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Library Stacks Locations: First Floor

Range #Call #
1-001 Reference AG5.D53 - E174.5.B52
1-002 Reference E174.5.C3 - HC10.O68
1-003 Reference HC10.O68 - KFM9015.A23
1-004 Reference KFM9025.A28 - ML102.P66G84
1-005 Reference ML102.P66G84 - PN771.C59 & Atlases
1-006 Reference PN771.C59 - Q121.M3
1-007 Reference Q121.M3 - Z1219.B66
1-008 Reference Z1219.B66 - Z7998.N67T45
1-009 Ref-Doc A 1.34: - Y 10.13:
1-010 Audio-Visual: Audio Books & Compact Discs
1-011 Video B105.C477V64 - MT68.I46
1-012 Video MT85.A87 - PR2824.M432
1-013 Video PR2824.M33 - ZA4228.S63
  1. All library stacks have numbers assigned. They are numbered sequentially with #1 being the first "range" of stacks on any given floor. A range numbered as #1 will have the lowest, or first, call number that is located on that floor.
  2. First floor and the basement are exceptions to this rule. This is a result of different call number systems being used on these two floors. If you need additional help locating materials on first floor or in the basement, please ask for assistance at either the Reference or Circulation desks.
  3. Purple signs have been placed at each end of every range of stacks containing items with Library of Congress call numbers. Blue signs have been used for stacks containing Superintendent of Documents call numbers.
  4. Both kinds of signs have a number at the top that indicates the "range number." If you navigate the stacks starting with range #1, and follow them in range number order, you will also move through the call number order.

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Updated 9/21/2011