HDHE 340: Economics of Family Policy

Library Instruction Session by Greg Notess

Selected Demographics Sources Location
1990 Census of Population and Housing
Most detailed and authoritative demographics for all geographic levels.
Ref Computers
Documents C3.223/6:990 CP-
County and City Data Book 1994
Population and economic profiles of all U.S. counties. Also includes rankings.
Ref Desk C3.134/2:C 83
County Business Patterns
Number of establishments, employment, and payroll by industry.
Documents C3.204/3-
Demographics USA (Separate volumes for cities, counties, and zip codes.)
Population profiles, including employment, expenditures, and sales.
Ref HF5415.1.D46-
(Reference Stacks, Aisle 2B)
The Gallup Poll Monthly
Ref HM261.A1G34 (Reference Stacks, Aisle 3A) Public opinion statistics on a wide range of issues.
Ref HM261.A1G34
(Reference Stacks, Aisle 3A)
Regional Economic Information System (REIS)
Economic data for 1969-95 on personal income, earnings, and employment.
Ref Computer
Simmons Study of Media and Markets
Detailed household statistics for media habits and target audiences.
Ref HC101.S54 1994
(Reference Stacks, Aisle 2B)
The Sourcebook of Zip Code Demographics
150+ characteristics such as age, race, income, & households by ZIP code.
Ref HA203.S66 1997
(Reference Stacks, Aisle 2B)
Statistical Abstract of the United States
The best single compendium of statistics. Includes population profiles, survey-derived data on consumer purchases and activities, and much more.
Ref Desk & Ref Docs C 3.134:
Statistical Handbook on the American Family
Family statistics primarily from the National Survey of Families and Households
Ref HQ536.S727 1992
(Reference Stacks, Aisle 3A)

Montana Specific Sources Location
Montana Agricultural Statistics
Crop prices, acreage, yield, & production for state and counties
Ref HD1775.M9M6
(Reference Stacks, Aisle 2B)
Montana Vital Statistics
Birth, death, abortion, marriage, and reportable health statistics
Ref HA481.A3
(Reference Stacks, Aisle 2B)
County Business Patterns Montana
Number of establishments, employment, and payroll by industry.
Ref Doc C3.204/3-28:993

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