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Montana Code Annotated

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What is it? Montana Code Annotated is a codification and compilation of existing Montana state general and permanent law. Appropriation acts, resolutions, and laws temporary or special in character, such as repealing, validating, severability, or effective date clauses, are not codified. A list of R.C.M. 1947 sections not codified may be found in the Table of Corresponding Code Sections, R.C.M. 1947 to MCA, contained in Vol. 1 of the annotations, which provides the disposition of all R.C.M. 1947 sections. The annotations, other than histories, are not provided in the Internet version of the MCA. For annotations consult the printed Annotations to the MCA in Montana Code Annotated : (Annotations) (found in Renne Library Reference at call number KFM9030.A242). The whole code and the annotations are also available in the state law section of LexisNexis Academic. Updated a few months after each legislative session.

Why use it? Montana laws enacted by the State Legislature

Coverage: current

Access: Freely available from anywhere on the Internet.

Learn more: See MCA help page for searching strategies.

Subjects: Government Information, Law, Political Science

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