Reading Alters Lives                                                                      Winter 2022

The MSU Library is more than just a house for books, it is a home that fosters new ideas and expanding imaginations. This year for our annual Open House the theme of Reading Alters Lives brought about the question of "what book has enriched your life?".  In this Display we explored that idea asked the library employees that very question and were thrilled by the responses, and happily displayed them to share with the public and get the passers by to stop and think about the books they have read and how some simple words on a page has altered their lives. 

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Indigenous Voices display

Indigenous Voices                                                                          Fall 2021

This display is a celebration of the Indigenous Voices.  In this display there are recommendations from an MSU Library Collection which feature 6 indignenous authors that were recommended by library workers.  There are also some authentic items donated for the library to highlight and share a glimpse into a unique culture. To view more books in our collection visit:bit.ly/BrowseIndigenousVoices

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Craighead Display cases from left side

Bears, Birds, and Brothers: A Glimpse into the Craighead Collection Spring 2021

This display is a celebration of acquiring and beginning the digitization of the Craighead Collection in the Archives and Special Collections. It is a peek into the fascinating adventures in research that Frank and John Craighead experienced.  These cases share a glimpse of the amazing span of research, from falconry to war manuals, to grizzly bear tracking. 

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Tolkein display

J.R.R. Tolkien Celebration                                                            Spring 2021

March 25th is Tolkien reading day, a day to encourage fans to celebrate the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and to read his works.  The library celebrated his life and accomplishments with this display.  

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Black History Month Display - Angled from Left

Black History Month - Speaking Truth to Power: A Selection of Powerful Black Voices                                                                    Spring 2021

This display was created and executed by members (Lori, Christina, and Heather) of the library's IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Allyship) Committee. In honor of Black History Month, the IDEA committee spotlighted powerful black voices.

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Hibernation Reads 2021 Display

Hibernation Reads - Book Recommendations                              Spring 2021

 Winter can be harsh and cold, help to melt away the snow and enjoy your days with some books! The library reached out to the staff of MSU and the employees here at the MSU library to give you some honest, first hand recommendations! So relax, grab a hot drink and find your next great read! 

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Voting in America & Veteran's Day Display

Voting in America & Veteran's Day                                                Fall 2020

2020 is a very important election year as the vote for President takes the stage .  This display has information about the history of voting in America, as well as paying homage to the veteran's past and present for their dedication and sacrifice for the freedom of all Americans.

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Banned Books Week 2020

Banned Books Week 2020                                                                Fall 2020

This year we celebrated Banned Books Week virtually!! We used Zoom and had multiple rounds of questions for teams to answer, and it was a fantastic evening! In our display we amplified the ALA Banned Books Week theme "Censorship is a dead end. Find your freedom to read.".

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Bicycles Booming in 2020 Display

Bicycles Booming in 2020                                                                  Summer 2020

In the midst of Covid-19, an increase of bike sales created another historical 'bicycle boom'.  In this display it shows off how bicycles have been a major trend, as well as providing helpful information about the bicycle community on the MSU campus. 

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Display Title

Plagues and Pandemics: A Glimpse Behind the Masks            Fall 2020

In light of the 2020 pandemic, medical masks have become a hot topic in conversation. In this new display set up on 2nd floor by Archives and Special Collections, glimpse behind the masks at the people and ingenuity that hard times immortalized. 

To see more images of this display please follow this link. 

Leap Year Display - Angled Picture

Leap Year 2020                                                                                    Spring 2020

Once every 4 years the world experiences a Leap Year. This year we celebrated this momentous event with some engaging history. From weddings to witches learn some of the strange connections that leap year makes in these subjects. 

 To learn what history was described in the case please follow this link.


Open House 2020 - Alice in Wonderland

Open House 2020 - Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll    Spring 2020

 January 9th the Library hosted their annual Open House, this year the theme was based on Lewis Carroll's  Alice in Wonderland. During the Year of Undergraduate Research it seemed only natural to pick a book that explores the themes of learning in new and unexpected ways! The Display Case featured a beautifully hand drawn background drawn by the MSU Library administration student worker Andrea Benson. Her talent brought to life the whimsy and intrigue of Carroll's book. The content of the case delved into the history of the author Lewis Carroll and the man who brought the book to life through art Sir John Tenniel.

 To learn what history was described in the case please follow this link. 


Paws display angled from left

Dog Tails for Paws to De-Stress                                                        Fall 2019

At our Paws to De-Stress event, the wonderful volunteers and their dogs come to the Library the last two weeks of the semester to help students take a moment to breathe and relax during a very stressful time of the semester. To help spread smiles to student faces, and helpthemto De-Stressstaff of MSU Librarycompiled pictures of their canine companions to help spread smiles to student faces, and help them to De-Stress!Well the ever curious bobcat Rufus found out... and you know what he did? Herecommended we put our feline friends in here too! And since we are a library and you just know we love our Cats (Go Cats Go!) we simply couldn't resist!!

 To see more images of this display please follow this link. 


Left side of Veterans day 2019 display angled

Veterans Day 2019                                                                              Fall 2019

In remembrance of all the brave men and women that have served to protect the United States of America, we have a simple display with the flag spread ready to fly. Our heart felt thank you goes to those who served, those who are serving and those who shall serve.

To see more images of this display please follow this link. 

crossroads of discovery right angle

Crossroads of Discovery at YOUR Library                                    Fall 2019

This year the library was the place of the Year Of Undergraduate Research (YOUR) Open House; we provided the location for undergraduate students to come and present their research findings to the community.  For our display we made a crossroads of discovery of YOUR Library!  The roads lead to areas such as Special Collections, Acoustic Atlas, eResources, Librarians, and more! 

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banned books week angled from left

Banned Books Week                                                                          Fall 2019

This year we celebrated Banned Books Week with a trivia night at Spectators bar and grill. We had multiple rounds of questions for people to answer, and it was a fantastic evening! In our display we amplified the ALA Banned Books Week theme "Censorship leaves us in the dark. Keep the light on!". We shed light on somebooks and titles that have been banned.

To see more images of this display please follow this link. 

100th birthday celebration of Maurice Hilleman left side of case

100th Birthday Celebration for MSU Alum Dr. Maurice Hilleman                                                                                                Late Summer 2019

As a part of the Year Of Undergraduate Research (YOUR), and in celebration of the 100th birthday of Dr. Maurice Hilleman, the library crafted this display about the MSU Alumni. A man that grew from a humble beginning in the small town of Miles City, Montana made his way to changing the world with hard work and research. 

To see more images of this display please follow this link. 

Moon landing on "tv"50th anniversary of Moon landing from right

50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing                            Summer 2019

In celebration of the 50th Apollo Moon Landing, the library displayed videos of the era, encapsulating the moment from 50 years ago into a quiet moment of reflection of a different time. 

To see more images of this display please follow this link. 


TCLI Display angled from right

Tribal College Library Institute (TCLI) & Native American Studies at MSU                                                                                     Summer 2019

TCLI  was founded in 1989, when library faculty at Montana State University Library, responded to a request for a special workshop to address the professional needs of librarians at Montana’s seven tribal colleges. In 1992, as tribal college librarians in the region received word of this successful annual workshop, participation was increased to include North Dakota and South Dakota, and in 1993 to include the state of Washington. In 1994, TCLI received a grant from the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) to expand the program yet again to include librarians from all AIHEC affiliated libraries. 

Adding to the excitement of TCLI, this year there has been the celebration of the newest Hall on campus, for the Native American Studies. In the case images from the ground blessing, and the proposed building were included. Information about the classes that are offered for the current Native American Studies were listed to show just how many options are offered. 

To see more images of this display please click here.

Graduating class of 2019 display case angled from leftGraduating class of 2019 display case angled from right

Class of 2019, this case is for you! Go Bobcats!                             Spring 2019


We are so proud of all of the graduating students of MSU!

To see more images of our send off display to the class of 2019 follow this link.

Poet-Tree display angled from leftPoet-Tree angled from right

April is National Poet-Tree Month                                                   Spring 2019


 April is National Poetry Month! This year to celebrate, we let our student workers take the lead on designing the display and it turned into this wonderful creation, with the fun theme of Poet-Tree!

They worked to make all of the elements highlight the Poet-Tree and to bring some spring into the library. Poems were chosen from many different time periods, genres, and people from all walks of life. The poems were placed on the leaves, flowers, and raindrops as a way to show that poetry is all around us. Many of the library's poetry books were featured in the case and it was advertised for people to check them out from there. 

This case was a big success with students and staff alike, many stating that the bright colors brought them joy when coming inside from the dreary long Montana wintry weather. To see more images of this display please follow this link.

The Sensual Fish - Full case display

The Sensual Fish - Trout Lecture featuring Henry Hughes Spring 2019


MSU Library sponsors an annual Trout and Salmonid Lecture which is free and open to the public. This year we’re pleased to present The Sensual Fish, a playful and scholarly evening with writer and professor Henry Hughes. Drawing from literature, art and popular culture, Henry will discuss the delightfully slippery world at the confluence of piscine and human existence. Through fishing, Hughes crosses boundaries of race, ethnicity, gender, and class, and learns important life lessons as he interacts with people who share his love of fishing and enjoy the sensual connection between the salty pleasures and tensions of human and fish life. His exploration of the romantic aspects of fishing is sure to delight the audience.  Follow this link to see more images from this display.

Henry’s stories aren’t just for people who fish.

They’re for anyone who enjoys human connection and a good story.

Goethe Display - Full Case Image

Goethe Institute Display                                                                     Spring 2019

The MSU German department was lucky enough to get the Goethe "Erfinderland" exhibit to come to MSU! The MSU Library teamed up with them to extend the exhibit into the Library. There was a display telling about the exhibit as well as acting as a calendar for the events. The exhibit celebrated Germany's contributions of inventions to the world in a wide range of fields. The Library also hosted a virtual reality experience on the CyberDiscovery Wall, featuring a tour of the hindenburg or watching the Bauhaus exhibit their unique dance style. For more information on the event please read the press release. Follow this link to see more images from this display.

OBOB Display Case

One Book One Bozeman 2019                                                           Love and Other Consolation Prizes by Jamie Ford                       SPRING 2019


One Book One Bozeman is a community focused event wherein one book is selected as the local read. By supporting this selection with author talks, discussion panels and other programming, OBOB promotes literacy and community engagement through the shared experience of reading. 

For 2019, MSU Library has partnered with the Bozeman Public Library and the Country Bookshelf to bring to life Jamie Ford's novel Love and Other Consolation Prizes for One Book One Bozeman. Throughout the month of February there will be events that play upon the themes that Jamie paints, themes such as book discussions, Japanese culture, the hazards of working in prostitution, World Fairs, local red-light districts, and many more. These events are open to the community, and we encourage you to attend as many as you would like. To find out more about the events please click here to view the calendar. To read more about the display case, One Book One Bozeman, and the book please click here

OH19 angled from right side

Open House Display 2019 Office of International Programs     Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne theme       Winter 2019

January 8th the Library hosted their annual Open House, this year the theme was based on Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days, so it was only natural to invite the Office of International Programs (OIP) to create the display case. OIP provided images taken by students that have been around the world with the international program. In this display the pictures told the stories of culture, discovery, beauty, friendship, and so much more that are found when traveling. 

To view more photos of this display click here.

Destress for success angled pictureright angled destress for sucees display

De-Stress for Success!                                                                        Winter 2018

During the last two weeks of school, MSU students begin to feel the pressure that finals inevitably create. As a way to help our students do their very best, our De-Stress for Success case has some simple suggestions of ways to help students relax. It simply reminds students just how important it is to relax just for a while so you can resume your studies with renewed vigor.

It was also a great introduction area to our Paws to De-Stress program. During dead week and finals week the Library partners with Intermountain Therapy Animals (ITA); two hours each day there are therapy dogs available for students to interact with, or simply to observe.

During Dead week the library also hosted the Office of Health Advancement with their De-Stress Fest. They provided simple ways for students to relax and stay healthy, with things such as popping bubble wrap, coloring, and eating healthy. The results were instant for many students, visibly seen by the smiles on their faces! 

To see more photos of this display click here

Cropped image of the whole Armistice Display

100th Anniversary of Armistice Day 11/11/1918 - 11/11/2018  Fall 2018

In remembrance of the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day the Library dedicated our display case to the memory of those who served and sacrificed in The Great War. Our humble display housed 100 poppies, one each for the years of remembering, and showed the hope that grows from tragedy.  Our heart felt thank you goes to those who served, those who are serving and those who shall serve. 

Why did we choose Poppies as a focus point? Click here to read more about what inspired this particular display! 

Also check out these events that the MSU Library has been working along the Gallatin History Museum, and the Museum of the Rockies to that commemorate Armistice Day.

125 EOW display picture

125 Extraordinary Ordinary Women of MSU                                Fall 2018

Since the university’s creation 125 years ago, the women of Montana State University have made remarkable contributions to the status of women at the institution, in the state and across the country. In this year celebrating MSU’s 125th anniversary, the President’s Commission on the Status of University Women is honoring women leaders, problem solvers and innovators from today and throughout MSU’s history.

Nominations poured in from across Montana, recognizing those who have had an impact on the status of women at MSU and inspired others by their example. Out of nearly 400 nominations, 125 Extraordinary Ordinary Women of MSU were selected.


Explore the profiles of these Extraordinary Ordinary Women at www.montana.edu/125women and in several locations in the MSU Library until November 9th. 

  • Posters and interactive display of honorees in the atrium (see photo)
  • Featured contributors to the MSU Library Open Collection on the book shelves near the Cyberwall
  • Featured contributors to the MSU Library Special Collections in Special Collections on 2nd floor
  • 125 Women featured on the Cyberwall
  • Don’t miss the display case at the Library entrance!

To see more photos from this exhibit click here.

right side of bbw display

Banned Books                                                                                       FALL 2018

This year we celebrated Banned Books Week with a trivia night at MAP Brewery. We had multiple rounds of questions for people to answer, it resulted in a tie that was settled by a dance off! In our case we showed off some books and titles that have been banned nationally all the way down to individual group levels. The broad scope of books made for a fantastic moment for people to stop and reflect on why these books have burned so brightly in the world of controversy.

For more information click here to learn about this display.

people and technology display pic

People & Technology: An Endless Evolution of Change in the Library.                                                                                                   FALL 2018

This display was designed to show changes the Library has experience throughout its history. It highlights how the technology has evolved and how seamlessly the library has adapted to each new transformation. The technology and artifacts on display throughout the case, such as a card catalog drawer that has methods of how to find information, from the cards, to microfiche, to floppy disks, VHS, CD, DVD, and a thumb drive. The archaic looking book vice that would hold the binding in place as the glue would dry, the rotary telephone and flip mobile phone that has its antenna raised as if still searching for a signal. Each of these items were for a moment, ahead of their time, but now the dust has settled on each of them.

For more information click here to learn about this display.

Picture of the GPD Right Side

Grand Prismatic Spring Inspires Art, Photography and Science                                                                                                  Fall 2018

The display Grand Prismatic Spring Inspires Art, Photography and Science is designed to connect the many ways in which people interact with this unique wonder in Yellowstone National Park. The examples of art and photography are boundless with a wide range of media and artists. The science, represented by MSU’s Thermal Biology Institute, encapsulates one of the finest examples of what we can learn from thermal springs that benefit science as well as humans. The most striking aspect of the Grand Prismatic Spring of course is its renowned color. What seems surely the product of enhanced digital photography is absolutely genuine, and defies all attempts at reproduction. If you haven’t had the opportunity to stand in the sulphur-laden steam from this magnificent spring, there is no better time than now!

placeholder image

Graphic Design 224: Form + Content | Instructor: Meta Newhouse, Associate Professor, Graphic Design
Spring 2018

The book jackets were the product of a course focused on pairing typography and image to express conceptual thinking. The project "The New York Times Non-Fiction Book Bestseller Book Jacket" gave students an opportunity to read about a topic and reinterpret that reading into book jacket form. The students were encouraged to consider characters in the stories, storyline, and relevant surprises and twists. The books displayed belong to the individual artists, and not part of the MSU Library collection.

cat griz

The Divide War: 113 Years of Cat-Griz Rivalry
Late Fall 2017

This display chronicled the spirited history of the Cat/Griz rivalry. It showcased images and information from the MSU Library's Special Collections, which included historical photographs from football programs and team photos dating back to the beginning of the rivalry in 1897. The display took viewers through the first matchup, the Butte years, and up to this year's Brawl of the Wild. 

Banned Book Photo Booth 2017

Banned Books Week
Fall 2017

This year we celebrated our freedom to read during the national Banned Books Week. Our display housed information about why books are banned or challenged, as well as historical accounts of book burnings in the United States. We also had a "Banned Books Selfie Station" where patrons were encouraged to snap a selfie with whichever banned book they were caught reading!

One Book One Bozeman Display

One Book One Bozeman
Fall 2017

One Book One Bozeman, "a community-wide read program designed to encourage engaged discussion and literacy through the reading of a common book." In 2017, the featured book was Speak by Louisa Hall, which interrogates themes of human communication. Glimpse various tools of human communication from different eras, ranging from a rotary phone to one of the first Apple laptops.  One Book One Bozeman is sponsored by the Bozeman Public Library, the Country Bookshelf, and MSU Library.