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Collection 2031 - Lawrence S. Heberle Papers, 1974-1976

Creator: Heberle, Lawrence S.

Provenance Note: Photocopies of research notes, diagrams, maps and materials on Montana military installations, Indian wars and military influence in Montana were donated by Lawrence S. Heberle on September 17, 2001.

Historical Note: Lawrence S. Herberle was a member of the 50th Military History Detachment of the U.S. Army Reserve and did this research on Montana forts as part of the Bicentennial History Project in 1974-76.

Content Description Note: The papers consist entirely of photocopies of research materials. They include: surveys and general information about Camp Baker (original site), Camp Baker/Fort Logan, Camp Ida Thoroughman/Camp Green Clay Smith, Fort Howie and Fort Ellis; maps and diagrams of the fort sites, many of which were drawn by Lawrence S. Heberle; journal articles and newspaper articles about the forts surveyed during the activity of the Montana Indian Wars of 1867; official documents on health and postings of soldiers; general articles related to western forts in Montana and photographs of selected fort sites. Many of the photocopied photographs of the Camp Baker, Camp Baker/Fort Logan, Camp Ida Thoroughman and Fort Howie sites were taken by Lawrence C. Herberle in 1974. Three papers by Major Lawrence S. Heberle, Sgt. Raymond A. Mentzer, Jr. and SP5 Michael R. Fischer were the result of the research and are included in the collection.


Box 1
1. Photocopies of maps, diagrams, articles and photos of Camp Baker, 1869-1974
2. Photocopies of maps, diagrams, articles and photos of Camp Ida Thoroughman/Camp Green Clay Smith, Ft. Howie
3. Photocopies of articles, letters, maps and newspaper clippings of the Indian Wars of 1867 - Camp Ida Thoroughman and Ft. Howie.
4. Photocopies of general resource materials about western forts in Montana
5. Photocopies of research on Ft. Logan (Camp Baker) - letters, bibliographies, descriptions and maps
6. Photocopies of papers derived from the research: Influence of U.S. Military (on Broadwater Co.) By Major Lawrence S. Heberle; Montana Indian Wars of 1867: Camp Thoroughman and Fort Howie by Major Lawrence S. Heberle, Sgt. Raymond A. Mentzer, Jr and SP5 Michael R. Fischer; and A History of Camp Baker/Ft. Logan by Lawrence S. Herberle and Raymond A. Mentzer
Oversize Folder: Map of Camp Baker/Fort Logan drawn by Heberle, 1974

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