
O`Sullivan, John
Padelford, Mrs. Louise H.
Parker, Joseph E.
Parkinson, C. Jay
Parsons, Lewis M.
Passman, Otto (U.S. Representative)
Patterson, James T.
Patton, James
Peck, Mikell
Peters, Mrs. Merrill
Peterson, Hans
Pettengill, Samuel B.
Pew, J. Howard
Pfeiffer, Edward J.
Phillips, Mrs. Jake
Phoenix Title and Trust Company
Pilas, Louis J.
Plumb, Milton
Porter, David L.
Porter, Paul A.
Postal Service, U.S.
Prettyman, Mrs. E. Barrett
Pryor, Samuel F.
Purcell, James E.
Purcell, Robert W.
Ragan, Mrs. Ina C.
Randolph, Jennings (U.S. Senator)
Rankin, Jeannette (U.S. Representative)
Rankin, Wellington D. (Montana Supreme Court Justice)
Rarick, John R. (U.S. Representative)
Rayburn, Sam (U.S. Representative - Speaker of the House)
Reardon, Leo F.
Reed, Bill
Rees, Clarence
Regnery, Henry
Reiner, Ralph E.
Reynolds, Sam
Research Analysis Corporation
Rheim, Everett Y.
Rhoads, E. E.
Rice, Mrs. John E.
Richey, Charles R.
Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Robinson, Frank S.
Robinson, Jack F.
Robinson, Roger
Rogers, Paul G. (U.S. Representative)
Rognlien, D. Gordon
Rohrig, Al
Rosenstiel, Lewis S.
Rotering, N. A.
Rovin, Fern
Rowe, Jr., J. H.
Ruder, Mel
Ruffcorn, William M.
Rule, Richard B.
Russell, Richard B. (U.S. Senator)
Rust, Jr., Robert S.
Ryback, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Sample, Joseph S.
Sarnoff, General David (President- NBC and RCA)
Sauerwein, Mrs. Rosa
Sawtell, Henry J.
Saxbe, William B.
Scanlon, Robert
Schaefer, J. E.
Scheffel, George
Schepens, Charles
Schieb, Bernice E.
Schilling, Raymond E.
Schlereth, Thomas J.
Schmaltz, John
Schneider, Hubert A.
Schneiderman, David
Schuster, Judith
Scott, Mrs. Robert M.
Seaks, Robert G.
Secinaro, Ralph S.
Sessler, Mrs. Stu
Sharp, Allen
Sherlock, Patrick
Sherman, Roger
Shirk, Jr., K. L.
Shouse, Mrs. Jouett
Siebel, Mrs. Kenneth
Silver Bow County (Montana)
Silversmith, Jr., J. H.
Simon, Norton
Simon, Mrs. Rita J.
Simpson, Mrs. Anita
Singer, Mike
Skidmore, Howard
Small, Lawrence F.
Smith, Carlton
Smith, Sherman L.
Sooy, Les
Sprauge, Susan W.
Stafford, George M.
Staggers, Harley O. (U.S. Representative)
Stanley, Henry
Stanton, Frank (President- CBS)
Stenehjem, Mrs. Erik J.
Stevens, John P.
Stevenson, Adlai E. (Governor)
Stewart, Irvin
Stewart, Potter
Struthers, Lucia
Stull, Mrs. Hazel K.
Sugarman, Howard
Sultzer, Harry D.
Sutherland, George
Swanson, Daniel G.
Sweeney, Robert
Swiren, Max
Taft, Charles P.
Teitelbaum, Daniel H.
Temple, Wick
Terlson, Clarence
Thom, Jr., Corcran
Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Lee
Thomas, Norman
Thompson, Dave
Thompson, James W.
Thurmond, Strom (U.S. Senator)
Tien, Mary Anna
Tilton, Isabelle
Timber, John S.
Time, Inc.
Tirlson, Clarence
Tompkins, C. David
Toole, K. Ross
Towers, Bertram B.
Townsend, Ralph
Triangle Barber Shop
Tugwell, Rex
Tuohy, Walter J.
Tuttle, Joann S.
Ugrin, Neil E.
United Air Lines
Upjohn, Mrs. Dorothy H.
Urbano, Steven
Uyehara, Mrs. Cecil
Varney, Harold L.
Votaw, Roy C.
Walker, Dorothy
Walker, J. Wythe
Walker, Mrs. L. S.
Wallace, Dave
Wallace, Mrs. Richard H.
Wanamaker, Ralph H.
Waple, Ben F.
Washburn, Abbott
Washington Observer Newsletter
Watson, J. P.
Watts, H. C.
Watts, H. W.
Webner, W. Gordon
Wedemyer, A. C.
Weinberg, Mark D.
Weisberger, Edward
Welk, Lawrence (ABC - TV)
Wesley Methodist Church
West Glacier School
West, Woody
Westcott, Milton R.
Westdal, Alvin T.
Western Breeze (Cutbank, Montana newspaper)
Wetenkamp, Jr., Herb
WGMS (Washington D.C. radio station)
Whalen, Richard J.
Wheeler, Clifford
Wheelock, John N.
Whetstone, Dan
Whetstone, Frank A.
White, Byron R.
White, Lowell
White, Mrs. Mabel
White, William
Whitecalf, James
Whitehorn, Mrs. Wayne A.
Widenhouse, Philip M.
Widman, Theron T.
Wilkinson, Albert
Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis
Williams, Harry T.
Wilson, Grace C.
Wilson, Jerry V.
Wilkinson, Albert
Wood, Arthur M.
Wood, Dennis
Wood, Mrs. Robert E.
Wright, Andrew J.
Wright, E. Truman
Yale University
Yales, Claudia
Yeager, John W.
Yellowtail, Robert
Yorn Import Company
Yorn, Mrs.
Yost, Leland R.
Young, C.W. Bill (U.S. Representative)
Zardus, Anne

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