Creator: Intercollegiate Knights. Fang Chapter


Provenance Note: Scrapbooks and other records created or collected by the Intercollegiate Knights Fang chapter were accessioned in 1974. Additional scrapbooks created by the organization were moved from Accession 81040 in November 2013.


Historical Note: On March 13, 1922, the Knights of the Hook, a University of Washington underclass service organization, was granted permission by the UW administration to form a national organization, the Intercollegiate Knights. On April 12, final sanction was given by the university and the Intercollegiate Knights were incorporated under the laws of the State of Washington. The next step was to establish the Intercollegiate Knights in other universities and colleges and five chapters were installed as charter members, including the Fang Chapter at Montana State College. The "Fangs," as they became commonly known, had existed as a local service organization from the year 1919 and contributed much to the national Intercollegiate Knights in the years that followed. In 1931, the National Convention was held in Bozeman, and in 1950 the campus hosted the convention again. Bud Lowe, former Royal King and Duke of the Fang in 1933, was chosen National Adviser at the same Chapter and wrote the lyrics for the Intercollegiate Knights Service Song which was adopted and copyrighted by the national organization in the same year. The Fangs enjoyed a close cooperation with the SPURS, a female collegiate service organization and sometimes held joint meetings with them on the Bozeman campus. The Fangs ceased operating at Montana State University in 2000 and the Spurs in 2006, but former members from both organizations remain active in the Montana State University Alumni Association.


Content Description Note: The Fang chapter records consist of scrapbooks containing mostly captioned photographs but also occasionally newspaper clippings, documents, and other memorabilia. The records also include minute books of chapter meetings from 1945 through 1976, president's meeting agenda notes, chapter president's reports, and miscellaneous documents such as initiation questions, purchase orders for sweaters, and other ephemera documenting the chapter's activities.


Box 1 Scrapbook 1954-55

Box 2 Scrapbook 1965-66

Box 3 Scrapbook 1966-67; Scrapbook 1970-71; Scrapbook 1971-72

Box 4 Scrapbook 1972-73; Scrapbook 1973-74

Box 5 Scrapbook 1974-75

Box 6 Scrapbook 1975-76; Scrapbook 1976-77

Box 7 Scrapbook 1980-81

Box 8
1. Minute book, 1945-1956
2. Minute book, 1962-1966
3. Minute book, 1966-1975


Box 9
1. President's notes and agenda, 1966-1967
2. President's notes and agenda, 1966-1967
3. President's notes and agenda, 1966-1967
4. President's report, 1962-1963
5. President's report, 1965-1966
6. Miscellaneous documents

Updated: 12/19/13