Creator: Carpenter, Evelyn Webb


Provenance Note: Travel diary created by Evelyn Webb Carpenter was purchased by Special Collections from, an online eBay vendor in Marian del Rey, California on June 22, 2009.


Historical Note: Evelyn Webb Carpenter, a Vermont native, was born on May 5, 1907. She attended Bates College in Lewistown, Maine and was a 1929 Phi Beta Kappa graduate with honors in Latin. She began her career as a Latin and French instructor at Thetford (Vt.) Academy, where she also was supervisor of girls' dormitories. She then taught in the high schools of Lancaster, Vermont and Hanover, New Hampshire. A homemaker, she was a 60-year resident of Springfield, N.H. She had been a member of the Altrurian Club and the Hospital Auxiliary. Predeceased by her husband, Paul Carpenter, she was the daughter of Iona Webb Kierstead, a housemother at Bates College during the 1940s. In the summer of 1936, Carpenter, along with her mother, Mrs. Angie Taylor, and Miss Ruth Whitney took an automobile trip from Vermont to California and back. Their route included stops at Niagara Falls, Yellowstone National Park, and Salt Lake City. Evelyn Webb Carpenter died on June 26, 1996.


Content Description Note: The Carpenter diary begins with the party's departure from Lancaster, Vermont on June 22, 1936. Their route west took them to Niagara Falls, Chicago, and Mitchell, South Dakota where they paused for car repairs. The women then pushed on to Rapid City, Buffalo, Wyoming, and Yellowstone National Park, where they stayed at Old Faithful. The trip finished with a lengthy route through southern Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada before their arrival in Long Beach, California. The return trip took them to Seattle, across Montana, and then through Ontario before they arrived back in Vermont in late July. Carpenter's entry on Yellowstone is brief, and mentions seeing the Grand Canyon, the geysers, and bears on the road. Other information recorded are her impressions of the countryside, her critique of the various hotels they stayed at, and some information on her fellow travelers. The diary also includes financial notations on the trip expenses from June 22 to June 28.

Updated: 6/30/09