Jason A. Clark

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I'm interested in creating attractive and functional digital library applications that adhere to web standards. Here's a selection of some recent work.

MSU Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD)

MSU electronic theses and dissertations (ETD)As sole web developer and project lead, designed search and retrieval interface along with metadata markup to enable harvesting of data by other institutions; created an administrative module for data entry; built tagging widget and search term recorder widget for additional access points into collection.

TERRA: The Nature of Our World

TERRA: The Nature of Our WorldAs the primary web developer in 3 person team, programmed the backend of the site, set up a relational database structure for TERRA data, created a content management architecture for metadata, consulted about the data preservation architecture, and helped with the design of the public and administrative interfaces.

James Willard Schultz Collection

James Willard Schultz CollectionAs project lead, worked with Kim Scott, head of MSU Library Special Collections, to scan pictures into a digital format; created a relational database and assigned a metadata scheme to record information about the digital pictures; built search and retrieval interface.

Williams College Memory Project

screenshot of williams college memory projectAs leader of 3 person digital library team, worked on converting data from analog to digital form; created metadata for individual items (images, text, sound files, and realia) using modified DublinCore; worked on designing templates and CSS styles.

Belgian American Research Collection

screenshot of belgian american research collection web siteAs a member of 8 person digital library team, worked on crosswalking data from older databases (ProCite) to single database (MS Access); created metadata for individual items (images, monographs, sound files) using modified DublinCore; conducted usability testing; worked on designing templates and CSS styles.

Finding Articles @ Williams College Libraries

screenshot of williams college libraries finding articles web siteAs leader of a 5 person web team, drafted project plan and facilitated discussion about design options; built relational database infrastructure using MySQL and PHP; created administration module enabling simple updates for all library staff members.

Computing at UW Madison

screenshot of uw doit public web siteAs part of a 4 person web team, worked on information architecture and usability of site; designed templates and server-side includes; maintained open communications between DoIT and UW campus sites; tested new applications (e.g., News and Events Manager) for site; responsible for programming and markup.

DoIT Intranet (*behind firewall)

screenshot of uw doit intranet web siteAs site administrator, built and implemented applications to improve organizational processes; created business services by building sub sites; completed a redesign of the site, set site content management strategies and style guides; responsible for programming and markup.

*Items behind firewall can be archived to a cd and made available upon request.