Biochemistry 442 Library Instruction

Selected Internet Resources

While the Internet contains a great deal of unique and interesting resources, copyrighted research journal articles and books are rarely freely available on the Net. Commercial indexes and abstracts are also not typically freely available online. However, there still could be some useful material. Try any of the following for starting points.

The quality and depth of Internet resources is a mixed bag. You may come across sites with detailed research databases, such as EcoCyc: Encyclopedia of E. coli Genes and Metabolism. On the other hand, searches may turn up something more like the Internet Fat Burning Diet.

Here are some other chemistry and biochemistry resources:

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Selected Indexes & Abstracts
for Finding Research Articles

For finding research materials, the following indexes discussed during the library instruction session will be more helpful than most Internet resources.

Index Dates Content Abstracts
Biological & Agricultural Index 1983 -present Popular and professional biological & agricultural journals; English-language; US and elsewhere No
Location OVID icon on Reference LAN Computers
General Science Abstracts 1984 -present Index to popular and professional science journals; English-language; US and Great Britain Yes
Location OVID icon on Reference LAN Computers
Medline 1966 -present Professional health science and veterinary journals; international Yes
Location Medline icon on Reference LAN Computers
Agricola 1970 -present National Agricultural Library holdings, including journals, chapters, books; international Yes
Location Agricola icon on Reference LAN Computers
Biosis (Biological Abstracts) 1927 -present Life science journals in the fields of agriculture, biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, ecology, environment, microbiology, neurology, pharmacology, & public health; international Yes
Location 1991 - present Reference CD-ROM Computer (Ask at Desk); QH301.B37 1927 - 1990 Stacks & Ref Stacks
Chemical Abstracts 1907 -present Chemistry & chemical engineering literature, including journal, proceedings, reports, dissertations, & patents; international Yes
Location QD1.A51 1967 - present Reference Stacks; 1907 - 1966 Stacks
Science Citation Index 1961 -present Citations in scientific journals and series chapters; international No
Location Reference Index Table 8 & Ref Stacks Z7401.S365

All these indexes use subject headings (descriptors) with a controlled vocabulary. These can be single words or phrases. In a controlled vocabulary, the same word or term is always used for the same concept. For example, in one index the term "movies" may always be used to mean: "movie", "film", "films", "cinema", "motion picture", etc. Each index uses a specific controlled vocabulary, however, so the terms may change from index to index. Controlled vocabulary terms for a specific index are usually represented in a print or electronic thesaurus for that index.

Locating Journals, Books, and Other Materials in the Library

To find out whether the MSU-Bozeman Libraries hold the journals or other materials that you've identified by using one of the indexes, go the the Libraries' online catalog, called CatTrac. Do a title search on the source field for the item you want. Catalog terminals are located outside the Reference area in Renne Library and on each floor of the library.

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