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Guide to USGS Publications

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Guide to USGS Publications

What is it? This publication which is located at the reference desk indexes publications by the USGS. Coverage includes: Antarctic Geologic Maps (A) 1970-1998 Coal Investigation Maps (c) 1935-1998 Circum-Pacific Maps (CP) Geophysical Investigations Maps (GP) 1946-1998 Geologic Quadrangle Maps (GQ) 1949-1998 Hydrologic Investigations Atlases (HA) 1954-1998 Miscellaneous Geologic Investigations Maps (I) 1955-1998 Land Use and Lad Cover Maps (L) - 1979-1998 Miscellaneous Field Studies Maps (MF) 1951-1998 Monographs (Mono) 1928-1998 Mineral Investigations Resources Maps (MR) 1952-1998 Oil and Gas Investigations Charts (OC) 1944-1998 Oil and Gas Investigation Maps (OM) 1943-1998 State Hydrologic Unit Maps 1974-1998 Missouri Basin Studies Maps 1945-1947 Mineral Preliminary Strategic Maps 1945- USGS Bulletins USGS Professional Papers. This book contains an area index, subject index, coordinate index and author index.

Why use it? Use to locate publications produced by the USGS.

Coverage: 1998

Access: It is available for use in the Library


Subjects: Geology & Maps

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