Our Angling Oral History Project collects, preserves, and disseminates the histories, opinions, and stories of politicians, artists, guides, authors, and anglers from all walks of life. Interviews are freely available and searchable to anyone online through our MSU created database.


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Lourens Ackermann

Thumbnail of Lourens Ackermann.

Lourens is an enthusiastic split cane rod builder in South Africa and we were introduced through our mutual friend, Glenn Brackett.

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Jim Adams

Thumbnail of Jim Adams.

I met Jim in Berkely, California and we had a great conversation about his lifelong passion for fishing.

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Grant Adkins

Thumbnail of Grant Adkins.

Grant is a longtime member of the International Fly Fishers Federation.

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Pierre Affre

Thumbnail of Pierre Affre.

Pierre is one of the most interesting people I have had the pleasure of meeting.

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Tom Alkire

Thumbnail of Tom Alkire.

Tom is an avid angler, journalist, and author who has spent a good portion of his life’s work trying to answer the question “why go fishing”?

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Craig Amacker

Thumbnail of Craig Amacker.

Craig is a manager at Fontana Sports in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Frank Amato

Thumbnail of Frank Amato.

Frank is the founder and owner of Frank Amato Publications which is one of the leading publishers of angling and sporting books and periodicals in the United States.

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April Archer

Thumbnail of April Archer.

April is an avid angler, mother to three daughters, and founder of SaraBella Fishing which is the first fly rod company to develop fly rods specifically for women anglers.

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Peter Arden

Thumbnail of Peter Arden.

Peter is a member of the Federation of South African Fly Fishers (FOSAF) and has been fishing since his childhood in the Western Cape area.

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Eric Arenas

Thumbnail of Eric Arenas .

This was a great conversation about the fishing culture in Peru with a very knowledgeable gentleman.

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Jeff Arrillaga

Thumbnail of Jeff Arrillaga.

Jeff is an interesting guy which led to an interesting conversation.

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Alex Assante

Thumbnail of Alex Assante.

Alex has been fishing since he was young child and has the unique distinction of being able to say he caught his first trout on a rod he built and a fly he tied.

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Theo Atanasov

Thumbnail of Theo Atanasov.

Theo was one of my favorite interviews while I was in Germany.

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Val Atkinson

Thumbnail of Val Atkinson.

An accomplished photographer and fly fisher, Val has produced 4 books of his photography centered around the beauty of fishing and its landscapes.

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Walter Babb

Thumbnail of Walter Babb.

Walter is a renowned fly tier, angler, and builder of some of the world’s finest bamboo fly rods.

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John Bailey

Thumbnail of John Bailey.

John is the owner and operator of Dan Bailey’s Fly shop in Livingston, MT.

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Bill Bainbridge

Thumbnail of Bill Bainbridge.

Bill has been interested in fishing and rivers since he was a child.

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Alen Baker

Thumbnail of Alen Baker.

Alen is a lifelong angler in Tennessee and the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

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Bill Bakke

Thumbnail of Bill Bakke.

Bill Bakke is a native of Oregon and has been involved in fish conservation work for over 30 years.

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Ray Ball

Thumbnail of Ray Ball.

Ray is a lifelong angler, hunter, and outdoorsman in and around the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee.

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Lothar Balscheit

Thumbnail of Lothar Balscheit.

Lothar is an avid angler and member of his local fly club.

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Ron Beane

Thumbnail of Ron Beane.

Ron has fished the waters of North Carolina and the Appalachian Mountains for nearly 60 years.

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Alex Bellissimo

Thumbnail of Alex Bellissimo.

I met Alex on Dee Why Beach, just north of Sydney, Australia.

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Randy Berndt

Thumbnail of Randy Berndt.

Randy is a guide, teacher, angler, and conservationist.

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A. K. Best

Thumbnail of A. K. Best.

AK is a world class fly tier, angler, musician, and author.

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Manoj Bhusal

Thumbnail of Manoj Bhusal.

Manoj has worked as a Climate Change Officer and Field Project Associate in Langtang National Park in Nepal.

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Marjorie Boggess

Thumbnail of Marjorie Boggess.

Marjorie has been an avid fly fisher, fly tier, and enthusiast of national parks since she was a child, leading to an interesting conversation.

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Moreno Borriero

Thumbnail of Moreno Borriero.

Moreno is one of the most respected bamboo rod builders in Europe.

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Dave Brackett

Thumbnail of Dave Brackett.

Dave is a lifelong angler, fly tier, and conservationist.

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Glenn Brackett

Thumbnail of Glenn Brackett.

Glenn is the founder of Sweetgrass Rods and one of the former owners of Winston Rods.

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Alistair Brew

Thumbnail of Alistair Brew.

Alistair is a fishing guide in Uganda.

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Peter Brigg

Thumbnail of Peter Brigg.

Peter is a lifelong angler, artist, conservationist, and author.

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Jen Brown

Thumbnail of Jen Brown.

Jay Buchner

Thumbnail of Jay Buchner.

Jay is a longtime guide, fly tier and angler in Idaho and the across the Rocky Mountains.

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Richard Bunsie

Thumbnail of Richard Bunsie.

Richard is an avid angler and an artist who creates beautiful works revolving around his passion: angling.

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Joe Burke

Thumbnail of Joe Burke.

Joe is an accomplished fly tier, angler, and advocate for protecting rivers and native fish.

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Matthew Burkett

Thumbnail of Matthew Burkett.

Matthew is the founder, Chairman and CEO of The Flyfisher Group, a capital, consulting and holding company that specializes in growing sustainable assets.He has worked tirelessly to rehabilitate prime trout habitats in his native Colorado.

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Justin Cahill

Thumbnail of Justin Cahill.

I met Justin in Auckland, New Zealand at Rod and Reel tackle shop where he is the manager.

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Eduardo Campuzano

Thumbnail of Eduardo Campuzano.

Eduardo owns a fishing lodge, Campucocha Ecological Reserve and Fishing Lodge, near Quito, Ecuador and he had some interesting insights into the culture of fishing in Ecuador.

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Jorge Cardillo

Thumbnail of Jorge Cardillo .

Jorge Cardillo owns and operates a a fly shop in Argentina.

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Leonard Berey Castillo

Thumbnail of Leonard Berey Castillo .

Leonard was born in Nicaragua and has been on the ocean and fishing since he was a child, and because of this, he has quite the repertoire of stories to share about catching fish and experiencing life on the water.

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Cymon Charnley

Thumbnail of Cymon Charnley.

Cymon owns and operates a hotel on the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda, and before that he owned and operated a fishing lodge in Mozambique.

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Gerry Closs

Thumbnail of Gerry Closs .

I met Gerry in Dunedin, New Zealand where he is the head of the Department of Zoology at the University of Otago.

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Charlie Craven

Thumbnail of Charlie Craven.

Charlie is the owner of Charlie’s Fly Box and author of several books on fly tying.

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Casey Cravens

Thumbnail of Casey Cravens .

Casey is originally from West Texas––where he said it was hard, but not impossible to fish for trout––and now lives in Dunedin, New Zealand.

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Matias Damonte

Thumbnail of Matias Damonte.

Matias Damonte owns and operates a fly shop in Argentina with his brother, giving his insider insight into the fishing culture of Argentina.

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Floyd and Janet Dean

Thumbnail of Floyd and Janet Dean.

Floyd and Janet are a fishing and casting team who (and Floyd tells the story) almost became the first husband and wife casting champions.

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Cody DeGuelle

Thumbnail of Cody DeGuelle.

Cody is the Director of The Flyfisher Real Estate Group, an avid angler, hunter, and outdoor enthusiast.

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Jack Dennis

Thumbnail of Jack Dennis.

Jack is an angling legend.

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Martin Garcia Diaz

Thumbnail of Martin Garcia Diaz.

Martin is a boat captain and fishing guide in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and he also helped catch a world record tuna.

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Peer Doering-Arjes

Thumbnail of Peer Doering-Arjes.

Peer is an avid bamboo rod maker and enthusiast, the translator to German of Mel Krieger’s books, biologist, and owner of ‎Springforelle.

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Stephen Dugmore

Thumbnail of Stephen Dugmore.

Stephen is an avid angler and one of the best split cane rod makers in South Africa.

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Sharland East-Urquhart

Thumbnail of Sharland East-Urquhart.

Sharland is a well-known South African landscape artist working in acrylic on canvas.

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Ed Engle

Thumbnail of Ed Engle.

Ed is an author, fly tier, poet, and lifetime angler.

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Gavin Erwin

Thumbnail of Gavin Erwin.

Gavin is a talented young artist and angler.

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Héctor Espinosa

Thumbnail of Héctor Espinosa.

Héctor is a professor and curator of the National Fish Collection at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City, Mexico.

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Mark Evans

Thumbnail of Mark Evans.

Mark moved from the US to Costa Rica almost 20 years ago and has called the country his home ever since.

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John Faust

Thumbnail of John Faust.

John is a life long angler living near Hamilton, Montana.

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Steven Fernandez

Thumbnail of Steven Fernandez.

Steven is a world renowned fly tier and angler.

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Brady Fisher

Thumbnail of Brady Fisher.

Brady has been the ground's keeper for the Gallup family and an avid fisherman for many years, making this a great conversation.

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Tanner Flake

Thumbnail of Tanner Flake.

Tanner is an avid anger and a co-owner of Tenkara Rod Co.

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Andrew Fowler

Thumbnail of Andrew Fowler.

Andrew is an avid angler, researcher, fly tier, and author.

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Darren Fowler

Thumbnail of Darren Fowler.

Darren is a member and founder of a group called the Fly Crew which is an organization that actively seeks to get youth involved in the sport of fly fishing.

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Jimmy Gabettas

Thumbnail of Jimmy Gabettas.

Jimmy is the owner of Jimmy’s All Seasons Angler in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

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Raul Soria Garcia

Thumbnail of Raul Soria Garcia.

Raul is a cool guy.

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Colorado Women Flyfishers

Thumbnail of Colorado Women Flyfishers.

This interview was great fun!

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Sumantha Ghosh

Thumbnail of Sumantha Ghosh.

Sumantha is a conversationist, naturalist, and wildlife advocate with over 15 years of experience in the wild areas in and around Jim Corbett National Park.

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John Gierach

Thumbnail of John Gierach .

John is the author of angling classics such as Dances with Trout, Standing in a River Waving a Stick, Sex, Death, and Fly Fishing and Trout Bum.

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Will Godfrey

Thumbnail of Will Godfrey.

Will is a lifelong anger, guide and fly tier (and a MSU alum!).

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Jim Goetz

Thumbnail of Jim Goetz.

If you like the stream access law in Montana, you will love this interview with the man who was the driving legal force behind it.

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Paul Goldring

Thumbnail of Paul Goldring.

Paul is the founder and owner of Wild Frontiers, an adventure guiding business in Uganda.

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Thomas Gomez

Thumbnail of Thomas Gomez.

I met Thomas at a trout pond on the outskirts of Bogotá, Columbia, where he works.

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Ben and Buck Goodrich

Thumbnail of Ben and Buck Goodrich.

Ben and Buck are father and son anglers with decades of experience under their collective belts.

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Peter Gorinsky

Thumbnail of Peter Gorinsky.

Originally from Guyana, South America, Peter moved to Costa Rica fleeing the political unrest brewing in his home country.

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Mel Gormley

Thumbnail of Mel Gormley.

Born in Ireland, Mel came to Uganda to work as an adventure guide.

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Rob Grasso

Thumbnail of Rob Grasso .

I met Rob in Yosemite National Park where he works as the park's aquatic ecologist.

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Chandan Gupta

Thumbnail of Chandan Gupta.

Chandan is the founder of Rogue Anglers which offers guided fishing adventures all across India.

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Joe Gutkoski

Thumbnail of Joe Gutkoski.

Joe is a lifelong conservationist, angler, and advocate for our wild areas.

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Rick Hafele

Thumbnail of Rick Hafele.

Rick A.K.A.

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Rolando Hamsill

Thumbnail of Rolando Hamsill.

This was a great interview with a man who has been fishing the waters of Costa Rica for his entire life and is now the captain of a commercial fishing boat.

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John Hatch

Thumbnail of John Hatch.

John lives in Colonia Juárez, Mexico where his family has lived for four generations.

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Jake Heckman

Thumbnail of Jake Heckman.

An accomplished angling artist and avid fisherman, Jake and I had a great conversation.

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Bud Heintz

Thumbnail of Bud Heintz.

Bud is from California and has been fishing and tying flies most of his life.

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Jim Hepworth

Thumbnail of Jim Hepworth .

I met Jim at his home in Lewiston, Idaho to have a conversation about his lifelong passion for fishing, his work as a publisher and professor, and about his love for angling.

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Edward Herbst

Thumbnail of Edward Herbst.

Ed is one of the most interesting and knowledgeable people I met on my South African trip.

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Andrew Herd, Dr

Thumbnail of Andrew Herd, Dr.

Andrew is one of the world’s leading fishing historians.

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Marlize Heyns, Renthia de Wood, Marietjie Davies

Thumbnail of Marlize Heyns, Renthia de Wood, Marietjie Davies.

I met these ladies at the Fly Tiers Expo in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Henry Hoffman

Thumbnail of Henry Hoffman.

Henry started breeding chickens specifically for hackle after he got out of the army in his 20’s.

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Reed Howald

Thumbnail of Reed Howald.

Reed is a retired member of the MSU chemistry faculty and a life-long angler.

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Mac Huff

Thumbnail of Mac Huff.

Mac is a member of the International Fly Fishers Federation, longtime angler, and fly tier.

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Dave Hughes

Thumbnail of Dave Hughes.

Dave Hughes is an author of more than 20 books about fly fishing.

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Henry Hughes

Thumbnail of Henry Hughes.

On top of being a professor of English at Western Oregon University, Henry is an acclaimed poet, translator, angler, and world traveler.

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Misako Ishimura

Thumbnail of Misako Ishimura.

Misako is the co-author of Tenkara: Radically Simple, Ultralight Fly Fishing.

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Nelson Ishiyama

Thumbnail of Nelson Ishiyama.

Nelson is an avid fly fisher, outdoor enthusiast, conservationist, and the owner of Henry’s Fork Lodge in Idaho.

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Bob Jacklin

Thumbnail of Bob Jacklin.

Bob Jackin is the owner of Jacklin’s Fly Shop in West Yellowstone, Montana.

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David Jacobson

Thumbnail of David Jacobson.

David and his brothers founded Outdoor Professionals and helped invent the Dragonfly Rod Holder which is a cool little belt clipped rod holder that comes in handy for any angler!

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Bruce James

Thumbnail of Bruce James.

Bruce is the office manager at Grand Teton Fly Fishing in Jackson Hole, WY.

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Manuel Alcedo Jordan

Thumbnail of Manuel Alcedo Jordan.

I met Manuel in Lima, Peru and we had a great conversation about fishing the Peruvian waters.

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John Judy

Thumbnail of John Judy.

John is the author of several books on fly fishing including Slack Line Strategies for Fly Fishing.

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Lukwesa Kalima

Thumbnail of Lukwesa Kalima.

Lusaka Zambia is a manager at Chaminuka Park in Zambia.

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Jill Kana

Thumbnail of Jill Kana.

Jill is an avid anger, dog lover, and advocate of experiencing the outdoors in any way possible!

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Jim Klug

Thumbnail of Jim Klug.

Jim is the founder and CEO of Yellowdog Flyfishing Adventures which arranges flyfishing trips to exotic locations around the globe.

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Alex Knüll

Thumbnail of Alex Knüll .

Alex is a longtime employee for Patagonia River Guides, managing their operations in San Martin, Argentina.

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Curtis Knight

Thumbnail of Curtis Knight.

Curtis lives in Mt.

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Murray Knowles

Thumbnail of Murray Knowles.

I met Murray in Te Anau, New Zealand.

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Todd Koel

Thumbnail of Todd Koel.

Todd is the Program Leader for the Native Fish Restoration Project in Yellowstone National Park.

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Jan Korrubel

Thumbnail of Jan Korrubel.

Jan is the manager of a shop called the Fish Eagle, a branch of King Fisher, in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

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Alex Koss

Thumbnail of Alex Koss.

Alex is the owner of Angelhaus Koss which is one of the few remaining family run small fishing shops left in Berlin.

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Lefty Kreh

Thumbnail of Lefty Kreh.

Lefty is one of the most influential sports fishers of our times.

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Matt Kulp

Thumbnail of Matt Kulp.

Matt is the Supervisory Fishery Biologist at Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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Ilan Lax

Thumbnail of Ilan Lax.

Ilan is an attorney, conservationist, member of Federation of Southern African Flyfishers, and lifelong angler.

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Ted Leeson

Thumbnail of Ted Leeson.

Ted is a writer, angler, and teacher, which led to an interesting conversation about fishing, life, and literature.

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Rodolfo Leon

Thumbnail of Rodolfo Leon.

Rodolfo lives in San Bartolo in the Lima Province of Peru and is an avid angler.

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Jim Lichatowich

Thumbnail of Jim Lichatowich.

Jim is the author of the award-winning book, Salmon without Rivers: A History of the Pacific Salmon Crisis.

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Don Lieb

Thumbnail of Don Lieb.

From stories about serving in the United States Army during World War II to getting pulled out of a hunting camp by the Forest Service to help fight a fire, this was a very interesting conversation.

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Annette Lilly

Thumbnail of Annette Lilly.

Annette grew up in one of the most prominent angling and fly fishing families in the world.

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Esther Lilly

Thumbnail of Esther Lilly.

Esther Lilly was the National Executive Director for Trout Unlimited in the mid 1980’s and was also the National Executive Director for Federation of Flyfishers.

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Bud Lilly 2014-10-16

Thumbnail of Bud Lilly 2014-10-16.

Bud is a legend in the angling world.

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Jim Loranger

Thumbnail of Jim Loranger.

I met Jim in Hamilton, Montana at his shop, Freestone Fly Shop.

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Al Luebeck

Thumbnail of Al Luebeck.

Al is a former member of the Montana State Legislature and was the first to introduce a bill stating that Montana waterways belonged to the public and therefore access needed to be guaranteed through legislation.

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Nick Lyons

Thumbnail of Nick Lyons.

Nick Lyons is an author, publisher, scholar, environmentalist and one of the kindest and most generous people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

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AD Maddox

Thumbnail of AD Maddox.

AD Maddox is one of the leading angling artist working in the field today.

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Jorge Benavides Malaga

Thumbnail of Jorge Benavides Malaga.

Jorge has been fishing the waters of Peru for years, and his knowledge and experience is apparent in this oral history.

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Adriano Manocchia

Thumbnail of Adriano Manocchia.

Adriano is an artist of many talents.

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Craig and Jackie Mathews

Thumbnail of Craig and Jackie Mathews.

Craig and Jackie Mathews are the founders of Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone, MT.

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Richard May

Thumbnail of Richard May.

Richard is an avid fly fisher and founder of California Trout, a non-profit organization focused on ensuring the longevity of wild fish in California.

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Mario Mücke

Thumbnail of Mario Mücke.

Mario grew up fishing in East Germany and has witnesses the changes since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the creation of the European Union.

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Keith McCafferty

Thumbnail of Keith McCafferty.

Keith holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from Duke University and a Master’s in Journalism from the University of Michigan.

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Beau McFadyean

Thumbnail of Beau McFadyean.

Beau is the owner of Montana Adventures and Angling in Billings, Montana.

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Tom McGuane

Thumbnail of Tom McGuane.

Tom is a rancher, writer, and lifelong angler.

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Bear McKinney

Thumbnail of Bear McKinney.

Bear is a lifelong angler, guide, and casting instructor.

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Pedro Mendoza

Thumbnail of Pedro Mendoza.

Pedro is a boat captain and fishing guide in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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Gregg Messel

Thumbnail of Gregg Messel.

Gregg is one of the most enthusiastic supporters of all of our efforts in the Trout and Salmonid collections at MSU-Bozeman.

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Isaias Miciu

Thumbnail of Isaias Miciu.

Isaias is a photographer, artist, and angler living in Argentina and we had a great conversation about art and fly fishing--two practices that share more in common than one might think.

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Dragoslav Milivojevic

Thumbnail of Dragoslav Milivojevic.

Dragolslav is a musician, angler, fly tier, and owner of Hemingway’s Fly Fishing based out of Serbia.

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Steve Moore

Thumbnail of Steve Moore.

Steve is the former Supervisory Fishery Biologist at Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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Roberto Olascoaga Moran

Thumbnail of Roberto Olascoaga Moran.

Roberto and I met in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and we had a great conversation about fishing Mexican waters.

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Carrie Morgan

Thumbnail of Carrie Morgan.

Carrie is a school teacher, angler, member of Casting for Recovery and cancer survivor.

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Tom Morgan

Thumbnail of Tom Morgan.

Tom Morgan is the owner and founder of Tom Morgan Rodsmiths located in Manhattan, Montana.

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Fred Nelson

Thumbnail of Fred Nelson.

Fred has been a dedicated angler since he was a young man and he turned that passion into a career when he worked on Montana’s waterways for Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks.

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Hazel Nemes

Thumbnail of Hazel Nemes.

Hazel and I met at her home in Portland, Oregon where we had a great conversation about her life in the United States, her love for fishing, and about her late husband, Selvester Nemes--an expert fly tier, angler, and angling author.

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Rich Norman

Thumbnail of Rich Norman.

Rich is an avid angler and has decades of fly tying experience.

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Tom and Celia O'Connor

Thumbnail of Tom and Celia O'Connor.

Tom and Celia are long-time residents of Bozeman, Montana, avid anglers, and founders of the organization, Warriors and Quiet Waters.

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Mas Okui

Thumbnail of Mas Okui.

Mas is a Japanese American that was held in the Manzanar internment camp during World War II for three and a half years.

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Alfred Olbrich

Thumbnail of Alfred Olbrich.

Alfred is a splitcane bamboo rod maker and retired construction worker.

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Chris Parker

Thumbnail of Chris Parker.

Chris is a Sales and Marketing Manager at a company called Specialized Aquatic Feeds based in Hermanus, South Africa.

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Richard Parks

Thumbnail of Richard Parks.

Richard has been involved in the business of fly fishing since he was a child.

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Sanjeev Paroiya

Thumbnail of Sanjeev Paroiya.

Sanjeev is better known locally as the snake-man.

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Yunus Patel

Thumbnail of Yunus Patel.

Yunus lives in Zambia and runs a fishing shop and a pet store.

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Ann Patterson

Thumbnail of Ann Patterson.

Ann Patterson was a great conversation.

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Joe Pehrson

Thumbnail of Joe Pehrson.

Joe is an artist specializing in wildlife art.

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Marcelo Perez

Thumbnail of Marcelo Perez.

Marcelo is the founder of Untamed Angling, a guiding business in the Amazon that works closely with indigenous tribes in an effort to stop the deforestation and mining of their tribal lands and to support their local economies in the present and the future.

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Leigh Perkins

Thumbnail of Leigh Perkins.

Leigh is an author, avid sportsman, and Chairman of the Orvis Company.

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Dave Peterson

Thumbnail of Dave Peterson.

Dave is a longtime member of Fly Fishers Federation and avid fly fisher and tier.

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Harry Peterson

Thumbnail of Harry Peterson.

Harry is a lifetime angler, author, researcher, and President Emeritus of Western State Colorado University.

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Marc Petitjean

Thumbnail of Marc Petitjean.

Marc is a world renowned fly tier, angler and owner of Petitjean Fishing Equipment.

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Ian Pett

Thumbnail of Ian Pett .

Ian Pett is a supporter of the Mahseer Trust, a world traveler, and an all-around well informed man, and on top of this, he is an angler.

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Ringo Piliwe

Thumbnail of Ringo Piliwe .

Ringo is the manager of the Nsobe Game Camp in Zambia and we had a great talk about the fish in their farm and how the camp runs.

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John Porter

Thumbnail of John Porter.

John worked as a bus driver in Yellowstone after WWII.

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Pritamsingh Pundis

Thumbnail of Pritamsingh Pundis.

Pritam the manager of Himalayan Outback Lodge and is a native of the Himachal Pradesh region, growing up with the same village as fishing guide, Bobby Sighn.

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    Carlos Francisco Medina Ramirez and Helena Perdomo DeMedina

    Thumbnail of Carlos Francisco Medina Ramirez and Helena Perdomo DeMedina.

    Helena and Carlos told me some very interesting things about living, and fishing, in Bogotá, Columbia.

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    Jure Ramovz

    Thumbnail of Jure Ramovz.

    I met Jure in Ljubljana, Slovenia and we had a great conversation about fisheries management and where one finds their passion for angling.

    Read more »

    Charles Rangeley-Wilson

    Thumbnail of Charles Rangeley-Wilson.

    Charles is a British angler and author.

    Read more »

    Rance Rathie

    Thumbnail of Rance Rathie.

    Rance was born and raised in Montana with a fly rod in his hand.

    Read more »

    Nathaniel Reed

    Thumbnail of Nathaniel Reed.

    It is difficult think of anyone who can compare to Nat’s commitment to protecting the environment.

    Read more »

    George Revel

    Thumbnail of George Revel .

    Former president of the Golden Gate Casting and Angling Club, George has been an avid angler since he was a child.

    Read more »

    Scott Richmond

    Thumbnail of Scott Richmond.

    Scott is lifelong angler, fly tier, and conservationist. Westfly.

    Read more »

    Ted Rogowski

    Thumbnail of Ted Rogowski.

    Ted worked as an attorney for the US Environmental Protection Agency for most of his career and was instrumental in helping to protect against challenges to laws protecting our wild areas.

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    Bobby Sadpal Sighn

    Thumbnail of Bobby Sadpal Sighn.

    Bobby is an acclaimed guide, angler and naturalist.

    Read more »

    Scott Sanchez

    Thumbnail of Scott Sanchez.

    Scott has a laid back, funny kind of personality that instantly puts one at ease.

    Read more »

    Karnvir Saran Das

    Thumbnail of Karnvir Saran Das.

    Karnvir is the owner and manager of Mahaseer Fishing Camps in the Village of Jhargoan, India.

    Read more »

    Steve Saunders

    Thumbnail of Steve Saunders.

    I met Steve in Te Anua, New Zealand and we had a great conversation about Steve's passion for angling and his work as a fishing guide in New Zealand.

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    Leonard Troncosco Schneider

    Thumbnail of Leonard Troncosco Schneider .

    Leo has been a guide for Patagonia River Guides since 2010, and the charisma and knowledge of the local area that makes him a great guide is apparent in this video.

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    Jim Schollmeyer

    Thumbnail of Jim Schollmeyer.

    Jim is an author of several books on fly fishing, fly patterns, and hatches including the Hatch Guide for Western Streams.

    Read more »

    Tony Schoonen

    Thumbnail of Tony Schoonen.

    Tony is one of the founding members of Montana Coalition for Stream Access.

    Read more »

    Geofrey Sdinko and Henry Tinkasimmone

    Thumbnail of Geofrey Sdinko and Henry Tinkasimmone.

    Geofrey and Henry guided me on Lake Victoria and we had a great discussion about fishing on the lake.

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    Alberto Salimas Sedo

    Thumbnail of Alberto Salimas Sedo.

    Alberto is an accomplished angler and a very interesting man.

    Read more »

    Pramesh Shrestha

    Thumbnail of Pramesh Shrestha.

    Pramesh is the co-founder of the Nepalese Anglers Club which is the only club dedicated to angling and catch and release fishing in Nepal.

    Read more »

    Trevor Sithole

    Thumbnail of Trevor Sithole.

    Trevor is a young Zulu man who has the dream job of being a profession fishing guide in South Africa.

    Read more »

    Travis Smith

    Thumbnail of Travis Smith.

    Travis is the co-owner and operator of Patagonia River Guides, an adventure and guiding company located in Argentina.

    Read more »

    Alam Soni

    Thumbnail of Alam Soni.

    Alam is one of the most celebrated fishing guides in all of India and is an expert on the rivers near his village on the outskirts of Jim Corbett National Park.

    Read more »

    Ron Sorensen

    Thumbnail of Ron Sorensen .

    Ron and his wife, Vanessa, own and operate Chocolate Lab Expeditions, a guiding and expedition business based in San Martin de los Andes, Argentina.

    Read more »

    Vanessa Sorenson

    Thumbnail of Vanessa Sorenson.

    Vanessa was born and raised in San Martín de los Andes, Argentina and now owns an outfitting and guiding business, Chocolate Lab Expeditions, with her husband, Ron, in the town she grew up in.

    Read more »

    Grant Soukup

    Thumbnail of Grant Soukup .

    I met Grant (aka Montana Grant) in Bozeman and we had a great conversation about fishing Montana's waters. If we want to check out Montana Grant's writing, click here.

    Read more »

    Bruce Staples

    Thumbnail of Bruce Staples.

    Bruce is a retired chemist, angler, and author.

    Read more »

    Richard Stoll

    Thumbnail of Richard Stoll.

    Richard is the author of Sea Run Cutthroat Trout and Fly-Fishing Inshore Saltwaters for Pacific Salmon.

    Read more »

    Chuck Stranahan

    Thumbnail of Chuck Stranahan .

    I met Chuck in Hamilton, Montana, at his shop, Chuck Stranahan's Flies and Guides. For more information about Chuck's shop and guide service, click here.

    Read more »

    Ritish Suri

    Thumbnail of Ritish Suri.

    Ritish is biologist, naturalist, conversationalist, and eco-tourism guide.

    Read more »

    Tom Sutcliffe, Dr

    Thumbnail of Tom Sutcliffe, Dr.

    To say Tom is a man of many talents is an understatement.

    Read more »

    Doug Swisher

    Thumbnail of Doug Swisher.

    Doug is the author of several books including Selective Trout which has been called one of the most important books written on angling and trout behavior.

    Read more »

    Sharon Swisher

    Thumbnail of Sharon Swisher.

    Sharon is an avid angler and an incredibly skillful fly tier.

    Read more »


    Masako Tani

    Thumbnail of Masako Tani.

    Masako is an angling writer, fly fisher, and fly tier.

    Read more »

    Gary Tanner

    Thumbnail of Gary Tanner.

    Gary is the former director of the American Museum of Fly Fishing, a lifelong angler, and designer/tier of innovative flies.

    Read more »

    Martin Techmeier

    Thumbnail of Martin Techmeier.

    Martin is in his early 90’s and has been an avid angler for nearly 80 years.

    Read more »

    Uli Thiel

    Thumbnail of Uli Thiel.

    Uli is the Sergeant at Arms for his local fly fishing club in Berlin.

    Read more »

    Marco Torrel

    Thumbnail of Marco Torrel.

    Marco and I met outside of Bogotá, Columbia at an ecological trout fishing park and we had a great conversation about trout and ecology.

    Read more »

    Tucker Ladd

    Thumbnail of Tucker Ladd.

    Tucker is a guide, fly tier, and casting instructor and owner of Trouts Fly Fishing shop in Denver, CO.

    Read more »


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    Gerrie Van der Merwe

    Thumbnail of Gerrie Van der Merwe.

    Gerrie is the founder of Lunsklip Fisheries and Trova Trout which are trout farms in South Africa raising Golden, Brown and Rainbow Trout.

    Read more »

    Warren VanderHill

    Thumbnail of Warren VanderHill.

    Warren is a professor at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, and teaches a class on fly fishing.

    Read more »

    Alex Vŭlev

    Thumbnail of Alex Vŭlev.

    I met Alex in Budapest at the European Tackle Dealers Expo.

    Read more »

    Amit Verma

    Thumbnail of Amit Verma.

    Amit is the Deputy Director of Jim Corbett National Park and Tiger Reserve.

    Read more »

    Gaston Verme

    Thumbnail of Gaston Verme .

    I met Gaston in Peru and we had a great conversation.

    Read more »

    Dick Vincent

    Thumbnail of Dick Vincent.

    There is likely no one that has had more of an impact on preserving and improving the trout populations in Montana’s rivers than Dick Vincent.

    Read more »


    Jeremy Wade

    Thumbnail of Jeremy Wade.

    Jeremy is the host of Animal Planets television program River Monsters.

    Read more »

    John Wainaina

    Thumbnail of John Wainaina.

    John is the manager of Tam Trout and the Trout Tree Restaurant near Nanyuki, Kenya.

    Read more »

    Dave Walker

    Thumbnail of Dave Walker.

    Dave is an author, researcher, angler, resort owner, and founder of the Wild Trout Association in Rhodes, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

    Read more »

    Mary Kay Watry

    Thumbnail of Mary Kay Watry.

    Mary is the Conservation Biologist at Rocky Mountain National Park.

    Read more »

    Neil Watson

    Thumbnail of Neil Watson.

    I met Neil in Dunedin, New Zealand at the Otago Fish and Game Council's office.

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    Joel Weinhold

    Thumbnail of Joel Weinhold.

    Joel is the CEO of Denver Outfitters.

    Read more »

    Tom Wendelburg

    Thumbnail of Tom Wendelburg.

    Tom is a lifelong angler and tireless advocate for protecting trout habitats.

    Read more »

    Dan Wenk

    Thumbnail of Dan Wenk.

    Dan has been the Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park since 2011.

    Read more »

    William Wernett

    Thumbnail of William Wernett.

    Living in southern California, Bill is an accomplished angler, angling author, and artist, carving depictions of trout and other fish as well as publishing books such as Hooked on Trout and Trout Tales.

    Read more »

    Kyle Wilkinson

    Thumbnail of Kyle Wilkinson.

    Kyle is the Outfitting Manager at Trouts Fly Fishing in Denver, Colorado, as well as one of their fly fishing guides.

    Read more »

    Martha Williams

    Thumbnail of Martha Williams.

    Martha is the current director of Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks and she is an avid angler and outdoor enthusiast, thus making this a very interesting and informative discussion.

    Read more »

    Jason Woda

    Thumbnail of Jason Woda.

    Jason is a lifelong angler, fishing boat captain, guide, conservationist, and cheesehead!

    Read more »

    James Woods

    Thumbnail of James Woods.

    James has served as an environmental attorney for both the United States and the state of New York helping to protect our rivers and wild areas for decades.

    Read more »

    Olivia Wootan

    Thumbnail of Olivia Wootan.

    Olivia has the distinction of being the youngest person I have ever interviewed.

    Read more »

    Shane Wootan

    Thumbnail of Shane Wootan.

    Shane is an avid angler and fly tier who has been spending time outdoors, and on rivers, his entire life.

    Read more »

    Monty Wright

    Thumbnail of Monty Wright.

    I met Monty in Dunedin, New Zealand where he works as the Otago Chairman for the Otago Fish and Game Council.

    Read more »

    Joan Wulff

    Thumbnail of Joan Wulff.

    Joan Salvato Wulff is also known as the First Lady of Fly Fishing, has been casting since she was a school girl in 1937.

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    Satoshi Yamamoto

    Thumbnail of Satoshi Yamamoto.

    Satoshi is a MSU alum, an avid angler, guide, salmon fly tier, and owner of Lefty Angler & Flies in Livingston, Montana.

    Read more »

    John Yelland

    Thumbnail of John Yelland.

    John is the owner of Upstream Flyfishing in Cape Town, South Africa. http://www.upstreamflyfishing.co.za/.

    Read more »

    Tadeusz Zalewski

    Thumbnail of Tadeusz Zalewski.

    Tadeusz is the founder and owner of Traper, a Polish fly fishing company.

    Read more »

    Dorothy Zinke

    Thumbnail of Dorothy Zinke.

    Dorothy has been fishing and tying flies for over 7 decades.

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    Adam Zins

    Thumbnail of Adam Zins.

    Adam is a Wisconsin based artist who focuses on trout and wildlife art.

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