Creator: Mathews, Craig, 1949-

Provenance Note: Original correspondence, manuscripts and photographs created or collected by Craig Matthews of Cameron, Montana were donated to Montana State University by him on January 30, 2017.

Historical Note: Craig Mathews was born in 1949 in Michigan. Mathews moved to West Yellowstone, Montana in 1979 where he worked as the chief of police. In 1980, Mathews and his wife, Jacquelyn, founded Blue Ribbon Flies, a fly shop based out of West Yellowstone, Montana. The Mathews have dedicated their lives to conservation efforts and fly fishing, as well as supporting many other conservation organizations, the Mathews are cofounders of 1% for the Planet. Along with being a conservationist, businessman, and prominent angler, Mathews is also an accomplished angling author, with titles including: Yellowstone Fly-Fishing Guide, Western Fly-Fishing Strategies, and Fly Fishing the Madison. The Mathews sold Blue Ribbon Flies in 2014, and now reside in Cameron, Montana.

Content Description Note:  The Craig Mathews papers consist of correspondence, financial and legal documents, manuscript material, printed material, photographs, other media, and memorabilia and realia. Materials include: letters from prominent individuals such as President Jimmy Carter, NBC correspondent Tom Brokaw, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, and fly fishing legend Lefty Kreh, various manuscript material pertaining to Mathews’ work as an author, a signed photograph of Jimmy Carter, and journals and day books in which Mathews recorded his day to day activities as well as his experiences fishing in Montana and around the world.

Series 1: Correspondence

This series includes personal correspondence with clients and friends of the Mathews family. Notable correspondents include: Tom Brokaw, Yvon Chouinard, President Jimmy Carter, Brian Schweitzer, John Tester and Max Baucus. There is also a wealth of letters received from Nick Lyons of the Lyons Press, as well as from Herbert Wellington. This series is organized alphabetically, in situations where one sender has a wealth of letters, that sender was designated his/her own folder.

Box 1

1. A
2. Atkin, Darwin
3. B
4. Baker, Palmer
5. Bitton, Dennis
6. Boyle, Robert
7. Brokaw, Tom
8. Brooks, Charlie and Gracie
9. Brown, Dick
10. C
11. Carter, Jimmy (President)
12. Yvon, Chouinard
13. D
14. Droetto, Angelo
15. E
16. F
17. G
18. Gartside, Jack
19. Goddard, John
20. H
21. Hall, Dave
22. I
23. J
24. K
25. Klinkenborg, Verlyn
26. Kreh, Lefty (Bernard)
27.  L
28. Luallen, Wayne
29. Lyons, Nick
30. Lyons, Nick (cont.)
31. Lyons, Nick (cont.)
32. Lyons, Nick (cont.)
33. Lyons, Nick (cont.)
34. Lyons, Nick (cont.)
35. M
36. N
37. O
38. P
39. R
40. S
41. Schaplow, Barry
42. T
43. V
44. Voelker, John

Box 2

1. Voss-Bark, Conrad and Anne
2. W
3. Wellington, Charles
4. Wellington, Herbert
5. Wellington, Herbert (cont.)
6. Wellington, Herbert (cont.)
7. Wilson, Dermot
8. Woods, Robert

Box 3

1. Y
2. Z
3. Zackheim, Hugh
4. Unidentified Correspondence
5. Outgoing Correspondence: 1981
6. Outgoing  Correspondence: 1990
7. Outgoing Correspondence: 1995
8. Outgoing Correspondence: 1998
9. Outgoing Correspondence: 2000
10. Outgoing Correspondence: 2002
11. Outgoing Correspondence: Unknown Dates


Series 2: Financial and legal documents

This series includes invoices and ledgers pertaining to Blue Ribbon Flies, hunting licenses and fishing permits, publishing contracts, tickets and warnings Mathews received over his lifetime, and other material pertaining to Mathews’ life as a business man and author.

Box 4

1. Brief on "Waterborne"
2. Fly Tyer's Licensing Agreement, Umpqua Feather Merchants
3. Greycliff Publishing: Contracts
4. Invoices
5. Ledger: 1983
6. Licenses/Permits/Tags/etc.
7. Licenses/Permits/Tags/etc. (cont.)
8. Lyons and Burford Publishers
9. Lyons Press
10. Miscellaneous Membership Cards
11. Publishing Agreements and Briefs
12. Receipts and Bills
13. R.L. Winston Co. Pro Staff Agreement
14. Tickets and Warnings
15. Trout Report Forms

Series 3: Manuscript material

This series includes material pertaining to Mathews’ work as an angling author, such as drafts of books and articles, as well as correspondence with publishers and editors pertaining to these works. Included are drafts of articles and books written by Mathews such as Fly-Fishing the Madison, and “A Letter from Yellowstone Country.” Along with material written by Mathews, there are also edited drafts sent to Mathews by other authors such as John Juracek.

Box 4 (cont.)

16. 1988 in Review and 1989 New Fly Patterns: Drafts
17. Adult Nature Stones: Edited Draft
18. "An Annotated List of Yellowstone Area Trout Stream Trichoptera and Ephemeroptera, with Reference to Emergence Dates" by John Juracek: Edited Drafts, 1986
19. Author Bios
20. Author Notes and Miscellaneous Drafts
21. Caddis Flies III: Notes
22. The Complete Fly-Fisherman's Guide to Stoneflies, 1990: Draft and Correspondence
23. Crabs, the #1 Bonefish Food, Effective and easy to Tie Patterns: Draft
24. Draft Material on Bonefish, Crab, Shrimp and Clam Patterns
25. Draft, Notes, and Correspondence on Sparkle Duns and X-Caddis Patterns
26. An Early Season Letter from Yellowstone: Draft
27. An Early Season Letter from Yellowstone and Southwestern Montana: Drafts
28. Exploring Yellowstone's Underfished and Overlooked Waters: Draft
29. Fishing Yellowstone Waters: Revisions for Revised Edition
30. Fly Fishing for Bonefish: Draft with Note from Dick Brown
31. Fly-Fishing the Madison: Correspondence
32. Fly-Fishing the Madison: Audio Tape Transcription
33. Fly-Fishing the Madison: 1st Draft
34. Fly-Fishing the Madison: Edited Draft, 2000
35. Fly-Fishing the Madison: Edited Draft
36. Fly-Fishing the Madison: Dummy Copy with Edits from the Editor, 2001
37. Fly-Fishing in Ireland: Edited Draft (Unknown Author)
38. Fly Patterns of Yellowstone 2nd Edition: Draft
39. Fly Patterns of Yellowstone 2nd Edition: Edited Draft
40. Great Fly Fishing Areas   Yellowstone National Park: Draft
41. Innovative Flies and Conservation from Slough Creek to the Salt: Draft
42. A Letter from Yellowstone Country: Draft
43. "The Law": Handwritten Poem
44. Miscellaneous Author Notes
45. Miscellaneous Author Notes (cont.)
46. Miscellaneous Author Notes (cont.)
47. Miscellaneous Drafts
48. Miscellaneous Draft on Nymph Fishing
49. Miscellaneous Draft on Nymph Fishing
50. Montana Paradise: Edited Draft
51. The Professionals' 100 Favorite Fly Patterns: Draft
52. The Professionals' 100 Favorite Fly Patterns: Correspondence
53. The River Rap Series   the Madison River with Craig Mathews and Gary LaFontaine
54. Simple Fly Fishing Techniques for Tenkara and Rod and Reel: Draft
55. Simple Fly Fishing Techniques for Tenkara and Rod and Reel: Draft
56. Simple Fly Fishing Techniques for Tenkara and Rod and Reel: Draft
57. Simple Fly Fishing Techniques for Tenkara and Rod and Reel: Draft with Notes
58. Simple Fly Fishing Techniques for Tenkara and Rod and Reel: Correspondence
59. So You're Coming to Yellowstone Country: Drafts
60. A Spring Letter from Yellowstone Country: Draft
61. Synthetic and Natural Materials in Fly Tying: Draft, 1990
62. Underfished and Overlooked Waters of Yellowstone Country: Drafts
63. The Waters of Yellowstone with Rod and Fly: 1999 Intro Draft and Correspondence
64. The Waters of Yellowstone with Rod and Fly: Edited Draft and Notes
65. Wild Trout Journal: Dummy Copy, 1995
66. Yellowstone Fly-Fishing Guide: Edited Draft
67. In Yellowstone, A Sacred Trust Betrayed, by Mike Finely: Edited Draft


Series 4: Printed material

This series consists of published material Mathews collected over his lifetime. Included material: fishing and hunting catalogues, business cards, posters, magazines and magazine articles, Blue Ribbon Flies catalogues and fishing maps, invitations, brochures, pamphlets, material on the Federation of Fly Fishers, along with other material pertaining to fishing, hunting and Mathews’ life. This series contains oversized materials that have been separated from the series, the separation is denoted by an asterisk (*) next to the folder from which the material was removed.

Box 4 (cont.)

68. Adams Angling and Hunting Books and Paraphernalia: Catalog 1990
69. Address List
70. American Association of Professional Fly Tyers
71. Anglers’ Club of New York: Member Lists, Invitations, etc.
72. The Anglers’ Club of New York Auction Catalogues: 1988-2001
73. The Anglers’ Club of New York Auction Catalogues: 2003-2016
74. Angling: September, 1988
75. Bank Notes: Spring, 2007
76. Blue Ribbon Flies: Catalogues and Newsletters, 1983-2009
77. Blue Ribbon Flies: Fishing Maps
78. Bob Jacklin’s Fly Shop Catalogue and Newsletter: 1984


Box 5

1. The Boone and Crocket Club: Invitation
2. Bud Lilly's Catalogue: 1979 and 1982
3. Business Cards
4. Class Reunion Brochure: 1967
5. Confluence: Art and the Trout Fly: Brochure, 1999
6. The Covered Wagon Ranch
7. DePuy's Spring Creek: Fishing Map and Hatch Chart
8. DePuy's Spring Creek Regulations
9. Ducks Unlimited: Banquet Program
10. Ennis Fly Fishing Festival: Brochure
11. Federation of Fly Fishers
12. Field and Stream: February, 1993
13. Fly Tying Materials Conclave, 1991
14. Funeral Programs and Memorials
15. Gallatin River Celebration
16. Greater Yellowstone Coalition
17. Guardians of the River Gala Banquet
18. Head Waters Fly Fishers: Festival of Fly Fishing, 2007
19. Hebgen Reservoir Fisheries Management History, 1954-1979
20. Henry's Fork Anglers INC.: 1982
21. HMH Tying Tools
22. Hunter's Angling Supplies: 1985
23. Invitations
24. Judith Bowman Books: Catalogues
25. Kaweah Flyfishers: Newsletters, 1989
26. Madison River Foundation
27. Magic Valley Fly Fishers 30th Annual Banquet: 1999
28. Mari Lyons: Show Announcement
29. Mending the Line: 1990 and 2001
30. Miscellaneous Magazine Articles
31. Miscellaneous Printed Material
32. The Montana Fly Fishing Report
33. Montana's Three Seasons: George Roemhild
34. Montana Trout Foundation
35. MSU Library 2016 Trout and Salmonid Lecture: Brochure, 2016
36. Natural Habitat: Catalogue
37. NBC's Smith River Calendar, 1994*
38. News Clippings: 1961-1992
39. News Clippings: 1992-2015
40. News Clippings: No Dates
41. Nick Lyons Acceptance Words
42. One Percent For the Planet
43. Pamphlets
44. Patagonia
45. Paul Pursell Outdoor Books: Catalogue, Fall 1987
46. Poems
47. Post Cards
48. Posters
49. Publicity
50. River Rap Series
51. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
52. Slacklines: 1996
53. Some Call It Madness: Bob Jackson
54. Spanierman Gallery, LLC
55. Stickers
56. Suncoast Sportsmen's Association: Program, 1989
57. Thoughts on Angling
58. Three Dollar Bridge Project: Pamphlet/Maps/etc.
59. Trout Unlimited
60. Trout Unlimited: Big Blackfoot Chapter
61. The Trust for Public Land
62. Wedding Announcements
63. West Yellowstone Fly Fishers
64. Wild Trout Symposium
65. Yellowstone Art Center's 27th Annual Art Auction: Brochure, 1995
66. Yellowstone National Park
67. Yellowstone Park Foundation

Series 5: Photographs

This series includes Compact Discs containing photographs as well as printed photographs. Images of fishing trips Mathews took, a signed photograph of President Jimmy Carter, photographs of Craig and Jackie in front of Blue Ribbon flies, as well as photographs of the wildlife and scenery of Montana are the subjects of these pictures. Other media collected by Mathews includes: PowerPoint presentations, promotional videos, and videos pertaining to the wildlife in Yellowstone National Park.

Box 5 (cont.)

68. Compact Disc: 206 Photographs of a 1% for the Planet Dinner: New York, 2009
69. Compact Disc: 7 Photographs of Nick Lyons and Photo Index
70. Compact Disc: 76 Photographs of Sadler Wedding, 2006 and 51 Photographs on Separate
71. Compact Disc: 69 Photographs of Moonlight Basin
72. Compact Disc: One Photograph of Dan Callaghan
73. Compact Disc: 5 Images of Craig and Jackie Mathews
74. Compact Disc: 164 Images of Yellowstone in the 1900's
75. Compact Disc: 36 Photographs of Yellowstone in the 1950's
76. Compact Disc: 141 Photographs of fishing in Yellowstone National Park
77. Compact Disc: 84 Photographs of a Alaska Fishing Trip, 2006
78. Compact Disc: 87 Photographs of fishing and Wildlife in Montana, 2006
79. Photographs
80. Photographs (cont.)
81. Photographs (cont.)
82. Photographs (cont.)
83. Photographs (cont.)
84. Photographs (cont.)
85. Signed Photograph of Jimmy Carter
86. Slides
87. Compact Disc: Wild Trout 30th Anniversary PowerPoint
88. DVD: 7 Videos and a Slideshow on Buffalo in Yellowstone
89. DVD: Promotional Video for Montana
90. DVD: Promotional Video for Papoose Creek Lodge and Two Power Points on Separate
91. DVD: Video of Charlie Brooks Tying Flies in 1985
92. DVD: Video of Wolverine Capture and Release
93. DVD: The Wildlife of Yellowstone

Series 6: Memorabilia and realia

This series includes collected memorabilia and realia pertaining to Mathews' life as an angler. Included are appointment books, journals, fishing logs, flies tied by Mathews, day books, certificates and awards, Mathews' bachelor degree, and artwork. This series contains oversized materials that have been separated from the series, the separation is denoted by an asterisk (*) next to the folder from which the material was removed.

Box 5 (cont.)

94. Appointment Book: 1981-1982
95. Appointment Book: 1987
96. Art Print from Mark Steele

Box 6

1.  Calendar/Desk Diary: 1986
2. Certificates/Awards/Degree
3. Day Book: 1972
4. Day Book: 1973
5. Day Book: 1974
6. Day Book: 1975
7. Day Book: 1976
8. Day Book: 1977
9. Day Book: 1978
10. Day Book: 1979
11. Day Book: 1980
12. Drawing with Inscription
13. Elk Ivory
14. Family Calendar: 1996
15. Feathers
16. Federation of Fly Fishers: Ribbons and Patch
17. Fishing Log: 1968
18. Fishing Logs: 1968-1977
19. Fishing Log: 1981
20. Fishing Log: 1993-1994
21. Fishing Logs: 1995-1996
22. Flies
23. Flies (cont.)
24. Flies in Leather Case
25. Journal: Circa 1982
26. Journal: 1995-2002
27. Lee Wulff's Flies of the Future Tying Kit
28. Name Tags and Placards
29. Picture of Trout with Inscription
30. Spool of Fishing Line Sent by Nick Lyons
31. Wool Tie with Embroidery *

Box 7 Oversize Material



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