Annual Reports for MLA Divisions, Committees, and Representatives

School Library Media Division

Program Activities:

Educator's Conference

Action: Librarians presented 13 programs with Michael Eisenberg doing three workshops. News updates and idea sharing took place during lunch.

Recommendations: Establish file on conference activities and procedure steps for Vice-Chairperson. Assist in the development of guidelines and procedures in contracting speakers for conferences.

Mentoring program

Action: Dan Kohnstamm worked with three librarians who acted as mentors. Jan Anderson from Roosevelt School in Missoula worked with Kathy Huddleston from Butte Central. Kathy Branaugh at Gardner mentored Virginia Stann in West Yellowstone. Maryjane Johnson at Hayes/Lodge Grass got help from Lynn Donvan from Sidney High School. All three teams would like to continue next year.

Recommendation: The program should be continued coordinating the Board's program of mentoring. Dan's goal is to match at least three more librarians.

Outreach program

Action: Diana Boom visited Jan Anderson in Missoula for a delightful time. Dan Kohnstamm (Whitefish) went to Ronan to work with Louise Schlegel and will see Terry Divoky of Columbia Falls in May. Polly Taggart was won in the lottery by Melanie Rapp in Lewistown. (I got to stop in on Harry Fradley and Lynne Wise.) We all had rewarding experiences in the outreach program. The concerns of these practicing librarians were heard at the focus team meeting in Helena.

Recommendation: Continue program with the change in selecting two librarians from the West and two from the East for the outreach visit.

Ad Hoc committees (All reports presented at business meeting)

Long term planning
Administrative projects

By-Laws for SLMD

Action: Dan Kohnstamm, John Mechler, and Polly Taggart reviewed and presented proposed bylaw changes. These changes were reviewed by Sue Nissen, Dale Alger, and Vicki Gale and further changes were made. The proposed bylaws were mailed to the membership in April and will be brought to vote at the annual meeting.

Procedure manual section for SLMD

Action: The chairperson has reviewed the present procedures in the board's Procedure Manual. Because of the many changes that may occur should the bylaws be approved, final recommendations will be delayed until after the vote. AASL affiliation

Action: Chairperson has been in contact with regional director. She would like an invitation to 1996 MLA conference. While the MetNet 800 number was operational, some news releases were posted.

Chairperson's Activities

School to Work

Action: Chair was appointed by the State Librarian to sit on the School-to-Work Advisory Council. The council decided to form an advisory board to continue the work. At the June meeting they will decide if the state will apply for another development grant or go for an implementation grant. There is a Systems Development Team who provides technical assistance and promotional activities for STW.

Office of Public Instruction's Focus Group

Action: This was the second year this group met. We reviewed and updated progress on the resolutions drafted last year. Diana Boom will present them to Nancy Keenan and SLMD. Three SLMD committees were appointed to address these resolutions. (See their reports)

1995 Rocky Mountain Regional Conference

Action: School librarians attend this conference instead of Educator's Conference. We have submitted a proposal to host a gathering of school librarians at the fall conference. It is a regional meeting thus providing an opportunity to meet media specialists other states. Janet Nickoloff is also presenting and there may be others. Promotion of School Library Media Specialists roles

Action: Presented with Diana Boom at the Leadership Conference for administrators, board members, and clerks in November. Janus Broiled and I did a workshop on self perception and your job at the Educator's Conference. Legislation

Action: Monitored legislation that dealt with school librarians. Contacted Government Affairs Committee about concerns. Reminded others to observe developments.

Polly Taggert

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Academic & Special Libraries Division

The Academic & Special Libraries Division had a productive and successful year. Committees were organized, appointed, and given charges. The Call for Papers Committee (chaired by Kay Carlson) produced a very diverse and well attended program of short talks at the annual conference. This session was given a new title "Significant Tidings" and abstracts of all the talks were printed in the conference program. The Directory Committee (chaired by Coby Johnson) explored new possibilities for compiling and distributing the division directory. The Retreat Committee (chaired by Sandra Jarvie) organized and planned a successful fall retreat at the Gallatin Gateway Inn. The chair organized the program which focused on Montana networks and the care and feeding of gopher and web servers. Next year's retreat committee is already in place and plans are for a November retreat at Chico Hot Springs. Bonnie Schuster served a year of her two year appointment as ACRL representative. The Publicity Committee (chaired by Beth Furbush) kept everyone informed of division activities through items in Focus. The Nominating Committee (chaired by Susan Long) produced a slate of candidates and held elections. Stacey Gordon was voted chair elect for next year. And Janice Bacino was elected secretary for next year.

Board meetings were attended. The legislative session made things interesting! Academic & Special Libraries Division business meetings were held at the fall retreat and at the annual conference. Erling Oelz gave a special presentation on Belize libraries during the conference business meeting. Program ideas were submitted for the annual conference. There was a social event held at Walker's Grill during the annual conference. The requested budget for the year was very much underspent. A notebook for the incoming chair (Beth Furbush) - outlining division chair duties, tasks and time lines was prepared.

Barry Brown, Chair

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Cates Scholarship Committee Report

The first Sheila Cates $500 Scholarship was awarded to Gail Wilkerson, director of the Veteran's Administration Medical Center Library in Miles City. The scholarship was presented to Gail at the Awards Luncheon at the 1995 annual conference. The Bingo Bonanza fund raiser held at the Billings conference raised a total of $1,400.

In addition, this committee has accomplished the following this year:
Planning session held in August.
Drafting a selection procedure for the scholarship; this includes the application form, the time lines, the criteria, and an evaluation scheme for selecting the recipient(s) of the scholarship.
Articles in the Montana Library Focus; ads in the conference packet.
Planning the fund raiser (including meeting the requirements of the Department of Justice Gambling Division).
Charges that remain to be met include:
Long-term investment of the funds.
Seeking donations from charitable organizations.
Developing an on-going type of fund raiser.
The committee also would like to develop an informational brochure which outlines Sheila's contributions to the libraries and librarians of Montana and explains the scholarship. Other suggestions include some sort of a poster/logo contest to be used as a poster, for postcards, note cards, etc. This could be both a fund raiser and an opportunity to advertise the scholarship.

Peggy Kimmet, Chair

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MPLA Representative

Traveled to Denver, April 21-23, 1995 for a long work session board meeting on April 22, 1995. Major work was done on the MPLA Bylaws and Manual of Procedures. Final drafts will be presented to the MPLA Board at the October 4th meeting in Sioux Falls. An ad hoc committee was established to look at MPLA sections and interest groups. A total review of roles, budgets, structures, etc. will be conducted. The Executive Committee will be looking at the following three "high" budget items for MPLA:

MPLA conference earnings from the MLA/MPLA Joint Conference totaled $6,762.06. I was elected to the State Representative's position on the MPLA Finance Committee.

I urge all Montana librarians to plan now to attend the NDLA, SDLA, MPLA tri- conference on October 4-8, 1995 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Some of the session that really sound good to me are: Money, it's were you find it; Are public libraries the slide rules of tomorrow? People, people everywhere: if I only could guess what they are thinking (about surveying library users and nonusers); How to improve your workplace when you are not the boss; Providing information services on the World Wide Web; Electronic serials: methods for managing and maintaining; Shedding the stereotypes -- making science come alive for young people.

Darlene Staffeldt

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PNLA Representative

The 1995 meeting for the PNLA Board was held again at the City of Federal Way Conference Center near the SEATAC airport. The former monastery lends quietude to deliberations and decision making, and much of both went on as the Board discussed a variety of concerns.

Budget. While concerned that the next conference will not garner as many attenders because it is in a resort and off-the-beaten-track location, members were pleased to learn that the Eugene conference was a financial success. Like many similar organizations, PNLA cannot relax its efforts to attract new members and encourage conference attendance. sites were discussed for future annual meeting.

The PNLA Quarterly. The costs of publishing this award winning journal were discussed. Along with thanks to Kappy Eaton, dedicated editor, the Board asked Eaton to investigate cost cutting measures such as desktop publishing.

PNLA Logo. The Board agreed to consider a new logo for the library association. Brainstorming resulted in numerous suggestions concerning what the various Board members felt the logo should portray. president Anne Haley will contact an appropriate firm to begin this process.

State and Provincial Issues. Each representative reported on legislative issues in their states and provinces. Intellectual freedom issues and funding initiatives, as well as other concerns, continue to cross boundaries.

Annual Conference. The 1995 conference will be held in Whistler, a resort area just outside of Vancouver, BC. Conference dates are August 9-12. The keynote speaker is Canadian humorist and former librarian Bill Richardson. The preconference will be an all day session on evaluating library services presented by Doug Zweizig from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Other programs include media literacy ("Read Any Good Television Lately?"), storytelling, picture books for older readers, reengineering reference, the Internet and libraries, collection management, electronic library networks, Canadian children's books, and more.

Someone at the board meeting said that she thinks of the three bears when she thinks of PNLA conferences. Sometimes state conferences are "too small" and a national ALA meeting may be "too big" but PNLA annual conferences are "just right." See you in Whistler.

Bette Ammon

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President's Task Force on Public Relations and Marketing

The President's Task Force on Public Relations and Marketing sent mailings, conducted a survey of task force members, and held a conference call to gather information and discuss ideas for PR and marketing for the Montana Library Association. Based on these discussions, the task force makes the following recommendation:

The President's Task Force on Public Relations and Marketing recommends that the Montana Library Association establish a permanent committee on PR and marketing. It is suggested that the committee be composed of the following:

Charge to the Committee:

The MLA Public Relations/Marketing Committee will:

Andrine Haas and Dave Pauli, Co-Chairs

Report of the Membership/Publicity Committee

The membership committee concurs that publicity needs to have a separate committee. Specific duties which could be the responsibility of the membership committee are as follows:

There seems to be some concern regarding interest groups. It is our opinion that a policy and/or procedure statement should be developed to address the problems interest group chairs face. There is concern that interest groups are not meeting the needs of members (i.e. continuing education), that the MLA board is not responsive to the interest groups, and an overall concern regarding a lack of continuity for interest groups.

It is hoped that the development of specific guidelines which could be passed to successive interest group chairs would address some of these needs. The policy would outline the responsibilities of the interest group and give them direction and procedures to follow with a time line.

It is also the view of the current Directors at Large that the interest groups should be responsible for the requirements of forms and following guidelines set forth in Section 7--701-703 or they could face dissolution or loss of funding. The Directors at Large will support the interest group in any way they can including making directories, promoting membership, calling upon members to act as mentors, etc.

Lynn Donvan and Mike Schulz, Co-Chairs

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ALA Chapter Councilor

My first, and so far only, official duty was to represented MLA at the ALA Midwinter Conference. I have submitted a full report on this conference and the major decision made by the ALA Council. This report was published in the March 1995 issue of the Focus.

As your representative, I voted in favor of term limits for councilors and also cast a vote in support of "Goals 2000," which is an initiative put forward by ALA Executive Director Elizabeth Martinez. "Goals 2000" includes the following components:

  1. Expand the role of the ALA Washington Office so that ALA can have a bigger voice in decision making at the federal level;
  2. Create a new "Office of Information Technology Policy" in order to place ALA squarely in the middle of any discussion and decision making about information technology;
  3. Form a national library foundation, enabling ALA to seek private grants.
This is proposed to be supported by a dues increase, our first in six years. I voted in favor of bringing this to a vote of the membership, and I personally favor this increase.

ALA is also dealing with the results of the self study, which has been presented to the Council. One of the major components of the self study is the proposal to restructure the Council so it is more representative of ALA divisions and also geographically. The Council did not vote on this at Midwinter, but will take it up this summer. I plan to vote in favor.

I am very strongly in favor of adopting a graduated dues schedule for ALA, similar to that of many state associations, including our own, and I will work for this during the balance of my term. I believe that we have the potential to attract many new members if we an restructure the dues schedule to account for the many librarians who work for very low salaries. Dr. Michael Gorman, one of the candidates for president of ALA, is in agreement with this and has pledged to work for it if elected.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you want to share concerns and thoughts about the American Library Association and our relationship to it.

Dave Pauli

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Intellectual Freedom Committee

The MLA Intellectual Freedom Committee set seven goals for 1994-95-95. We either met or made substantial progress towards all these goals. We will meet at MLA as a committee to discuss goals for 1995-96 and to develop an MLA budget request.

  1. Provide MLA Conference Workshops. We developed two presentations for MLA:
    1. i. Obscenity in the Library: How Safe Are You, a moderated debate, and
    2. ii. ALT DOT SEX: Intellectual Freedom and the Internet, a panel discussion.
  2. Publish The Montana Newsletter for Intellectual Freedom. One issue was published and distributed to MLA members. A second issue is planned for early fall.
  3. Develop a state Intellectual Freedom Handbook. A prototype was compiled and used as the basis for a series of workshops presented by Jim Heckel. After feedback on the content, a handbook will be produced in early fall 1995.
  4. Develop a traveling exhibit for Banned Books Week. A prototype exhibit was obtained from the Long Island Coalition Against Censorship and will form the basis of a Montana exhibit. This is scheduled to be available prior to Banned Books Week 1996.
  5. Nominate recipients for the MLA Intellectual Freedom Award. Representatives John Bohlinger and Deb Kottel and Senator Mike Halligan were co-recipients of the 1995 MLA Intellectual Freedom Award.
  6. Draft a statement on intellectual freedom and submit it to the MLA Board for ratification. The statement was presented to the MLA Board of Directors for ratification and was adopted by the board on April 25, 1995.
  7. Develop Focus articles. Articles were submitted for the fall 1994 and spring 1995 Montana Library Focus.
In addition, the IFC conducted workshops for OPI and Broad Valleys Federation. Members testified against HB 83 and a draft statement on intellectual freedom and the Internet was developed. Extensive contacts were maintained with the ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom.

Jim Heckel, Chair

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Government Affairs Committee

These are the bills tracked by the MLA Lobbyist during the 1995 session.

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