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  • photo of Michaela Bader
  • Michaela Bader

    Title: Associate Director of Development - Alumni Foundation

    Department: Administration

    Phone: 406-994-4129


  • Room: FD 218

  • photo of Kris Johnson
  • Kris Johnson

    Title: Head of Learning and Research Services [Associate Professor]

    Department: Learning and Research Services

    Phone: 406-994-7708


  • Room: 139

    Vita (Abridged)

  • photo of Jodi Rasker
  • Jodi Rasker

    Title: Metadata Technician & Music Cataloger

    Department: Collections Access and Technical Services



  • Room: 134

  • photo of Ann Vinciguerra
  • Ann Vinciguerra

    Title: Events & Promotions Coordinator

    Department: Administration

    Phone: 406.994.6857


  • Room: 124

  • photo of Jan Zauha
  • Jan Zauha

    Title: Outreach Librarian [Professor]

    Department: Special Collections and Archival Informatics

    Phone: 406-994-6554


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  • Room: 117C

    Vita (Abridged)

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