MSU Library Digital Services supports the MSU Library mission with consulting services and designing and building browser accessible storage and retrieval applications for research and academic digital collections.

Digital Initiatives Projects can be large or small, working with a single individual, partnering with another department or group, or even working with multiple universities, colleges, or outreach learning institutions.

Digital collection objects can be in a variety of file formats to accommodate: static images, videos, audio recordings, text files, or research bibliographic citations.

MSU Library Digital Initiatives Project Examples

MSU Library Digital Initiatives Projects span a wide variety of digital collection types.

Projects typically include designing and building a web-interface application for accessing database records with content information about digital objects, and then delivering those objects to a variety of different browser tools from PCs to cell phones.

MSU Library Special Collections digital projects are one-of-a-kind research materials such as the personal papers on the development of rest-rotation by Gus Hormay, the historical photographs collections by Thomas Brook and James Schultz, and the bibliographic citations to historical architectural drawings.

MSU land-grant university unique materials digital projects are available in citation or full-text retrieval. These unique materials include MSU Theses and Dissertations, MSU Filmmaking Graduate School films, and early 20th Century MSU Extension Service Bulletins.

The Range Science Information System (RSIS) is an academic scholarly partnership project with participation between: University of Idaho Rangeland Ecology and Management, Montana State University Natural Resources and Rangeland Ecology, University of Wyoming College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and University of Arizona Libraries.

The Native Peoples digital collection is a collaborative project between: Little Big Horn College Library, MSU-Northern Library, MSU-Billings Library, MSU-Bozeman Library Special Collections and Museum of Rockies Photo Archive.

Public education outreach projects include selected digital collection extracts shared with web 2.0 repositories such as Flickr Photostreams and Montana Memory Project.

Please contact us if you have questions, need more information, or have a proposal for a digital project.