Business 341 Library Instruction

Starting Points for finding marketing information on the Internet:
Business Periodical Indexes Library Location
Index to magazines, scholarly business journals, and business trade journals. Many articles are available in full text.
Ref Computers & Remote
(Choose OVID Library Indexes)
Predicasts F & S Index
Index to articles from industry trade journals by company name and SIC code.
Ref Z7164.C81F22
(Ref Stacks, Aisle 10A)
Wall Street Journal Index
In depth indexing of the Wall Street Journal and Barron's.
Ref HG1.W26
(Reference Stacks, Aisle2A)

Industry InformationLibrary Location
Standard and Poor's Industry Surveys
Compares company performance in broad industries (aerospace, media,utilities, etc.)
Reserve Desk
U.S. Industry Profiles: The Leading 100
Covers current status and predicted future for 100 industries
Ref HD2771.U8
(Reference Stacks, Aisle 2A)
Wholesale and Retail Trade USA: Industry Analysis, Statistics, & Leading Organizations
Covers 69 wholesale and 64 retail industries for 1982, 1987, and 1992
Ref HF5421.W46 1995
(Reference Stacks, Aisle 2B)
Moody's Industry Review
Provides key financial information for 137 industry groups.
Ref HG4961.M68,
(Reference Stacks, Aisle 3A)
National Trade Data Bank (NTDB)
International full text information on industries and policies
Ref Computers & Internet
(Gov Info icon)
County Business Patterns
Number of establishments, employment, and payroll by industry, reported annually for the U.S., states and counties.
Ref Docs C 3.204/3 (US & MT) others in Government Documents section, floor 1

Montana Specific Sources Library Location
Montana Business Directory
Provides listings of Montana businesses by SIC, yellow pages category, and city.
Ref Desk HF5065.M9M67
(Ask at the reference desk.)
Great Falls Tribune/Bozeman Daily Chronicle Index
Covers articles in both papers. Look under headings such as
Bozeman (Montana)--Industries or Montana--Economic Conditions.
Ref Index Table
(Table to the north of the reference desk)
Billings Gazette - Missoulian - Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Only contains a portion of what is in the print versions
On the Internet,
County Business Patterns Montana
Number of establishments, employment, and payroll by industry.
Ref Doc C3.204/3-28:993
(West wall in reference area)
Gallatin County, Montana - An Economic Profile
Some basic economics of the county not available elsewhere.
Ref HC107.M9G18
(Reference Stacks, Aisle 2B)
Montana Business Quarterly
Journal featuring articles with a Montana industry focus
HC107.M9M586 Stacks
(Also in ABI/Inform)

Company/Competitor Analysis and Market Share Library Location
Compact Disclosure
Detailed financial and corporate information for public companies
Ref, stand alone computer
(3rd around corner N of desk)
Moody's Manuals
Public company structure and financial situation. Sections include Moody's Industrials, Bank & Finance, Transportation, and more.
Ref HG4961.M--
(Ref Stacks, Aisle 2B-3A)
Value Line Investment Survey
Evaluates company performance and provides investment recommendations.
Reserve Desk
Encyclopedia of Consumer Brands
Covers major competitor and market share data for selected consumer brands.
Ref HF5415.3.E527 1994
(Reference Stacks, Aisle 2B)
Market Share Reporter
Product, corporate, brand and other market share data with references
Ref HF5415.122.M38 1996
(Reference Stacks, Aisle 2B)
World Market Share Reporter
A compilation of global market share data with references
Ref HD2527.15.W67 1995/96 (Reference Stacks, Aisle 2B)

Demographics & Consumer Information Library Location
1990 Census of Population and Housing
Detailed demographics for states, counties, cities, and smaller geographic areas.
Ref Computers & Internet
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County and City Data Book
Population and economic profiles of all U.S. counties and cities and towns with populations of at least 2,500.
Ref Desk C3.134/2:C 83
Demographics USA
Population profiles, including data on purchasing power and spending patterns; separate volumes for cities, counties, and zip codes.
Ref HF5415.1.D46-
(Reference Stacks, Aisle 2B)
Markets of the U.S. for Business Planners
Profiles of 183 urban economies across the U.S.
Ref HC106.8 M37
(Reference Stacks, Aisle 2B)
Rand McNally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide
Maps and analysis of population, business, and community services.
Ref Atlas Case (To the left of the ref desk around the pillar.)
Regional Economic Information System (REIS)
Time series data on income, employment, industries, and state/county governments
Ref Computers & Internet
(Choose Gov Info icon)
Simmons Study of Media and Markets
Analyzes advertising media and target audiences.
Ref HC101.S54 1994
(Reference Stacks, Aisle 2B)
Statistical Abstract of the United States
The best single compendium of statistics. Includes population profiles, survey-derived data on consumer purchases and activities, and much more.
Ref Desk & Ref Docs C 3.134:
(Ask at the reference desk or the West wall in reference)

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