Library Instruction for HDHE 444
Strategies for
Working with Adults

Instructor: Holly Hunts
Librarian: Greg Notess

While Web directories and search engines provide access to Web pages, email discussion groups provide access to communication with others in a field. Participants can range from high school students to the foremost authority in the field. This page offers links to some directories of email discussion groups as well as basic information on browsing groups, subscribing to lists, and netiquette.

Discussion Group Directories

To browse:
Subscription Basics:
  1. Subscribe to the Program!! To: listserv@machine.domain
  2. Leave Subject Blank
  3. sub(scribe) listname Your Name
    e.g. sub medlib-l John Smith
  4. Process will vary

For basic netiquette:

For more information about the library and its services, see the MSU-Bozeman Libraries' Web Site

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