Doralyn Rossmann

The MSU Library is dedicated to helping users gain access to the information, services and resources they need to create new knowledge and further their learning. We provide services such as modern spaces for study, access to technologies for checkout, unique archival collections, and digital collections.

With over 20,000 visits to the library in a typical week and over 1.5 million visits to our website annually, the library is one of the most highly used resources on our campus. Some recent examples of our work include spearheading efforts to reduce costs for undergraduate education. We promote the use of freely available Open Educational Resources (OER) in place of high-cost textbooks. Over the past 3 years we have invested $150,000 in support of OER adoption, which has saved students over $1.75 million. Similarly, we offer Wi-Fi hot spot checkout to students who cannot afford or find themselves without internet access. 

We have a strong team of personnel at the MSU Library dedicated to the success of students, supporting research, and serving our community. I invite you to meet with a librarian to help you explore the many resources available to you. 

It's also vitally important to us that our students and employees see themselves and every member of our community in the spaces, services, and resources we provide. We are dedicated to providing an inclusive, equitable, diverse, and accessible environment for everyone. 

LibrariesAreForEverybodyTo help students succeed, we are eager collaborators in the classroom and beyond. Likewise, we support the research enterprise with services such as data management planning, publishing, and scholarly communication

I welcome hearing from you and how we can help you with any research and learning needs you may have!




Doralyn Rossmann, MSLS, MPA
Professor and Dean