Creator: Pope, J. W. (James Worden), 1846-1919

Provenance Note: Correspondence, diary, genealogical papers, magazine articles, research papers, and ephemera were purchased from Tracy Kremple of Thornton, Colorado by Montana State University in August, 2012.

Historical Note: James Worden Pope was born in Louisville, Kentucky on June 6, 1846. He attended the University of Indiana before receiving an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point where he graduated in 1868. Pope began his military career as a second lieutenant in the Fifth United States Infantry and participated in several campaigns during the Plains Indian wars during his first years in the service. In 1887 he was assigned to command the U.S. Military Prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, a position he held until 1895. Pope was assigned quartermaster's duty at Fort Hamilton, New York after his prison command, and in 1897, was sent to Yellowstone National Park to supervise improvements at Fort Yellowstone. He spent about six months in the Park before he was transferred as chief quartermaster to the Philippine Expedition under General Wesley Merritt. Pope's subsequent service for the Departments of Colorado and the Gulf resulted in his eventual promotion to Colonel, Assistant Quartermaster General, on February 16, 1907. He retired on June 6, 1910, but he received a post retirement appointment as a brigadier general on August 29, 1916. By that time he had retired to Denver Colorado where he died on August 23, 1919.

Content Description Note: The James Worden Pope Papers consist of correspondence written to and by Pope, a typescript diary, genealogical papers, literary productions, and realia. Of interest are the letters written by Pope to his wife, Mary Lair Pope, while stationed at Yellowstone National Park, a signed letter by Admiral George Dewey, and the typescript diary written by Pope during the Spanish-American War.


Series 1 Correspondence, 1897-1913
Series 2 Diary, 1898-1899
Series 3 Genealogical Papers, circa 1904-1917
Series 4 Literary Productions, circa 1905-1907
Series 5 Realia

Series 1: Correspondence, 1897-1913

This series contains original and typescript copies of correspondence written to or by James Worden Pope. Included in this series are letters written by Pope to his wife, Mary Lair Pope, while stationed at Fort Yellowstone in Yellowstone National Park. Of note is the signed letter by Admiral George Dewey in folder 2. Subjects include Yellowstone National Park, hunting, genealogy, military, wildlife, weather, and travel.

Box 1
1. 1897
2. 1899
3. 1905
4. 1908
5. 1909
6. 1913

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Series 2: Diary, 1898-1899

In this series, Pope chronicles his journey from San Francisco to Manila in the Philippines. The diary takes the form of letters written to his wife, Mary Lair Pope. Entries begin June 13, 1898 and conclude September 5, 1899. Topics include scenery, wildlife, local inhabitants, military efforts, challenges receiving correspondence and news, literary works, finances, and medical care. Historical figures mentioned include General Merritt, Admiral Dewey, General MacArthur, General Otis, Major Howe, Colonel (Dr.) Lippincott, Major Bell, Senator Cullom, and General Wheaton. Locations discussed include San Francisco, Yellowstone National Park, Malate Fort, Manila, Laguana de Bai Escolta, Iloilo, Santa Lucia, Malacanan, Pasig, Paco, and the Philippines.

Box 1 (Cont.)
7. 1898-1899, pages 1-50
8. 1898-1899, pages 51-100
9. 1898-1899, pages 101-150
10. 1898-1899, pages 151-200
11. 1898-1899, pages 201-250
12. 1898-1899, pages 251-300
13. 1898-1899, pages 301-350
14. 1898-1899, pages 351-400
15. 1898-1899, pages 401-450
16. 1898-1899, pages 451-500
17. 1898-1899, pages 501-521

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Series 3: Genealogical Papers, circa 1904-1917

Genealogical materials in this series pertain to James Worden Pope and his relatives. Of interest is a summary of Pope's military career that includes a short account of his wife and children, which is located in folder 9. Other topics include Pope's familial connections to George Washington, John Quincy Adams, Patrick Henry of Virginia, and Senator John Pope.

Box 2
1. Charles Fox Pope
2. Col. Nathaniel Pope and His Descendants. William & Mary College, Quarterly Historical Magazine. Vol. XII, No. 3, January 1904, p. 192-196
3. Col. Nathaniel Pope and His Descendants, (Continued). William & Mary College, Quarterly Historical Magazine. Vol. XII, No. 4, April 1904, p. 251-253
4. The Early Washington's and Pope's of Pope Creek Virginia
5. History of the Pope Family
6. Genealogy Index
7. Genealogies List. William & Mary College, Quarterly Historical Magazine
8. Grandmother Pope
9. Record of Brigadier General James Worden Pope, U.S. Army Retired
10. Roster of Society of Cincinnati

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Series 4: Literary Productions, circa 1905-1907

The materials in this series pertains to articles, research, and notes of interest to Pope. Topics include Native Americans, the military, and democracy.

Box 2 (Cont.)
11. Conquest of the Northwest - 1778-83 - Life of George Rogers Clark, by Wm. H. English
12. General S.B. Holabird
13. How Far Does Diplomacy Affect the Organization and Discipline of Armies
14. Notes
15. Patrician and Plebian in Virginia
16. Response to the Toast "The Army of the United States"
17. Sitting Bull Brought to Taw, by Fred A. Hunt (Moss-Agate Bill)
18. Of Tecumseh, a Chief

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Series 5: Realia

Materials in this series consist of objects owned or created by James Worden Pope.

Box 2 (Cont.)
19. Pocketbook and List
20. Address/Memorandum book

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