What is Heathcote Classroom?



Technology Available



Use Guidelines



Class being taught inside the Heathcote Classroom.

What is the Heathcote Classroom?

The Heathcote Classroom is a computer lab designed for hands-on instruction. The classroom can be used for a variety of group activities such as presentations, classes, workshops, and training sessions.


Technology Available

  • 24 desktop computers, networked
  • Presenting podium wth screen sharing technology from personal devices
  • 1 projector
  • 2 large white boards


  • space and computer for 24 people provided

Use Guidelines

What you can use it for?

The Heathcote Classroom is an instructional space that can be used for a variety of instructional activities such as presentations, classes, workshops, training sessions, or other MSU-related events. 

Who can use it?

Activities that are part of course instruction have priority for this space, although it might be open for use by any MSU-affiliated group on campus if the room is otherwise not scheduled and if the use is approved in advace (see below for contact information).

Reservation,Questions & Scheduling

This room must be reserved through the Library and is not intended for semester-long use. For questions or to schedule use of the Heathcote Classroom contact Brian Rossmann.