Basic Vimeo API mashup: MSU Libraries(working code and proof of concepts)

Video List - Vimeo API (version 2)

API request:
TERRA 1110: Cold Feet
TERRA 1109: The Drills of Afi Mountain
TERRA 1108: "Acid in the Gulf of Maine", "The Lobster Pot Heats Up", and "Attack of the Green Crab"
TERRA 1107: The Rainmakers of Nganyi
TERRA 1106: Stewardship with Vision - EP03 Betty Shahan
TERRA 1105: In Pursuit of Plastics
TERRA 1104: Testimony: Remembering Glen Canyon
TERRA 1103: Transistors: Teeny Tech that Changed the World
TERRA1102_The Marvelous Musical Report of the Marine National Monuments
TERRA1101_Owls of Montana Ep 2
TERRA 1035_Sleds of Yellowstone
TERRA 1034_Hunting the Horned Horse
InSex Episode 1: Luminescent Lovers
TERRA1032: Bridger Mule Deer
TERRA 1031: Liminal
TERRA 1030: Extreme Oasis
TERRA 1029: Forest in Flux
TERRA 1028: Hannibal
TERRA 1027: The Story of P
TERRA 1026: Weapons of Choice