Liaisons by College/Department

Dept. Library Liaison Phone Email
College of Agriculture
Agricultural Economics & Economics Amy Bekkerman 994-5334
Agricultural Education Ryer Banta 994-6668
Animal & Range Sciences Ryer Banta 994-6668
Extension Service Ryer Banta 994-6668
Microbiology and Immunology Leila Sterman 994-4519
Land Resources & Environmental Sciences Ryer Banta 994-6668
Plant Sciences & Plant Pathology Ryer Banta 994-6668
Research Centers Ryer Banta 994-6668
Veterinary Medicine Ryer Banta 994-6668
College of Arts & Architecture
Architecture Jim Thull 994-5305
Art Jim Thull 994-5305
Film and Photography Jason Clark 994-6801
Music Greg Notess 994-6563
College of Business
Business Greg Notess 994-6563
Extension Ryer Banta 994-6668
The Graduate School
Graduate School Greg Notess 994-1873
College of Education, Health & Human Development
Education Mary Anne Hansen 994-3162
Health & Human Development Mary Anne Hansen 994-3162
College of Engineering
Chemical & Biological Engineering Kris Johnson 994-7708
Civil Engineering Jim Thull 994-5305
Computer Science Sara Mannheimer 994-3361
Electrical & Computer Engineering Susan Borda 994-1873
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Scott Young 994-6563
College of Letters & Science
Agricultural Economics & Economics Amy Bekkerman 994-5334
American Studies Jan Zauha 994-6554
Anthropology Hannah McKelvey 994-5334
Cell Biology & Neuroscience Leila Sterman 994-4519
Chemistry & Biochemistry Greg Notess 994-6563
Ecology Kirsten Ostergaard 994-4313
Earth Sciences Sheila Bonnand 994-4130
     ~Composition & Literature
Jan Zauha 994-6554
History & Philosophy Jan Zauha 994-6554
Liberal Studies Jan Zauha 994-6554
Mathematical Sciences Susan Borda 994-1873
Microbiology and Immunology Leila Sterman 994-4519
Modern Languages & Literatures:
     ~Japan Studies
Sheila Bonnand 994-4130
Native American Studies Jim Thull 994-5305
Physics Sheila Bonnand 994-4130
Political Science Doralyn Rossmann 994-6549
Psychology Mary Anne Hansen 994-3162
Sociology Hannah McKelvey 994-5334
College of Nursing
Nursing Sheila Bonnand and Mary Anne Hansen 994-3162 and
University Studies Ryer Banta 994-6668
Other Departments/Programs
ACE Language Institute Jim Thull 994-5305
ASMSU Sheila Bonnand 994-4130
Disability Services Kirsten Ostergaard 994-4313
Distance Education:
     ~Extended University
Mary Anne Hansen 994-3162
Gallatin College Mary Anne Hansen 994-3162
Government Documents Amy Foster 994-1873
International Programs Mary Anne Hansen 994-3162
Pre-Med Sheila Bonnand and Mary Anne Hansen 994-3162 and
Religious Studies Jan Zauha 994-6554
Residence Life Mary Anne Hansen 994-3162
Student Athletics Mary Anne Hansen 994-3162
Student Success / Smarty Cats Ryer Banta 994-6668
Women's and Gender Studies Jan Zauha 994-6554
Writing Center Jan Zauha 994-6554
WWAMI Sheila Bonnand and Mary Anne Hansen 994-3162 and

For departments or research centers not listed above, contact the Research Center Desk at 994-3171.