Creator: Burlingame, Merrill G. (Merrill Gildea), 1901-

Provenance Note: Merrill G. Burlingame was a history professor at Montana State University. He joined the faculty of MSU in 1929, chaired the history department in 1935, and was granted emeritus status in 1969. Burlingame was an active researcher who wrote numerous works on Montana history, among them two texts relating to Montana State University's general history. The first, Montana State College 1893 to 1919: a preliminary sketch (Bozeman: 1943) was composed in conjunction with the University's 50th anniversary. The second, A History, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana (Bozeman: 1968) built on his earlier work in order to commemorate the University's 75th anniversary. Other texts Burlingame wrote relating to the University include The Danforth Chapel and Religious Activities at Montana State University, 1893-1991 (Bozeman: 1991) and The Montana Cooperative Extension Service: A history, 1893-1974 (Bozeman: 1984).

Historical Note: The Morrill Act of 1862 endowed the state of Montana with the ability to create land grant or agricultural colleges. On February 16, 1893, the Montana legislature passed an act creating the Agricultural College of the State of Montana. The university underwent an assortment on name changes over the first seventy years of its existence; First known as "Montana State College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts," it was later shortened to "Montana Agricultural College." In 1921 the institution was known as "Montana State College," and remained as its title until 1965 when the name was officially changed to "Montana State University." The University has observed the 25th, 50th, 75th, and 100th anniversaries of its founding by special events and the issuance of published histories of the institution.

Content Description Note: The research files contained within this collection demonstrates Burlingame's research and writing activities as he worked to create A History, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana as a commemoration of the University's 75th anniversary. Burlingame used his own earlier work and reached out across the campus to gather other material compiled by staff, committee members, alumni, and University former presidents in order to assemble his text. He used an assortment of materials that ranged from short University histories prepared by himself and others to correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, and reminiscences. Of particular interest is preliminary manuscript of Una B. Herrick's work, Twenty Years at Montana State University and an unpublished manuscript history by former MSU President James M. Hamilton. Other items to note include correspondence and writings by two of the original eight students from the university's inception, Lucy Stafford Peck and Tom McKee.

The collection consists of six series, five of which were developed by Burlingame to organize his work, and all original folder titles have been retained in quotes, with added content information added for clarity. Series 6, however, is a hodgepodge of miscellaneous information pertaining to the university which were unorganized and gathered together during processing. Folder arrangement within each series is alphabetic.

Related Materials Note: For additional MSU history materials gathered by Merrill G. Burlingame, researchers are advised to consult the Merrill G. Burlingame Papers, Collection 2245, also located in Special Collections.


Series 1 MSU History
Series 2 Programs & Curricula
Series 3 Buildings
Series 4 Faculty
Series 5 Students
Series 6 Miscellaneous

Series 1: MSU History

General research files pertaining to Montana State University History. This series presents Burlingame's compilation of correspondence, histories, reports, statistics, legislative information, enrollment, and financial information. Information ranges from earlier histories to reports of various anniversary observance committees. This series includes a partial history written by former University President James M. Hamilton which was never published. Quotation marks indicate the original folder titles prior to processing.

Box 1
1. "Brewer's History of M.S.C."; Brewer Correspondence, c. 1954-1968
2. "Brewer's History of M.S.C."; Montana State College – W.F. Brewer
3. "Brewer's History of M.S.C."; Personal Data
4. "Brewer's History of M.S.C."; Unknown Title - Brewer
5. "Brewer's History of M.S.C."; Unknown Title - Brewer
6. "College History-Misc."; Background Sketches
7. "College History-Misc."; Enrollment & Finances
8. "College History-Misc."; Hamilton Correspondence
9. "College History-Misc."; Research Notes
10. "Dean Hamilton's Notes"; Early Student Statistics
11. "Dean Hamilton's Notes"; The Educational Policy 1904-1919
12. "Dean Hamilton's Notes"; History of the Montana State College of Agriculture & Mechanic Arts.
13. "Dean Hamilton's Notes"; Research Notes
14. "Early Catalog Notes"; Annual MSC Course Catalog
15. "Hamilton's History of M.S.C."; Additions to the Campus and Farm Lands. 1904 to 1919.
16. "Hamilton's History of M.S.C."; College Administration
17. "Hamilton's History of M.S.C."; College Finances 1904 to 1919
18. "Hamilton's History of M.S.C."; Hamilton documents, c. 1914-1970
19. "Hamilton's History of M.S.C."; Legislative Acts 1909, 1913, 1929
20. "Hamilton's History of M.S.C."; Legislative Appropriations 1904-1919
21. "Hamilton's History of M.S.C."; Photograph, J.M. Hamilton
22. "Hamilton's History of M.S.C."; Newspaper Clipping
23. "Hamilton's History of M.S.C."; Research Notes
24. "Hamilton's History of M.S.C."; Research Notes
25. "Hamilton's History of M.S.C."; 1919 M.S.C. Annual Report of the President
26. "History-Early"; Freda Bull Research Notes
27. "History-Early"; Newspaper Clippings
28. "History-Early"; Research Notes
29. "50th Anniversary 1943"; Correspondence 1942-1943

Box 2
1. "50th Anniversary 1943"; Invitations
2. "50th Anniversary 1943"; MSC Handbook, 1942-43
3. "50th Anniversary 1943"; Newspaper Clippings
4. "50th Anniversary 1943"; Research Notes
5. "75th Committee"; Correspondence, 1967-1968
6. "75th Committee"; Meeting Minutes, 1967-1968
7. "75th Committee"; Newspaper Clippings
8. "75th Committee"; Programs

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Series 2: Programs & Curricula

Information files on the various programs and curricula of Montana State University. Burlingame compiled an assortment of correspondence, reports, statistics, newspaper clippings, and lists within these materials in order to further his research. This series covers materials ranging from agriculture to the agricultural experiment station, chemistry, fraternity housing, as well as religion, music, etc. Quotation marks indicate the original folder titles prior to processing.

Box 2 (cont.)
9. "Agriculture"; Agriculture Correspondence, 1936
10. "Agriculture"; "Division of Agriculture", Bachelor's of Science
11. "Agriculture"; "Division of Agriculture", Enrollment
12. "Agriculture"; "Division of Agriculture", Master's of Science
13. "Agriculture"; Measurable Attainment in Agriculture After Thirty-Six Years of Service – Clyde McKee
14. "Agriculture"; Montana Extension Service, Extension Correspondence, 1964
15. "Agriculture"; Montana Extension Service, Research Notes
16. "Agriculture"; Montana Extension Service, VI. Service to the State: The Experiment Station & Extension Service
17. "Agriculture"; Newspaper Clippings
18. "Agriculture"; Summary of the Occupational Record of the Agricultural Graduates of Montana State College – Clyde McKee, 1930
19. "Agriculture"; Your Agricultural College in a Changing World – Roy E. Huffman
20. "Agricultural Economics"; Agricultural Economics
21. "Agricultural Economics"; Farm Credit in Montana – 1964
22. "Agricultural Economics"; Farm Organization & Accounts
23. "Agricultural Economics"; History of Agricultural Economics Department of Montana State College
24. "Agricultural Economics"; Research Notes
25. "Agricultural Education Below College Grade"; report by Oscar Tretsven
26. Agricultural "Experiment Station"; Experiment Correspondence, 1945
27. Agricultural "Experiment Station"; Experiment Station Finances, 1939
28. Agricultural "Experiment Station"; Fifty Years of Agricultural Research in Montana 1893 to 1943
29. Agricultural "Experiment Station"; Newspaper Clippings
30. Agricultural "Experiment Station"; Research Notes
31. Agricultural "Experiment Station"; Vibriosis of Cattle – M.G. Burlingame
32. Agricultural "Experiment Station Publications"; Index of Bulletins & Circulars, 1958-1964
33. Agricultural "Experiment Station Publications"; Index of Journal Articles, 1931-1961
34. "Agricultural Research"; Research Notes
35. "Business Office"; Treasurers at Montana State University
36. "Chemistry Dept."; Chemistry Correspondence, 1959
37. "Commerce"; Research Notes
38. "Curricula"; Newspaper Clipping
39. "Curricula"; Research Notes
40. "Dairy Industry"; History of the Industry Department, Montana State College
41. "Development"; Appropriation Requests for the University System 1957-1959
42. "Development"; Jobs for the Future, Montana State College
43. "Development"; Newspaper Clippings
44. "Economics Dept History"; History of the Economics Department
45. "Education"; Newspaper Clippings
46. "Education"; Recommendations Concerning Education in Montana – Harriet Miller
47. "Education"; Research Notes
48. "Engineering Experiment Station"; Index of Bulletins, 1936-1963
49. "English Department Faculty – W.F. Brewer"; Faculty List, 1893-1942
50. "Film & TV"
51. "Fraternity Housing Survey"; Fraternity Housing Correspondence, c. 1945-1961
52. "Fraternity Housing Survey"; Legislation
53. "Fraternity Housing Survey"; Reports and Summaries
54. "Fraternity Housing Survey"; Research Notes
55. "Fraternity Housing Survey"; Surveys

Box 3
1. "Graduate Division"; Graduate Correspondence, 1961
2. "Graduate Division"; History of Graduate Work at Montana State College, 1893-1955
2a. "Historical Report Department of Mechanical Engineering Montana State College" - R.E. Gibbs & F.C. Homann
3. "History of the Dept. of Education – W.F. Brewer"
4. "History of Forensics – Gerry Neely"
4a. "History of Industrial Engineering Montana State College 1923-1943" - Merrill R. Good
5. "Letters and Science"; Table I
6. "Modern Language Dept. History – W.F. Brewer"; Brewer Correspondence, 1943
7. "Modern Language Dept. History – W.F. Brewer"; History of the Department of Modern Languages
8. "Music"; History of Music at Montana State College, 1893-1946 – Louis L. Howard
9. "Music"; Newspaper Clippings
10. "Music"; Research Notes
11. "Programs"; Montana State College: "Speaker's Bureau"
12. "Programs"; Newspaper Clipping
13. "Programs"; Program Correspondence, 1943
14. "Registrar's Office"; History of the Registrar's Office
15. "Religion"; Fliers and Newsletter
16. "Religion"; Research Notes
17. "Short Courses"; Newspaper Clipping
18. "Short Courses"; Research Notes

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Series 3: Buildings

Research files pertaining to buildings around the university. Materials within this series include an assortment of correspondence, lease samples, newspaper clippings, committee information, and reports. This series offers information on the naming of various university buildings by committees charged with the responsibility. It also includes material relating to the Engineering Building dedication, as well as information pertaining to "The M," a prominent local landmark set into the mountainside overlooking the city of Bozeman. Quotation marks indicate the original folder titles prior to processing.

Box 3 (cont.)
19. "Buildings"; Research Notes & Materials
20. "Engineering Bldg. Dedication & W. Milnor Roberts"; Dedication Correspondence, c. 1922-1954
21. "Engineering Bldg. Dedication & W. Milnor Roberts"; Dedication of New Engineering Building
22. "Engineering Bldg. Dedication & W. Milnor Roberts"; Newspaper Clipping
23. "Fraternity Building"; Correspondence, c. 1947-1984
24. "Fraternity Building"; Research Notes & Materials
25. "Fraternity Building"; Sample Leases
26. "H & P.E."; Newspaper Clippings
27. "The "M""
28. "The "M""; Newspaper Clipping
29. "The "M""; Research Notes & Materials
30. "Machine Shop"; Shop Correspondence, 1953
31. "Montana Hall – Cornerstone"'; Cornerstone Content List
32. "Name's Committee"; Committee Correspondence, c. 1961-1968
33. "Name's Committee"; Committee Correspondence, c. 1971-1977
34. "Name's Committee"; Clippings
35. "Name's Committee"; Faculty Information
36. "Name's Committee"; Meeting Minutes
37. "Name's Committee"; Name's Lists
38. "Name's Committee"; Research Notes
39. "Student Union"; Research Notes & Materials
40. "Student Union"; The Student Union at Montana State University – Mildred J. Leigh

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Series 4: Faculty

Research files pertaining to the faculty of the university. Material within this series includes an assortment of biographical sketches, reports, correspondence, meeting notes, as well as an original manuscript. Information ranges from material on staff members to the Quarter Century Club and generic faculty information. Of note is the original manuscript for Twenty Years at Montana State College by Una B. Herrik. A final version of Herrik's text can be found in the library's monograph collection at call number LD3508.H47 1931. Other items of note are a speech former acting President F.B. Linfield (folder 25, "Personal Story"), a report by Linfield (folder 27, "Story of My Work and Services at Montana State College"), information on former President R.R. Renne's inauguration as president of Montana State College (folder 36), and a report by former President A.M. Ryon (folder 39, "The Beginning of Engineering in Montana"). Quotation marks indicate the original folder titles prior to processing.

Box 3 (cont.)
41. "Atkinson", Alfred; Comments on Teaching Faculty of MSC - Alfred Atkinson
42. "Atkinson", Alfred; Research Notes & Materials
43. "Burke – Brewer – Davis – Burlingame"; Burke Correspondence, c. 1895
44. "Burke – Brewer – Davis – Burlingame"; Burke Biographical Sketch
45. "Burke – Brewer – Davis – Burlingame"; Meeting Notes
46. "Cardon, P.V."; Research Notes
47. "William M. Cobleigh"; Biographical Sketch
48. "William M. Cobleigh"; Cobleigh Correspondence, 1943-1944; 1955
49. "William M. Cobleigh"; Montana State College and Early Day Public Health in Montana – H.B. Foote
50. "William M. Cobleigh"; Montana State College–Progress in the Years from 1893-1936
51. "William M. Cobleigh"; Research Notes

Box 4
1. "Cooley, R.A."; Biographical Sketch
2. "Cooley, R.A."; Cooley Correspondence, 1946
3. "Faculty"; Faculty Correspondence, 1969
4. "Faculty"; Newspaper Clipping
5. "Faculty"; Research Notes
6. "Faculty Handbook"; Research Materials
7. "Foster, Luther"; Foster Correspondence, 1955 & 1970
8. "Foster, Luther"; Research Notes
9. "Government"; Government Correspondence, 1958 & 1961
10. "Hapner, Leora"; Research Materials
11. "Una B. Herrik"; The Coat of Arms of Sir Peter Warren – Emily H. Butterfield
12. "Una B. Herrik"; The College of Montana
13. "Una B. Herrik"; Herrick Correspondence, c. 1910-1931
14. "Una B. Herrik"; His First Suicide – Edwin LeFeere
15. "Una B. Herrik"; Poetry
16. "Una B. Herrik"; Twenty Years at Montana State College – Una B. Herrik
17. "Una B. Herrik"; Twenty Years at Montana State College – Una B. Herrik
18. "Una B. Herrik"; Whose Boots? – Juanita Grulla
19. "Leon H. Johnson"; Newspaper Clipping
20. "William A. Johnstone"; Johnstone Correspondence, 1970
21. "M.M. Kelso"; A New Tax System for Montana – M.M. Kelso
22. "F.B. Linfield"; Agricultural Development in Montana
23. "F.B. Linfield"; Biographical Sketch
24. "F.B. Linfield"; Linfield Correspondence, c. 1943-1944
25. "F.B. Linfield"; A Personal Story (A talk prepared for the Quarter Century Club)
26. "F.B. Linfield"; Research Notes
27. "F.B. Linfield"; Story of my Work and Services at the Montana State College
28. "Mrs. Marshall"; Mrs. Frederica Ellsworth Marshall
29. "McIntosh, Carl"; Newspaper Clippings
30. "Homer G. Phelps"; Newspaper Clipping
31. "Homer G. Phelps"; Phelps Correspondence, 1979-1980
32. "Homer G. Phelps"; Research Notes
33. "Quarter Century Club"; Club Correspondence, 1943
34. "James Reid"; Biographical Sketch
35. "Renne, R.R."; Gubernatorial Propaganda
36. "Renne, R.R."; The Inauguration of Roland R. Renne as President of Montana State College
37. "Renne, R.R."; Newspaper Clippings
38. "Renne, R.R."; Renne Correspondence, 1967-1968 & 1984
39. "A.M. Ryon"; The Beginning of Engineering Education in Montana – A.M. Ryon
40. "A.M. Ryon"; Research Materials
41. "A.M. Ryon"; Ryon Correspondence, 1937-1939
42. "A.M. Ryon"; Ryon Correspondence, 1939
43. "A.M. Ryon"; Ryon Correspondence, c. 1949-1951
44. "A.L. Strand"; Biographical Sketch
45. "A.L. Strand"; Clippings
46. "A.L. Strand"; An Evening of Reminiscence at Montana State University Concerning President A.L. Strand
47. "A.L. Strand"; Strand Correspondence, c. 1969 & 1982

Box 5
1. "Deane B. Swingle"; Biographical Sketch
2. "John C. "Jack" Taylor"; Biographical Sketch
3. "John C. "Jack" Taylor"; Information on John C. (Jack) Taylor – Helen S. Taylor & E.J. Bell Jr.
4. "Joseph Thaler"; Biographical Sketch
5. "True, Louis"; Montana State University and How it was Built
6. "True, Louis"; Questionnaire
7. "Howard Welsh"; Biographical Sketch
8. "E.V. Wilcox"; Wilcox Correspondence, c. 1969
9. "Wilson, M.L."; Biographical Sketch
10. "Wilson, M.L."; Research Materials

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Series 5: Students

Research files pertaining to students and student activities. Material within this collection consists of lists, newspaper clippings, correspondence, reports, etc. Information ranges from materials on alumni to fraternities, prep-school materials, and correspondence as well as a report by two of the original eight students of the university. Of interest is the report by Lucy Stafford Peck, one of three female students enrolled from the eight original students of Montana State College (folder 25, "Some Memories of Early Days at M.S.C.") Quotation marks indicate the original folder titles prior to processing.

Box 5 (cont.)
11. "Alumni"; Chemistry Department, Student Lists
12. "Alumni"; Newspaper Clippings
13. "Alumni"; Research Materials
14. "Alumni Association"; Association Correspondence, 1941
15. "Early M.S.U. – Lorentz, Floyd"; Lorentz Correspondence, 1943 & 1970
16. "Early M.S.U. – Lorentz, Floyd"; Research Notes
17. "Fraternities"; Fraternities Correspondence, 1962
18. "Fraternities"; Early History of Fraternities at M.S.U. – Paul Davidson
19. "Fraternities"; Greek Society at Montana State – Jerry C. Young
20. "Fraternities"; Research Notes
21. "Government – Students & Organizations"; History of Student Government: Montana State College – William M. Dimich
22. "Government – Students & Organizations"; The History of Student Government at Montana State College – Jack Kober
23. "Government – Students & Organizations"; Research Notes
24. "Henry T. Murray"; Some Recollections of Montana State College – Henry T. Murray
25. "Lucy Stafford Peck"; Some Memories of Early Days at M.S.C. – Lucy Stafford Peck
26. "Prep School – John Kremer"; Kremer Correspondence, c. 1970-1974
27. "Prep School – John Kremer"; Some Observations Relative to the Preparatory Department at Montana State College during the years 1900 to 1910 – John H. Kremer
28. "Tom McKee"; McKee Correspondence, c. 1947-1961
29. "Tom McKee"; Newspaper Clipping
30. "Tom McKee"; Research Notes
31. "Rhodes Scholars"; Research Notes
32. "Student Entertainment"; Interview Transcript
33. "Student Life"; Research Materials
34. "Student Life"; The Strike of 1930

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Series 6: Miscellaneous

Series 6 is a hodgepodge of information compiled by Burlingame for his text. Topics in this series vary from academic freedom to creation of units (other higher-level education institutions in Montana), as well as finances, endowment, traditions, and the 4-H. Materials range from correspondence to newspaper clippings, reports, and conference proceedings. Quotation marks indicate the original folder titles prior to processing.

Box 5 (cont.)
35. "Academic Freedom"; Challenge the Candidate
36. "Academic Freedom"; Newspaper Clipping
37. "Archives"; Research Materials
38. "Bozeman Comment"; Facts About Montana State College
39. "Chancellors"; Chancellors Correspondence, 1943
40. "Chancellors"; Newspaper Clipping
41. "Chancellors"; Research Notes
42. "Commencement, 1959; Senior Class Call"; Senior Class Call 1959 – Kenneth Nelson
43. "Consolidation"; Newspaper Clippings
44. "Consolidation"; Research Notes
45. "Creation of Units"; Units Correspondence, 1970
46. "Creation of Units"; Research Notes
47. "Don Anderson 'America's Challenge to the Press'" – Don Anderson
48. "Endowment & Research Foundation"; Foundation Correspondence, 1959-1960
49. "Enrollment"; Enrollment Chart 1893-1925
50. "Finances"; Appropriation Requests for the University System, 1957-1959 Biennium
51. "Finances"; Montana State College Experiment Station & Branch Stations Extension Service
52. "Finances"; Newspaper Clipping
53. "Finances"; Research Materials
54. "Finances"; Support for Higher Education in Montana
55. "Governor Nutter, 1961-1962"; I.S.A. Bobcat Independent
56. "Great Plains Project – W.F. Brewer"; Project Correspondence, 1943
57. "Land Grants"; Research Notes
58. "Northern Plains Conference, 1944"; Conference Proceedings
59. "Sigma XI Club – B.L. Johnson"; The History of the Sigma XI Club – B.L. Johnson
60. "Traditions"; A List of Traditions Which Have Been Recognized at Some Time at Montana State University
61. "University & Other Units"; Montana State University – Ken Neils
62. "University & Other Units"; Newspaper Clippings
63. "University & Other Units"; Research Materials
64. "4-H"; 4-H Club History & Development – Meta Scheytt Harper
65. "4-H"; Directory
66. "4-H"; Youth Opportunities in Montana

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