Photocopy services are a convenience and not necessarily an essential component in access to information. Without placing reasonable limitations on this privilege we endanger the continued preservation of our material and therefore defeat our goal of providing access for future generations. In providing photocopy services, we recognize that today's use must not preclude tomorrow's use. Your cooperation in recognizing this goal is greatly appreciated. Current photocopy prices are: Letter or legal size paper .10 cents per page for single sided and .20 cents per page double sided. 11 x 17 size is .20 per page. The fee for requesting scans of manuscript material is .50 cents per page to be delivered as a PDF file. For large format photocopies, such as those for architectural drawings: 24 x 36 single sided $4.00, double-sided $5, 48 x 36 single sided $6, double sided $7. The fee for scanning architectural drawings is $10 per file/sheet, with an additional charge of $3.00 for a blank compact disk. A processing fee of $3.00 is added to each order per $100.00 increment. An additional shipping and handling charge of $5.00 is added to all mailed orders.

All orders totaling over 50 pages will automatically be processed as digital reproductions and charged accordingly. All orders for scanning will be taken by Special Collections, scanned, and then prepared for billing and/or for shipping. Orders will either be transferred to CD ROMs for delivery via the postal service or delivered electronically via Box. Payment will be rendered in full prior to delivery of all orders. Non-profit institutions are eligible for a 30% discount.

What may be photocopied?

In general, any material that will not be damaged by the process. Requests for photocopies from bound items and manuscript materials in Special Collections will be evaluated by the librarian on duty based on criteria such as the tightness of the binding, the fragility of the paper, and the size of the piece. Tipped in maps, illustrations, and charts are all unacceptable photocopy requests since the handling cannot be done without risk of tearing. Published materials from the named collections of Wilson, Lincoln, Haynes, Izaak, and Leggat are all unavailable for photocopying.

How do I order photocopies of books and magazine articles?

For internet and distance users, requests for photocopies of select portions of published materials should be processed through your local library's inter-library loan department. Special Collections staff only processes internet and distance orders for manuscript material and photographs. For visitors to our reading room, photocopies of select portions of published materials can be requested directly from the Special Collections staff by following the procedures detailed below.

How do I order reproductions of other archival materials?

In general, Special Collections only produces reproductions of printed documents or photographs. Requests for all other types/formats of reproductions will be considered on a case by case basis.

How do I order photocopies of manuscript collections material?

We are able to process general photocopy orders at the folder level from our manuscript collections with the exception of fragile or otherwise restricted materials. To order photocopies from manuscript collections, or to order photocopies from our architectural drawing collection, you must download and print an application and the photocopy request form below.

  1. Application for research privileges (available in pdf or rtf formats—PDF requires the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader).
  2. Manuscript reproduction request form (available in pdf or rtf formats—PDF requires the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader)

It will be necessary for you to fill out the application for research privileges completely, with your signature and date. For the photocopy request form you must make sure you fill out all the information on the top of the form, including your name, shipping address, and telephone number. The form must be signed and dated where indicated. On the bottom half of the form you must indicate the collection name, the collection number, and each box number, folder number, and folder title from which you desire copies. We are sorry but we do not have the resources or personnel to analyze the contents of folders for your copy requests beyond the information already provided in the finding aid.

Once you have completed filling out the required forms, you can mail them to us for processing. We will not accept orders submitted by email or orders without signatures. Payment will be rendered in full prior to delivery of all orders.

Our mailing address is:

MSU Library Special Collections
Box 173320
Bozeman, MT 59717-3320

How do I order photocopies of published or manuscript materials while in-person at Special Collections?

If the archivist has approved your copy request you will be provided with a form for published or manuscript material. The copy request form has a copyright law notice printed on it under which you must sign. You must fill out a separate request for photocopies from separate published or manuscript sources. Pages in published material may be marked with colored paper provided by the reading room staff; the paper to be placed in front of the page(s) to be copied and the page numbers noted on the form. A separate form is used for copies made from manuscript collections, and the description of the sheet(s) to be copied should be as complete as possible. Colored paper should be placed lengthwise in front of the sheet(s), and folders must be replaced into their container. Once the form has been completed the staff will place it with other photocopy orders for handling.

My copies are blurred and dark!

The staff will make every reasonable effort to insure legible copies, but the fragile nature of our materials often results in darkened copies or blurred type along the inside margins of bound materials. This is because bound materials will not be flattened against the photocopy glass platen in order to avoid damage to the spine and paper. There will be an ownership statement along the bottom of each copy made from manuscript material that may obscure some material. All of these problems should be considered when ordering photocopies.

Need additional information on your order?

If you have additional questions regarding a order that has been submitted or have questions about an order, please contact:

Gary Barnhart
Archival Assistant
Special Collections
Phone: (406) 994-4306

Rev. 10/02/2019