We support and advance teaching, learning, and research for Montana State University and the people of Montana by providing access to information and knowledge.


We are a dynamic, adaptive, and responsive research library. We aspire to build innovative digital and physical spaces where our diverse communities can access and apply information to grow intellectually, build meaningful collaborations, communicate ideas, and envision a better future for Montana and beyond.


We are proud to serve the university and the people of Montana, and we strive to do so while embodying the core values of the profession of librarianship and MSU. Our values reflect how we carry forward our strategic and operational decisions: we aim to build a more informed, thoughtful, and just world while striving to cultivate an environment that supports the potential for finding joy and meaning in our work. We value:

  • Accountability:  We hold ourselves accountable to each other, to the ethics of our profession, and to our statewide supporters.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We seek out diverse perspectives, as they challenge us, help us learn, and broaden our worldview. We work to build spaces and services that are equitable and inclusive to all. We value collegiality and build a culture of care within the Library.

  • Empathy: We promote a culture of empathy and user-centeredness. We invite stakeholders to participate in creating services and resources that are relevant, usable, and desirable.

  • Inquiry and Innovation: We nurture an environment that encourages a collaborative and enthusiastic approach to the pursuit of knowledge. We leverage new technologies and forge cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations to create new ideas and ways of knowing.

  • Openness and Access: We believe in openness and equitable access in scholarship and resources. We ensure that information is readily available to our community.

  • People: We respect the humanity, knowledge, and expertise of people in the Library, the university, and the community.

  • Teaching and Learning: We facilitate critical engagement with information and knowledge creation through education and advocacy.

  • Transparency and Communication: We value transparency and clear, open communication in our Library and beyond.