Anyone wishing to photograph, videotape or record within the MSU Library must also contact the Associate Dean to review the request, secure permission, and make necessary arrangements a minimum of one week in advance.

  • In order to provide an atmosphere conducive to teaching, learning, and research, the MSU Library may limit photography, videotaping or recording within the building.
  • Activities interrupting patrons or involving library staff time or resources may require special permission.
  • Users must familiarize themselves with MSU policies regarding film and photography. Visit the University Communications webpage to find out more about Filming, photography and audio recording on MSU properties, and see the full MSU Policy.

Highlighted MSU Policy excerpts (as of June 20 2018)

Non-MSU Producers and Photographers

A signed filming request is required to film, photograph, location scout or record audio on any MSU-owned property. The request must be submitted to University Communications at least 14 days in advance of the date of filming. Completion of the request does not guarantee permission to film. 

MSU Staff and Students

Campus departments filming for official MSU purposes or academic work should:

Film and photography work performed by students as part of academic assignments may not require a permit as long as the responsible MSU academic department ensures that the filming or photography:

  1. Complies with pertinent provisions of the MSU Facilities Use Manual
  2. Does not interfere with the educational, research or other program functions or events of the University
  3. Does not pose a security or safety risk to those involved in the filming and photography or other campus users
  4. Does not require the provision of any University resources or services, or cause damage to any University asset (e.g., grounds, infrastructure, buildings, equipment, etc.)
  5. Is used or reused in an appropriate manner and is protective of the intrinsic value of the MSU name, its campus landmarks, trademarks, and logos