It is amazing to see what a difference these dogs make for the students of MSU.  We are proud to have had the chance to partner with Intermountain Therapy Animals over the years! These infographics are a quick glance at how our events have worked to help students De-Stress.

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Paws to De-Stress infographic - 2019

Paws to De-Stress Spring 2019 – Infographic

“Thank you so much the dogs are wonderful” – Student comment.

72% said word of mouth is how they heard about Paws to De-Stress.

538 total visitors in 6 days.

20 different dogs visited.

“This is my favorite Part of the end of the semester.” – Student comment.

“I was about to cry and now I feel like I can get back to it.” – Student comment.

Highest % of attendees are: Undergraduates.

Paws to De-Stress Fall 2017 – Infographic

Paws to De-Stress Fall 2017 – Infographic

“These dogs are the only reason I am graduating” – Student Comment.

Graph – How did people hear about it? ~50 – Word of mouth, ~40 - Signage, ~10 – Table tents, and ~10 MSU Today.

Record attendance! 1,551 total visitors.

36% increase in attendance from Fall 2016.

88% of attendees were students.

“De-stressed after a ‘ruff’day.” – Student comment.


Paws to De-Stress infographic - 2016

 Paws to De-Stress Fall 2016 – Infographic

“[Students] get to forget about finals and just live in the moment petting the dogs. You can see their faces change with smiles and joy when they see the dogs!” – Volunteer with Intermountain Therapy Animals.

53% average stress reduction (self reported).

31 Dogs covered 37 hours across campus, totaling 71 hours of volunteer time.

1141 total attendance. Dead week = 665, Finals week =476

67% word of mouth, 39% Library Signage – Top ways of hearing about the event.

 Paws to De-Stress Fall 2015 – Infographic

Paws to De-Stress Fall 2015 – Infographic

1131 people total attendance – Fall 2015.

713 first week attendance 11/30-12/4, 2015. 418 second week attendance 12/7-11, 2015.

Increase in attendance from Spring 2015 – 119 people.

Where do you hear about library events? Graph shows: ~75 said word of mouth, ~50 said signage in the library, ~17 said Library Website, ~10 said Exponent, ~10 said Table tents in the library.

Comments: “Love this!”, “Yay!”, “This was fantastic!”, “Loved it! So cool! Wish more places could do this! Thank you!”, “Thank you! Best 2 weeks of the semester!”

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 Paws to De-Stress Fall 2014 – Infographic

Paws to De-Stress Fall 2014 – Infographic

Attendance Statistics: 1,283 – Total attendance in fall 2014. December 1-12, 2014. 783 – First week attendance. December 1-5, 2014. Second week attendance. December 8-12, 2014. 18% more than last semester – Attendance in Spring 2014: 1,088.

Graph – Did therapy dogs reduce your stress level? ~99% said yes.

Graph – How did you hear about it? 80% - Word of mouth, 49% - Signage, 14% - Facebook, 12% - MSU Today.

Pie chart – Will visiting with therapy dogs help to improve the outcomes of your studying and/or exams? ~90% - yes ~10% - no.

Comments – “I’m so happy now!”, “Thank you!”, “I can focus better on my studying because I am more relaxed.” “It’s nice to see dogs when I miss my own so much :)”, “This was the greatest de-stressifier ever!”

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