Notice of Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws

(May 1995 Proposed Amendments)


(as approved April 28, 1995)

One of the Long Range Planning Task Force recommendations adopted by the Board of Directors and approved by the membership in 1994 was that the positions of ALA Chapter Councilor, Mountain Plains Library Association Representative, and Pacific Northwest Library Association Representative would no longer be members of the Board of Directors. At its meetings held during the annual conference in Billings, the Board of Directors received and discussed a request from the three persons currently holding these positions. After a year of operating under this scenario, the incumbents in these positions assert, and the Board of Directors agrees, that these liaisons to other associations can do a more effective job if they are members of the Board of Directors. Therefore, the Board has directed the Bylaws Committee to propose the following amendments to the bylaws to accomplish this change. A vote on the proposed amendments will be conducted by mail this summer. Members who have questions should contact Bylaw Committee Chair Margaret Webster or President Sue Nissen.

The complete text of the amended sections is included below:
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Section 1. Number. The affairs of the Association shall be governed by a Board of Directors. All Directors shall be members of the Association. Five Eight Directors shall be nominated and elected as provided in the Bylaws. These members shall be the President, the Vice President-President Elect, the Secretary-Treasurer, the Pacific Northwest Library Association (PNLA) Representative, the Mountain Plains Library Association (MPLA) Representative, the American Library Association Chapter Councilor, and twoDirectors At Large. Ex-officio voting members shall be the immediate Past President, and the chairperson of each Division. The Montana State Librarian or her/his representative shall be an ex-officio non-voting member.


Section 5. Removal and Replacement of Representatives. Any Representative who has been elected by the Association may be removed from the office with or without cause, by a majority vote of the Association. In the event of death, resignation, or removal of a Representative, a successor shall be appointed by the President and shall serve for the unexpired term of her/his predecessor.


Section 2. Members. The Council shall consist of the Board of Directors, elected ALA, MPLA, and PNLA representatives, an ex-officio OPI representative and the chairs of all committees and interest groups. Other members may be appointed to the Counc il at the discretion of the President.

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