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Audiovisual Microform Reading Room (AV/MRR)

The Spain-Sedivy Resource Center, located in the basement of Renne Library, Room 19, houses the library's microform and newspaper collections.

Equipment in the Spain-Sedivy Resource Center (Room 19 Renne Library)

  • 3 self-service scanners
  • 3 self-service microform readers w/ printing and scanning capabilities
  • 5 video viewing stations w/ headphones for DVDs or VHS tapes
  • Audio listening station w/ headphones for CDs or cassette tapes
  • Scanner/reader for the visually impaired
  • 1 self-service photocopier

Equipment located on the 1st Floor

  • 1 large-format black & white printer/copier/scanner; up to 36 x 48 inches (AV Desk)
  • 3 self-service copiers (Southwest corner)
  • KIC - a high speed scanner (stairwell)
  • 6 black/white public printers
  • 1 color printer

Additional Equipment

  • 1 public printer on 2nd floor
  • Photocopiers on 2nd and 3rd floors

For assistance with any equipment, please go to the AV Desk on the 1st floor.

Price List

Self-service Scanners:    
Scanning is Free!    
  CatCard Cash
8½ x 11"  8¢ / side10¢ / side
11 x 14"  8¢ / side10¢ / side
11 x 17" 16¢ / side 20¢ / side
Wide Format Printer/Copier:    
  Students Non-Students
24 x 36"  $2.00 / side$4.00 / side
36 x 48"  $3.00 / side$6.00 / side
      *Ask about availability of recycled sheets and double-sided printing     
Microform Prints:    
  Cash Only  
8½ x 11" 10¢ / sheet  
Public Printers (1st and 2nd floor):    
  CatCard Cash
8½ x 11"  3¢ / side 5¢ / side
About the Spain-Sedivy Resource Center

Spain-Sedivy Resource Center

AV/MRR was transformed into an attractive, contemporary facility with funds donated by Shirley Morrow Sedivy ('60 Bus) and Edmund P. Sedivy, Jr. The room was named the Spain-Sedivy Resource Center in honor of their families. AV/MRR strives to provide access to audiovisual and scanning services in order to promote the continuous learning of our faculty, staff, students and community patrons.

Copyright Policy

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted materials. This institution reserves the right to refuse to accept a copy order if, in its judgement, the fulfillment of the order would involve violation of the copyright law.