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Blessing from Dr. Henrietta Mann

The Tribal College Librarians Professional Development Institute


For each of the people here, I make seven requests, which are your seven wonders of life:

  1. Bless each of them with a good mind, characterized by common sense so they can have respect and comprehend the good things in life.
  2. Bless each with good sight to see the beauty and beneficial things in life, which are not always easy to see. Envelop them in great vision so each can envision the non-ordinary.
  3. Bless each with good hearing to hear good words, to recognize that listening is a wonderful human capacity, and to remember that one should listen and think before speaking.
  4. Bless each with good speech, to be able to talk in a pleasing way, to speak truth from the heart, and to talk about people and life in positive ways.
  5. Bless each with good health: physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually so each is a balanced and whole person. Also teach each of them to honor and have respect for the body.
  6. Bless each with a good cardiovascular and nervous system, so that the blood can flow well, so that each will be able to feel without any numbness.
  7. Bless each with good movement, to use one's hands in a nice, good way, with proper movement, and to walk gently on Earth, as if walking on fragile seashells.

Let each walk in sacredness, think sacredness, and be sacred.