Creator: Wylie Permanent Camping Co.

Provenance Note: Bound ledger listing tourist registrations at the Wylie Permanent Camping Co. facility at Yellowstone Lake was purchased by Montana State University from Cowan Auctions Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio on September 25, 2013.

Historical Note: The Wylie Permanent Camping Co. formed in 1905 with the purchase of the Wylie Camping Company concession of William Wallace Wylie by A.W. Miles and A.L. Smith. Wylie had been operating camps in Yellowstone National Park since the early 1880s. By 1915 Wylie Way operated numerous camps in the Park including one at Yellowstone Lake. After the 1916 season, the newly-formed Park Service decided that all of the camping companies would be merged into one company. The new company became under the ownership of the Shaw brothers and A.W. Miles and was known as the Yellowstone Park Camping Co. It was renamed in 1919 as the YP Camps Co.

Content Description Note: The Yellowstone Lake tourist register contains the signatures of guests who stayed at the facility from June 18, 1904 through September 10, 1909. The information also includes the home town and state of the visitor. The first thirty-six pages of the ledger were used as a scrapbook by a previous owner and the removal of the pasted material has been uneven. However, most of the newspaper and magazine clippings fragments that remain do not entirely obscure the handwritten entries.

Updated: 10/8/13