Jason A. Clark

What is a Sandbox?

I envisioned a place where I could "play in the sand" and test out some ideas. This is that place. Some of the trials here will work while others may be limited to certain browsers and technologies. I'll let you know in the annotations below the headings. So, enjoy the ride and feel free to use an idea if you think it's a good one.

Ajax Worldcat Form

A proof of concept Ajax Worldcat Form. This example uses the XMLHttpRequest object to make a micro-HTTP request behind the scenes creating a seamless date update without a full page reload. Use modern browsers - Mozilla, Firefox, IE 6 and up. Download available as a zip file

An XML Reading List

A current reading list captured in XML and transformed with XSLT. It relies on client-side XSLT support and is best viewed in Mozilla and Firefox, stylesheet is a little quirky in IE 5 and up.

Efacsimile Journal Collection

A beginning draft of an ejournal collection. I'm using Flash as a presentation layer to give the illusion of a physical page. The data layer is strictly XML parsed with php. The separation of presentation and data would allow monthly content uploads while maintaining a composite template for current and archived issues. No browser restrictions (although it works best in IE 5.5 and up).