Approved by the MSU Library Executive Team 04/01/2019 - Updated & Approved 09/30/2021


The MSU Library Mission Statement

We support and advance teaching, learning, and research for Montana State University and the people of Montana by providing access to information and knowledge.


We support our community by creating, providing, and maintaining a safe, pleasant, and welcoming environment for all patrons. This policy details the conduct that allows patrons of the MSU Library use its facilities and programs in a safe, pleasant environment, conducive to study and research. Because Montana State University is a public land grant institution our library collections and building are available and accessible to all.

Guidelines of Mutual Respect

Please join the staff of the MSU Library in creating and sustaining an environment conducive to study and scholarly collaboration. We support our community by creating, providing, and maintaining a safe, pleasant, and welcoming environment for all patrons. We treat our patrons with respect and expect the same in return.

Patron Conduct

The following guidelines are the responsibility of all library users:

  • Interact courteously with other patrons and library staff.
  • Exit the library in a courteous and timely fashion when requested by staff (for emergencies or other reasons) and by the posted library closing hours.
  • Maintain a reasonably quiet environment in research and study areas.
  • Maintain a clean environment.
  • Place personal items in a manner that allows safe passage down aisles and between book stacks.
  • Comply with circulation (borrowing) and use policies of library materials.
  • In no way attempt to circumvent or weaken the security or integrity of the information technology environment.
  • Maintain individual privacy of users by obtaining permission from Library Administration to take photos or film in the library.
  • Weara shirt or other upper-body covering; pants, shorts, skirt, dress, or other lower-body covering; andshoes or other footwear. 
  • Following building use policies with respect to animals in the building.
  • Supervise minors (children under the age of 14) while using the library [See MSU Library Facility Access & Use Policy for Minors]

Users are prohibited from engaging in any behavior that unreasonably interferes with any other user’s rights or ability to use or enjoy the Library, Library staff’s performance of their duties, or that degrades any Library resources. Prohibited behaviors include, but may not be limited to the following:

  • Failure to vacate the building by the posted closing hour or when instructed by library staff.
  • Initiating personal attacks through language or actions including harassment or intimidation or threats to persons or property.
  • Consuming alcohol or exhibiting behavior which indicates intoxication or illegal drug use.
  • Smoking, vaping, or using electronic cigarettes.
  • Using candles or open flames.
  • Creating a disturbance by yelling, running, throwing objects, or otherwise disrupting the learning environment, or the safety or work of library employees.
  • Entering any non-public, restricted, or closed area of the library, including opening emergency exits or activating emergency alarms, except in emergencies.

Library Procedures

When library users do not comply with these guidelines, they may be asked to leave the library or be escorted from the building by Campus Police. Repeated violations of library policies may lead to individuals being banned from entering the library.