Our Vision for the Future:

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I would like to thank all of the Montana State University Library employees who contributed their ideas, suggestions, wording, and inspiration during the various stages of the creation of the MSU Library’s 2018 – 2024 Strategic Plan.

Our original expectation to develop a three to five-year plan was adjusted based on the university’s expressed desire to have planning horizons that align with the accreditation cycle. Therefore, our final strategic planning document was extended to a seven year span, 2018 – 2024.

This inspiring and optimistic plan will lead the Library to an exciting future in the service of the university and the people of Montana.
Kenning Arlitsch, Dean of the Library

Download The Montana State University Library Strategic Plan, 2018-2024 [PDF]

Mission and Strategic Objectives


We support and advance teaching, learning, and research for Montana State University and the people of Montana by providing access to information and knowledge.

1. User Perspective – Our users will…

1.1 Interact with a welcoming and responsive physical and digital library environment;

1.2 Experience convenient access to extensive collections; and

1.3 Achieve positive learning outcomes and develop their information literacy abilities.

2. Internal Processes Perspective – We will…

2.1 Create useful, dynamic, and accessible digital and physical spaces;

2.2 Collaborate with researchers to produce digital research and scholarship;

2.3 Expand, diversify, and adapt our collections and services; and

2.4 Grow an engaged library community through marketing and outreach.

3. Learning & Growth Perspective – By working in ways that…

3.1 Build and sustain an organizational culture of evidence-based decision making and assessment;

3.2 Foster an organizational culture that supports ongoing professional growth; and

3.3 Cultivate a climate of engagement and empowerment in which all employees are valued.

4. Financial Perspective – While managing our finances to help us…

4.1 Develop financial resources to implement the building Master Plan; and

4.2 Improve classified staff compensation to the representative peer market average.

Strategy Map

Strategy Map showing visual layout of our mission and strategic objecctives.

Download Mission & Strategic Objectives [PDF]

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