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  • photo of David Swedman
  • David Swedman

    Title: Grants and Assessment Coordinator

    Department: Administration

    Phone: 406-994-3125


  • Room: 136

  • photo of James Thull
  • James Thull

    Title: Special Collections Librarian [Associate Professor]

    Department: Special Collections and Archival Informatics

    Phone: 406-994-5305


  • Room: 224

    Vita (Abridged)

  • photo of Ann Vinciguerra
  • Ann Vinciguerra

    Title: Events & Promotions Coordinator

    Department: Administration

    Phone: 406.994.6857


  • Room: 124

  • photo of Brandon Watson
  • Brandon Watson

    Title: Digital Operations Manager

    Department: Digital Library Initiatives

    Phone: 406-994-4963


  • Room: 219

  • photo of Sidrah Watson
  • Sidrah Watson

    Title: Library Opener/Service Desk Student Supervisor

    Department: Learning and Research Services

    Phone: 406-994-3139


  • Room: 122

  • photo of Carla Wood
  • Carla Wood

    Title: Interlibrary Loan Assistant

    Department: Collections Access and Technical Services

    Phone: 406-994-3161


  • Room: 143

  • photo of Scott W. H. Young
  • Scott W. H. Young

    Title: User Experience & Assessment Librarian [Assistant Professor]

    Department: Administration

    Phone: 406-994-6429


  • Room: 148

    Vita (Abridged)


  • photo of Jan Zauha
  • Jan Zauha

    Title: Outreach Librarian [Professor]

    Department: Special Collections and Archival Informatics

    Phone: 406-994-6554


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  • Room: 117C

    Vita (Abridged)

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