Introduction to Global Markets

Marketing 242 Library Instruction

Instructor Sitki Karahan, Librarian Greg Notess

The following sources are starting points for finding information on the Internet and in the library.

International Business Information on the Net

For more general Internet search aids, try Yahoo, Alta Vista, Excite, and InfoSeek.

Business Periodical Indexes Library Location
Index to magazines, scholarly business journals, and business trade journals. Many articles are available in full text.
Ref Computers & Remote
(Choose OVID Library Indexes)
Predicasts F & S Index
Index to articles from industry trade journals by company name and SIC code.
Ref Z7164.C81F22
(Ref Stacks, Aisle 10A)

International Information
National Trade Data Bank
International full text information on industries and policies
New ICC World Directory of Chambers of Commerce
Lists contact information for chambers of commerce in many foreign countries
Ref HF294.N48 1990
(Ref Stacks, Aisle 2B)
Background Notes
Brief country overviews from the Dept. of State
Reserve Desk & Internet
CIA World Factbook Internet and NTDB
Country Commercial GuidesInternet
Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade Practices Internet
Europa World Year Book
Detailed information on countries, including economic statistics
Ref JN1.E85
(Ref Stacks, Aisle 2B)
World Market Share Reporter
A compilation of global market share data with references
Ref HD2527.15.W67
(Ref Stacks, Aisle 2B)

Data and Statistical Sources
National Trade Data Bank (NTDB)
Full text reports on many topics, including international marketing related sources.
Ref Computers & Internet
(Government Info. icon)
Statistical Abstract of the United States
The best single compendium of U.S. and some international statistics.
Ref Desk C 3.134:
(Ask for it at the ref desk.)
International Trade Statistics Yearbook
Trade statistics for different countries and commodities
Ref HF91.U473
(Ref Stacks, Aisle 2B)
World Population Profile
International demographics
U.S. Foreign Trade Highlights
Exports information by country
Foreign Economic Trends and Their Implications for the United States

Economic indicators and business statistics from numerous countries
Overseas Business Reports

Market Research Reports
Ref Docs C 3.205/3:WP-94
(NW wall in ref area)
Documents C 61.28/2:
(1st floor, S side)
Documents C 61.11:
(1st floor, S side)
Documents C 61.12: & NTDB
NTDB (see above)

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