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Journals Help

Please note that Journals by Title does not find articles or text but only issues of magazines, journals, and newspapers.

Journals by Title includes both print and electronic holdings.

Title Begins With
Use the first word or first few words at the beginning of the periodical title. For example, searching journal of reli finds the Journal of Religion, the Journal of Religion and Health, and the Journal of Religious History. You can also search some title abbreviations. A search on j reli find the same titles and more. The JournaList defaults to a "Title begins with" search.
Title Contains All Words
This keyword search matches the entered words to words anywhere in the periodical title. A search on religion health finds both the Journal of Religion and Health and Mental Health, Religion & Culture.
Title Equals
Searches for an exact match on all words entered. A "Title equals" search on fisheries management finds only Fisheries Management. It does not find Fisheries Management and Ecology.
ISSN Equals
The ISSN is the International Standard Serial Number (an 8 digit number) that uniquely identifies a periodical. For example, an ISSN equals search on 0028-9604 finds only Newsweek. The ISSN can be entered with or without the dash -.