Policy and Procedures

In providing reproduction services, we recognize that today's use must not preclude tomorrow's use. Your cooperation in recognizing this goal is greatly appreciated.

Requests for copies from bound items and manuscript materials in Archives and Special Collections will be evaluated by the librarian on duty based on criteria such as the tightness of the binding, the fragility of the paper, and the size of the piece. Tipped in maps, illustrations, and charts are all unacceptable copy requests since the handling cannot be done without risk of tearing.

Published materials from the named collections of Wilson, Lincoln, Haynes, Izaak, and Leggat are all unavailable for copying.

How do I order copies of books and magazine articles?

Requests for copies of select portions of published materials should be processed through your local library's inter-library loan department. Archives and Special Collections staff only processes orders for archives and manuscripts. 

How do I order reproductions of audio, moving images, or other materials?

In general, Archives and Special Collections only produces reproductions of printed documents or photographic materials. Requests for all other types/formats of reproductions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Photograph Duplication Policy

Montana State University has no on-campus facility for the photographic reproduction of original prints, slides, and negatives. However, Archives and Special Collections can offer digital rendering of such materials which researchers may subsequently manipulate into formats suitable for computer monitor display, paper prints, or web-based presentations. Archives and Special Collections cannot assume responsibility for producing photgraphic quality prints from raw data.  It is the responsibility of the researcher to take the raw data on the disk and render it into the format they require.  A wide variety of local and online commercial vendors are available for these services.

Before any publication of Archives material, conventional or digital, researchers must request permission from the Head of Archives and Special Collections.

Unless otherwise requested, standard setting are 600 dpi at 8 bit grayscale or 24 bit RGB for color, and storage as a TIFF file. 

How do I order copies of manuscript collections or photographic material?

To order copies from manuscript collections, or to order copies from our architectural drawing collection, you must download and fill out an application and the copy request form below.

  1. Application for research privileges (available in accessible Microsoft Word format).
  2. Manuscript copy request form (available in accessible Microsoft Word format).

Please fill out the application for research privileges completely. For the manuscript copy request form you must make sure you fill out all the information on the top of the form. We are sorry but we do not have the resources or personnel to analyze the contents of folders for your copy requests beyond the information already provided in the finding aid.  When the forms are completed, please email them as an attachment to

How do I order reproductions of published or manuscript materials while in-person at Archives and Special Collections?

Please fill out the copy request form and hand it to the staff member on duty in the reading room.

Please mark the specific pages you are requesting copies of.  Pages in published material may be marked with colored paper provided by the reading room staff; the paper to be placed in front of the page(s) to be copied and the page numbers noted on the form. A separate form is used for copies made from manuscript collections, and the description of the sheet(s) to be copied should be as complete as possible. Colored paper should be placed lengthwise in front of the sheet(s), and folders must be replaced into their container.

Reproduction Prices

  • $.50/ page
  • $2.50/ image
  • $10.00/page oversize pages
  • $10.00 and under is free
  • Credit Card payments only accepted
  • Files delivered digitally in Box

Reproduction Quality

The staff will make every reasonable effort to insure legible copies, but the fragile nature of our materials often results in darkened copies or blurred type along the inside margins of bound materials.

Need additional information on your order?

If you have additional questions regarding a order that has been submitted or have questions about an order, please Contact us




Adopted June 25, 2014

Rev. 05/27/2021