Accessibility Policy for Library Electronic Resources

The MSU Library is committed to ensuring the electronic resources we purchase or subscribe to from third-party providers are accessible to everyone. For more information, read our full Accessibility Policy for Library Electronic Resources

Information Access

The MSU Library Collections Access & Technical Services Department connects and serves our community by obtaining, maintaining, and providing access to information resources. See more information on our Information Access page. You can also submit an accessibility request if you need library materials in a different format. 

Finding Accessible Library Materials using CatSearch

See our CatSearch page with tips for finding accessible materials including articles, books, and more.  

Accessibility Request Form

For library collections that are not accessible, we are committed to providing reasonable accommodations and timely access to users with disabilities. For assistance, submit an accessibility request, or contact the library from the side bar. 

For course material or textbooks that are not accessible, accessible, submit a request through the Office of Disability Services.

Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery

Submit an Interlibrary Loan request to borrow resources from other libraries, or have us scan articles and chaters from our print collections to get it in a digital format. 


The MSU Library is a member of HathiTrust.HathiTrust offers an Accessible Text Request Service. Through this service, users who are blind or print disabled can request copies of copyrighted books, which are listed as "limited (search-only)" in the HathiTrust Digital Library Collection.

Library Digital Accessibility Commmittee (L-DAC)

Montana State University is ramping up its efforts to make its resources and services more accessible to all individuals. In Fall 2018, the library created a digital accessibility committee to oversee and communicate efforts across the library to increase the accessibility of our digital library resources. 

The library digital accessibility committee supports the Library Strategic Plan Objective 1.1, "Users will...interact with a welcoming and responsive physical and digital library environment” and Objective 2.1, "We will...create useful, dynamic, and accessible digital and physical spaces."

Commitee Goals

To increase accessibility of digital library resources, the library established the following:

  • New library web content published in the campus CMS platform will be accessible from the point of creation
  • Existing library content on all webpages in the campus CMS platform will be made accessible when the content is updated
  • Increased accessibility of library content outside of the campus CMS platform including Digital Collections and ScholarWorks platforms
  • Developed Accessibility Policy for Library Electronic Resources
  • Created service for patrons to submit an accesssibility request to get library content ina more accessible format, on demaind

See our helpful links for Guidelines & Resources for Creating Accessible Content, on our Accessibility Resources page.