President's Message

This message will be brief because the State of the Association Report provides a final report of the association's activities during the 1994-95 year. I just want to extend my thanks to everyone who worked in any capacity on behalf of the Montana Library Association this year. I was glad to see so many of you at the annual conference in Billings and especially to finally meet those of you with whom I communicated by phone or e-mail throughout the year. I would especially like to commend the Conference Planning Committee and the Local Arrangements Committee for executing a conference that will be, especially for me, a memorable culmination of the association's work this year. I was particularly pleased by the large attendance at the keynote session, the Wednesday evening leadership session, the library issues forum, and the general membership session. You have reinforced my belief that our members want to be active participants in maintaining the organizational effectiveness and vitality of our association. I have enjoyed being president of the Montana Library Association. I learned a lot and got to know many fascinating folks. Thanks for giving me this opportunity!
Susan Nissen

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Out With the Old

This issue of Montana Library Focus will be my last issue as editor. I have enjoyed the challenge of editing Focus, and it has certainly been an interesting few years in MLA. I would like to express sincere thank to all the division chairs, interest group chairs, book reviewers, and other MLA members for their many contributions. I especially would like to thank Sue Nissen for her voluminous contributions and for her patience and perseverance in learning to send the submissions electronically.

Liz Kearney, the librarian at the West Yellowstone Public Library, will be taking over the editor's hat with the September issue. I'll let her introduce herself in the next column.

This issue, like the last one, is also available on the Focus World-Wide Web page. So if you'd like to see the conference pictures in color, just point your graphics-capable browser at

Greg Notess, Focus editor

In With the New

At the MLA conference in Billings this spring, MLA President Sue Nissen and President-elect Mary Bushing led an informal evening program called something very close to "Leadership training for MLA leaders -- and those who aspire to be." Heeding the call of volunteerism, I attended, and in the midst of that roomful of library enthusiasm (who could resist Mike Schulz doing the "wave"?), approached Sue Nissen afterward and said, "I could help with the newsletter."

Which just goes to show what you can get yourself into when you get all pumped up at MLA!

I do look forward to participating with the Montana Library Association, and I am excited about the opportunity to work with many librarians from all around the state. Living in West Yellowstone, it's pretty easy to feel far away from just about everywhere: I hope to forge connections among the Montana library community through Montana Library Focus.

Everyone is welcome and strongly encouraged to submit news, views, issues, features, tidbits, helpful hints, and/or letters to the editor. My snail mail address is P.O. Box 370, West Yellowstone, MT 59758. We hope to have an e-mail address in place and publishable in the September issue. I look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible.
Liz Kearney

The e-mail address is now active! Contact Liz at

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Division & Committee News

ASLD Fall Retreat

Mark your calendars now: the Academic and Special Libraries Retreat will be held at Chico Hot Springs November 2-3, 1995. If you have specific program suggestions, contact chair Beth Furbush, at the Montana Legislative Council Library. Patricia Roberts and Judy Meadows are in charge of site arrangements for the retreat. Judy Meadows State Law Library
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ASLD 1995-96 Plans

Volunteers were recruited for division committees at the business meeting in Billings, but division members who were unable to be at the meeting are also encouraged to join their colleagues in organizing the activities of this dynamic group. If you are interested in joining any of these committees, please contact the incoming division chair, Beth Furbush.

So here's the committee list as it stands with notes as to where volunteers are especially needed:

CONFERENCE COMMITTEE (ensuring that the Division has adequate continuing education and networking opportunities at the 1996 Helena conference.)
Chair: Beth Furbush (incoming Division Chair)
Volunteers Needed!

I hope that all Division members are thinking of ideas for workshops at the 1996 Conference. Send undeveloped program ideas to Beth Furbush for submission to Barb Ridgway. (It will help me track ideas & work to get them on the program.) Program proposals need to be submitted by August 10 -- we need to get to work on these!

Chair: Stacey Gordon, Division Vice-Chair/Chair-elect (Salish Kootenai College)
Andrine Haas (Dawson Community College)
Mike Schultz (Western Montana College)
Gail Wilkerson (VA Medical Center, Miles City)
Chair: Paula Duffy (MSU, Billings)
Jean Bishop (MT Tech)
Volunteers Needed!
1995 Program Chair Beth Furbush
Arrangements Co-chairs Judy Meadows (State Law Library)
Patricia Roberts (CEIC, MT Dept. of Commerce)
Cheri Bergeron (MT OPI)
Vicki Gist (MSU-Northern)
Pam Harris (CEIC, MT Dept. of Commerce)
John Thomas (Carroll College)
The retreat is scheduled for Nov. 2-3, 1995 (Thursday & Friday) at Chico Hot Springs. Besides the usual interest group meetings and other sharing, we are planning some programs on clarifying our mission (and understanding the differences among our varying library types) and how to keep on providing excellent service with changing tools. Program thoughts, suggestions, and volunteers are welcome.

1996 Program Chair Stacey Gordon (Salish Kootenai College)
Arrangements: Pam Cunningham (WETO Technical Library, Butte)
Michael Ober (Flathead Valley Community College)
Mike Schultz (Western Montana College)
Chair: Barry Brown (UM)
Sandra Jarvie (MT Talking Book Library)
Anita Scheetz (Fort Peck Community College)
Chair: Coby Johnson (UM)
Chair: Bonnie Schuster (UM)
Jean Bishop (Montana Tech)
Other thoughts: Do we need to review our strategic plan? Is anyone interested in doing that? It has been suggested that we compile a list (probably from LaserCat) of professional development materials held in the state. Any volunteers?

Again, to add to or change any of the listings above, contact Beth Furbush, at 406/444-3598; Montana Legislative Council Library, State Capitol, Room 138, Helena, MT 59620-1706, e-mail: or CL0444%zip01@

Beth Furbush
Montana Legislative Council Library

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The February 1995 meeting for the PNLA Board was held at the City of Federal Way Conference Center near the SEATAC Airport. The former monastery lends quietude to deliberations and decision making, and much of both went on as the board discussed a variety of concerns.

BUDGET. While concerned that the 1995 conference in Whistler, British Columbia will not garner as many attendees (it's a resort and off the beaten track), members were pleased to learn that the 1994 Eugene conference was a financial success. Like many similar organizations, PNLA cannot relax its efforts to attract members and encourage conference attendance. Sites were discussed for future annual meetings. The 1996 PNLA conference will be held in Fairbanks, Alaska; 1997 - Seattle, WA; 1998 - possibly Sun Valley, Idaho; 1999 - possibly Calgary, Alberta.

PNLA QUARTERLY. The costs of publishing this award-winning journal were discussed. Along with thanks to Kappy Eaton, dedicated editor, the Board asked Eaton to investigate cost-cutting measures such as desktop publishing.

Anyone interested in submitting articles to the Quarterly is invited to contact Eaton at 1631 E. 24th Ave., Eugene OR 97403.

PNLA LOGO. The board agreed to consider a new logo for the library association. Brainstorming resulted in numerous suggestions concerning what various members felt the logo should portray. President Anne Haley will contact an appropriate firm to begin this process.

ELECTION. Montana's own Karen Hatcher is running for PNLA First Vice-President, President-elect. Hatcher is the Dean of the Mansfield Library at the University of Montana. She has been an active PNLA member since the 1970s and has participated in the myriad of changes the organization has faced. "The international opportunity provided through PNLA by joining with state and provincial librarians is one of PNLA's strengths. We need to encourage more librarians of all types to take advantage of this uniqueness. The new information highways do not see geographical boundaries."

LISTSERV. PNLA's listserv can be subscribed to by sending e-mail to: Leave the subject line blank. Your message should contain the following words: subscribe PNLA-L [your first name] [your last name] This listserv discusses items of interest to librarians of the Northwest including Young Reader's Choice Award information, job openings, and other issues.

ANNUAL CONFERENCE. As mentioned above, the 1995 PNLA conference will be held in Whistler, British Columbia - a resort area just outside Vancouver, BC. Conference dates are August 9-12. The keynote speaker is Canadian humorist and former librarian Bill Richardson, who is described as charming, riotous, and sometimes outrageous. The preconference will be an all day session in evaluating library services presented by Doug Zweizig from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Other programs include media literary, storytelling, picture books for older readers, re-engineering reference, the Internet and libraries, collection management, electronic library networks, Canadian children's books, and more. Featured authors include Sarah Ellis (children's author and librarian) as well as the two winners of the 1995 Young Reader's Choice Award, Peg Kehret and Lois Duncan. See you in Whistler!
Bette Ammon
PNLA Representative

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News from the MPLA Region

In the library profession there has been increasing concern for personal safety and dealing with angry patrons. The Arizona Library Association Regional Forum on March 9, which was held in Sierra Vista, dealt with those topics. The day-long workshop on nonviolent crisis intervention in the workplace focused upon dealing with a crisis before it can escalate into a violent confrontation. Tom Hendrix of the Arizona Counties Insurance pool was the presenter. Participants learned to recognize signs of agitation in patrons and had hands-on experience thwarting violent physical behaviors.

The Arizona Library Association Planning Forum is scheduled for May 18. It will be followed by an executive board meeting the next day. The association will be looking at new revenue streams and considering alternate sites for the annual conference. Regional forums are replacing mid-year conferences. These are hosted by the county libraries and offer opportunities for the library community to become familiar with resources and personnel throughout the state. They also give regional librarians who may find it difficult to get away for travel an opportunity to interact with ALA Executive Board.

At its April meeting, the Colorado Library Association Board was briefed on Draft #1 - Strategies 2001: Strategic Plan for Library Services in Colorado. For the past year, 22 people, representing a broad spectrum of the library community, have been developing a strategic long range plan for Colorado libraries. Their assignment has been to articulate what the 21st century holds for libraries and library service in Colorado and to make suggestions as to how the library community can arrange its service priorities and delivery methods to meet those conditions.

The Colorado Library Association Board also heard from Nancy Allen, Dean of Libraries at the University of Denver on DU's new Master's Degree of Library & Information Services program. The program will begin in the Fall of 1995. In putting together this program under its University College, the committee that worked on the curricula looked at a variety of universities to ensure that it was designed to integrate the many changes that have occurred in the library field over the last 5 years.

The Kansas Library Association has declared October as Kansas Library Month. The Governor signed a formal proclamation April 6 designating the month. Activities in libraries, a promotional document, and graphics featuring noted Kansans speaking to the importance of libraries will be used as the focus for the month.

The Kansas Library Advisory Commission established a Telecommunication Futures Committee. This planning group will explore the needs and aspirations of libraries of all types and geographic locations in the state to see how electronic access can be most effectively delivered to libraries. This comes at a time when private providers of Internet and other data services, telephone companies, cable companies, wireless providers and many other types of information seekers are exploring options. The Kansas Library Network Board prepared a document released at Triconference and updated through the KanLibL listserve to alert libraries to as many possible providers as possible.

The 1995 North Dakota legislative session drew to a close on Friday, April 7. Library funding was cut in every area but multitype library authorities, which were funded at $100,000. A concurrent resolution directed the Legislative Council to study the library system in North Dakota, including the role and mission of the State Library, cooperative library ventures, and research and information systems to determine if the citizens of this state have access to essential library services that are delivered efficiently.

Librarians in Wyoming initiated a new DRA circulation system after months of intensive preparation. Staff in public and community colleges had actively been involved in the last 20 months' discussing needs, bidding, purchasing, re-wiring, fund-raising, and finally training (intensive). Principle decisions were jointly made by the Wyoming State Library and the WYLD User's Council with special problems worked out in additional committees. The extensive planning has paid off as conversion from the outmoded GEAC systems went quite smoothly.

The Wyoming State Library has developed a new publication which will highlight continuing education opportunities in the form of courses from regional universities or area seminars and workshops. Corky Walters would welcome receiving information from you to place in that bi-monthly, Coming Attractions.
Darlene Staffeldt
MPLA Representative

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Membership & Library News

Gail Wilkerson Awarded Cates Scholarship

Gail Shaw Wilkerson is the recipient of the 1995 Sheila Cates Scholarship. The $500 scholarship will enable Ms. Wilkerson to complete a Master's Degree in Library Science through the extended campus program offered by the University of Arizona in Montana.

The Montana Library Association has established this scholarship fund to honor the memory of Sheila Cates, a Montana librarian who gave outstanding leadership to Montana libraries through her career both in the Office of Public Instruction and through the Montana State Library. It is the board's intention that the person selected to receive an award from this fund should show potential for emulating Sheila's contribution to Montana libraries.

Gail is the librarian at the Veteran's Administration Center in Miles City and is currently chairperson of the Montana Library Association's Health Science Libraries Interest Group and is a member of the Montana Library Futures Task Force.

She began working on her Master's Degree in the fall of 1992 and commuted weekly to the MSU-Billings campus to attend classes. She gives credit to Montana librarians, especially those in Billings, for making it possible for her to obtain her degree. She especially enjoyed meeting weekly with her classmates, who greatly enriched her learning by sharing their experiences gained in special, school, academic, and public libraries.

During her employment at the VA Medical Center, Gail received a Grateful Med Outreach grant from the National Library of Medicine, which provided much needed access to medical literature for health professionals in Sidney, Miles City, Scobey, and Glasgow. She is presently working with the Pacific Northwest Region of the National Network of Medical Libraries to get SLIP/PPP access to the Internet.

Gail lives in Miles City with her husband Larry, an elementary school teacher, and her two girls Lindsey and Haley. She is a Sunday School teacher, a volunteer youth soccer coach, and a neighborhood worker for the Montana Lung Association and the American Cancer Society.
Peggy Kimmet

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Snowbird Leadership Nominee

Vicki Terbovich has been selected to be a participant in the 1995 Snowbird Leadership Institute, a highly regarded library leadership program. Vicki was nominated by the Montana Library Association, the Montana State Librarian, and the Dean of the University of Arizona School of Library Science. CONGRATULATIONS, VICKI! We are proud of you.
Susan Nissen

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Membership Notes

Those individuals joining MLA for the first time include: James R. Adams, Lewistown; Al Anderson, Whitehall & Three Forks; Kathie A. Bailey, Lewistown; Jenny L. Bivens, Belgrade; Sidney Burgess, Helena; Ruth Chandler, Billings; Richard Clower, Red Lodge; Sharon DeWit, Opheim; Vickie L. Dubbs, Lewistown; Heidi O. Duncan, Whitefish; Debra Erickson, Libby; Blanche F. Ginther, Fairfield; Maureen Hammer, Sidney; Eleanor Helmer, Lewistown; Peggy P. Herzog; Rapelje; Kathy Jaynes, Lewistown; Luella Kinzler, Fairview; David Lepse, Butte; Susan E. Lindahl, Belgrade; Agnes Meyer, Harlowton; Alice O'Reilly, Billings; Earlene F. Ostberg, Power; H. Colet Piquette, Manhattan; Lynn Presley, Tuscaloosa, Alabama; June M. Ray, Broadus; Jenny Reinhardt, Glasgow; Dustin Rolfness, Billings; Nancy J. Sackett, Lewistown; Don Schiltz, Bigfork; Cindy Shaw, Lewistown; Shirley Smith, Poplar; Pamela K. Strait, Billings; Larry J. Swain, Billings; Christine Vance, Missoula; Janet Varland, Augusta; Nancy Watts, Lewistown; Sherri Wood, Lincoln. Welcome!

Membership renewals are due July 1. Renewal forms were printed in the September Montana Library Focus and the conference pre-registration packet. Renewal notices will be mailed shortly after July 1.
John Thomas

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In Memoriam

Word has been received of the passing of two MLA Life Members, Muriel Cooksey of Miles City and Alice Ternstorm of Kalispell.
John Thomas

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Parmly Billings Hosts Anne Frank Exhibit

For five weeks during March and April, Parmly Billings Library was privileged to play host to the major international exhibit "Anne Frank in the World: 1929-1945" developed by the Anne Frank Center in Amsterdam. Over 20,000 people attended the exhibit on the library's third floor and had an experience they will not soon forget.

Bringing the exhibit to Billings was the brainchild of the Yellowstone Project to Promote Tolerance, a group that included clergy, business people and educators who felt impelled to take a stance against discrimination after a number of well--publicized acts of vandalism against minorities in the Billings area. This group, aided by the sponsorship of the Billings Gazette, Coca Cola Bottling Co. West, Rocky Mountain College, the United Church of Christ, and Parmly Billings Library, worked for approximately one and a half years to bring the exhibit to Billings.

The arrival of the Anne Frank exhibit coincided with the 50th anniversary of the death of Anne Frank in March of 1945, something that added a great sense of poignancy to an experience that had a profound effect on those who attended.

The exhibit consisted of some 700 images from photographs that were reflected on dozens of large panels. The exhibit itself took up most of the library's third floor. The photographs traced the development of Nazism and its persecution of minorities from the early 1920's until the end of World War II, with special emphasis given to the treatment of the Jewish population. Within this background, one could follow the life of Anne Frank and her family and watch her growth from her childhood in Frankfurt until her capture and confinement in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

The exhibit proved especially attractive to students. Not only did virtually all of the schools in Billings book tours to the exhibit, but students from Bozeman, Livingston, Great Falls, and northern Wyoming also attended.

When it was over, the staff at the library felt proud to be a part of one of the most important exhibits ever to come to Billings.
Jim Peters
Parmly-Billings Library

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Parmly Billings Takes to the Airwaves

Each week staff members at Parmly Billings Library get an opportunity to have their fifteen minutes of fame by participating in "The Library Show", a weekly half hour television show produced at the library by Community Seven, the local access cable channel in Billings, shown every Monday evening at 5:30.

"The Library Show", which began production last September, gives library staff members an opportunity to talk about ongoing children's and adult programs at the library, discuss new books or audio visual materials, and interview local guests who will give programs at the library.

Last summer, library staff began to examine additional ways to advertise the services and programs at the library. During the recent successful campaign that the library waged to increase its mill levy, KSVI-TV 6 produced two 30-second commercials for television and the library worked with Community Seven to produce a 40 minute tour of the library. The success of these efforts prompted the library to look seriously at a weekly television show.

Twice a month two shows are taped that will be shown over four Monday evenings. Since the library building is wired for cable, and the television studio is across the street, the program is filmed and produced on the library premises at one taping. Three library staff members share the honors of being the host for the show. Others on the staff take turns discussing new books or audio visual materials.

Each program is divided into three parts. The first part consists of the host talking with a staff member about upcoming children's and adult programs. The second part consists of reviews of new library materials. In the third part, the host will conduct an interview with a local author or someone who will be presenting a program at the library. Guests who have been interviewed on past shows include authors Gary Svee, Earl Murray, Sandra West Prowell, and program presenters have included John Colburn of the Magic City Fly Fishers, Susan Kennedy of Kennedy's Stained Glass, and Paul Zalis of the Big Sky Radio Show.

Since beginning production of "The Library Show", over 20 programs have appeared on channel 7, and we have found that this has been another successful means of advertising our services. For more information, call Jim Peters at Parmly at 657-8251.

Jim Peters
Parmly-Billings Library

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Other News

New Technology Committee in Sagebrush

Libraries in the Sagebrush Federation have met twice recently to do strategic planning for technology for all types of libraries in the eastern Montana federation.

On March 15, Vicki Terbovich, Technology Consultant with the Montana State Library, met with the group at the Miles City Public Library to develop a mission statement and begin the process of looking at where we are and where we want to go with technology.

Members of SLATE (Sagebrush Libraries for the Advancement of Technology for Everyone) met again on April 21 at the Glendive Public Library. Andrine Haas, Library Director at Dawson Community College, led the group through short and long range goal setting. Renee Goss of the Sidney Public Library was selected as chair and Karyn Brown of the Fallon County Library as secretary. Several work groups were identified.

The group recognized the need to do an assessment of current uses of technology in the federation area as a starting point for future work. Means of performing such an assessment are in the planning stages.

Watch for further news of SLATE in the future!
Andrine Haas
Dawson Community College

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Tribal College Institute

The 1995 Tribal College Librarians Professional Development Institute will be held July 10-14 at MSU-Bozeman. One focus of the program is to expand on the competencies with electronic resources developed at last year's institute and to include the World Wide Web. The other focus is to explore the controversial topic of cultural appropriation vs. freedom access.

Last year's institute was held July 11-15, 1994 at Montana State University-Bozeman. It was organized, coordinated, and facilitated by Kathy Kaya and Kay Carey, reference librarians at MSU-Bozeman. The institute addressed the unique needs of tribal college libraries and librarians in meeting the information requirements of their diverse user groups. The librarians provide the only library service to a patron population that includes tribal officials, health care providers, educators, the elderly, children, the disadvantaged, as well as students and faculty.

Their collections and services may support literacy programs, economic development and programs for the preservation of culture, language, artifacts, or records.

Last year, funding from a U.S. Department of Education grant made it possible to invite participants from all members and affiliates of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC). Attending were 26 librarians, including six from Montana, from 21 AIHEC institutions across the country and Canada.

Last year's institute concentrated on electronic communication with an emphasis on Internet access and training. A special electronic conference was created for tribal college librarians on MSU's Outreach Network in order to encourage continuation of the dialog begun in person in Bozeman. A major component of the grant was funding to provide a toll-free number for the librarians to dial in to the Outreach Network. In addition to the intense electronic training, outstanding speakers gave presentations on relevant and timely topics and stimulated lively discussions. The keynote speaker was Dr. Cheryl Metoyer-Duran, nationally-known librarian/educator from the University of California-Riverside, who discussed her research on tribal college libraries and provided a role model as a Native American scholar, teacher, and librarian. Dr. Henrietta Mann and Dr. Frank Rowland made complementary presentations explaining and advocating understanding and sensitivity to the cultural context in which the educational process operates and to which it belongs.
Kathy Kaya
Kay Carey
MSU-Bozeman Libraries

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1996 AECT National Convention

Mark your calendars now for the AECT National Convention, February 14-16, 1996 at the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. The convention offers more than 300 sessions and workshops by top speakers in the field of educational technology, plus special training tracks focusing on a variety of interest areas. Sessions examine such topics as hypermedia, school reform, and advanced telecommunications. Plus, half-day workshops offer in-depth training on the latest technology applications for education. The InCITE Exposition will be bigger and better than ever with the latest products and breakthroughs in computers, software, learning systems, interactive multimedia, media retrieval systems, audiovisual products, equipment, and more.
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MLA News

Candidates for Office

The Nominating Committee, chaired by Jane Howell, presents the following candidates for office for 1995-1996. The election will be held by a mail ballot in May.

Vice-President/President-Elect (three-year term)
Jim Heckel, Great Falls Public Library
Polly Taggart, Shepherd High School Library
Director at Large/East (two-year term)
Delores Drennan, Miles City Public Library
Peggy Kimmet, Hardin Primary School Library
Director at Large/West (one-year term)
Bruce Newell, Lewis & Clark Public Library
Don Petersen, Flathead County Library Trustee

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Future Conference Dates

The following dates and sites have been set for future conferences:

   1996   Helena         April 24-27
1997 Great Falls April 23-26
1998 Missoula April 22-25

The 1999 annual conference is planned as a joint conference with the Mountain Plains Library Association. The MLA Board of Directors has selected Big Sky as the site for this conference. MLA and MPLA will negotiate a mutually satisfactory date for the 1999 conference.

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Claims Procedures

The Budget Committee believes that the following changes are necessary in order for the Association's financial business to run smoothly and, in the event of a future audit, to be in compliance with accepted accounting procedures.

1. Claims for Reimbursement

Claims should be submitted within four months of the date the expenditure was made or before the end of the fiscal year in June, whichever comes first. The Budget Committee must be notified of any exceptions to the above prior to the end of the fiscal year in question. All claims must have receipts attached.

2. MLA-Issued Checks

All checks issued by the Association should be cashed by the recipient within four months of issue. Outdated checks no longer honored by the bank will not be reissued by the Association.

3. President's Claims for Reimbursement

Claims submitted by the Association president must be approved by the secretary/treasurer for payment.

4. President's Discretionary Fund

Expenditures of more than $300 from this fund need to pre-approved by the Executive Committee.
Terri Dood
MLA Secretary/Treasurer

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Board Meeting Highlights

The MLA Board of Directors met twice during the annual conference in Billings. At these meetings the Board:
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Board Adopts Policy on Access to Information

On April 25, 1995, the Board of Directors of the Montana Library Association adopted the following policy statement proposed by the Intellectual Freedom Committee.

An Affirmation of the Right to Information

We affirm the right of every Montanan to freely and confidentially access information and ideas, and to be afforded the opportunity to select from a variety of materials relating to the widest possible spectrum of issues and points of view.

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Montana Statewide Technology Committee

The Montana Statewide Technology Committee was organized in February of 1995. The committee, dedicated to the concept of universal access to information resources for all Montanans, has as its mission the development of guidelines, strategies, and recommendations for Montana libraries, regardless of size, type, or location.

Committee members have agreed to create a number of working groups to address various aspects of statewide library technology. These groups, with the mission statement as a guide, will provide specific guidelines, recommendations and strategies, consistent with their charges from the committee.

Committee members are: Vicky Terbovich, State Technology Consultant; Nancy Szofran, MSU-Billings Library; Debbie Schlesinger, Lewis & Clark Library, Helena; John Meckler, Plains School Library, Plains; Barbara Crain, McLaughlin Research Institute, Great Falls; Peggy Smith, Skyview High School Library, Billings.

The 18 working groups will be chaired by a committee member and composed of people from across the state. The issues they will deal with are:

  1. Licensing of Electronic Resources
  2. Intellectual Freedom and electronic access
  3. Telecommunications and infrastructure development
  4. Collaborative efforts
  5. Grant writing
  6. Electronic cooperative collection group
  7. Internet toolbox working group
  8. Applications support and interconnectivity
  9. Multiformat working group
  10. Document delivery full text access
  11. Communications and public relations
  12. Training and continuing education
  13. Futures task force
  14. MARC migration
  15. Hardware/software evaluation
  16. Planning for automation
  17. Evaluation
  18. Integration working group

The Proposed time line for completion of the committee's charge is:

The committee will compile the Statewide Library Technology Strategic Plan and create a draft copy. Public meetings will be held to get input on the draft plan, and a final report will be issued by January of 1996.
Peggy Smith

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