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1972 Constitutional Convention Oral Histories

Oral histories conducted in 2021-2022 with the remaining delegates to Montana's 1972 Constitutional Convention. The project was a collaboration of the MSU Library, MSU President's Office, Vice President of Communications Tracy Ellig, MSU alumnus Sarah Vowell, the Montana Free Press, and Montana PBS. For more details, see the digital collection. 

Frank Craighead Papers

The collected research of Dr. Frank C. Craighead Jr. (1916-2001), a scientist and naturalist, best known for his studiues of grizzly and black bears in Yellowstone National Park that he conducted with his twin brother, John Craighead. Their long-term study led the brothers to develop radio-tracking of wildlife. For more details, see the finding aid to the collection. 

Bob and Gennie DeWeese Papers

The personal files and artwork of Bob and Gennie DeWeese, two Bozeman-based artists and teachers who helped to build Montana's modernist art movement. For more details, see the finding aid to the collection. 


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