These guidelines apply to Library Partner groups and Library staff that occupy spaces in the Renne Library building. These groups currently include UIT, Testing Center, GEAR UP, SmartyCats, the Writing Center, the Center for Faculty Excellence, the Research Alliance members, and Culinary Services.

Building Lights

Several Library Partner groups are located in spaces that do not have dedicated light switches. The lights in these rooms are operated by the main building light switches located in the office behind the Library Service Desk, adjacent to the stairs ascending to the library administration door. The building lights are illuminated at all times that the building is open. And yet, there may be times that Library Partner staff are in the building when it is closed and the building lights are turned off. In these instances, Library Partner staff may enter the office behind the service desk for the purposes of turning the building lights on/off in order to light their respective areas. Please bear in mind that this is an employee’s office. Please referto the hours listed at the library’s website for up-to-date building hours. 

Entering & Exiting Renne When Closed

When the building is closed Library Partner employees can use theirCatCardsto access the loading dock door on the east side of the building. Contact library administration to have an employee’s card authorized for access.

When exiting the building, please also use the loading dock door. If you must use the front doors, please be sure to ensure that the doors close securely behind you. This is very important. At certain times of the year—particularly in the summer months—the positive air pressure in the building prevents the doors from fully closing and latching. Employees are responsible for ensuring the security of the building by properly latching doors. 

Library Employees Entering Partners' Spaces

On rare occasions it may be necessary for library employees to enter Partner’s offices. In such instances, Library Administration employees (who have building master keys) may access Library Partner areas and the affected Partner will be notified as soon as possible thereafter.

Library Partners Email List

There is a mailing list called “librarypartners”.  It is open and anybody can subscribe to it.If you wish to join, please got to to subscribe to the list.   You don’t need to login with an email and password, only click the subscribe button at the lower left of the screen. You will be prompted to enter your email address. After that you send messages to and all list members will receive them.  

 November 16, 2023