Creator: Men's Cooperative House (Bozeman, Mont.)

Provenance Note: The Men's Cooperative House records were donated to Montana State University by Hayden Ferguson of Bozeman, Montana in May, 2008.

Historical Note: The Men's Cooperative House (informally known as the Men's Co-op) had its origin in the ideas of Dr. Phillip Eckert. He was part of a group which discussed forming a student housing cooperative and received great support from the independent students of Montana State College, Bozeman. Subsequent meetings were held and on May 11, 1937 the articles of incorporation were approved. After a trip to Washington State University and the University of Idaho, the core principles of the Coop were founded and by Freshman Week 1937 the first house was open for business with Ruth Kitterman of Great Falls as manager. On March 23, 1938, a house was opened at 603 South Third Avenue for the men with thirty-three initial members. Each person who joined had to pay the $5 membership fee and the same for a deposit. By Summer 1939, the Cooperative had enough reserve funds to buy a house at 712 South Willson to house their operations. The Coop operated until 1984, when their assets were liquidated and the Montana Technology Development Trust was developed to continue to assist student success.

Content Description Note: The Men's Cooperative Hour records consists of the initial member list, house leases, member lists, meeting minutes, and reminiscences. Two scrapbooks, consisting primarily of photographs of both houses and members engaged in various activities, complete the collection.


Box 1
1. List of Charter Members Spring 1938
2. Leases 1938; 1943
3. Student Housing Constitution 1952; 1969
4. Meeting Minutes 1953-57
5. Miscellaneous
6. Reunion 1986
7. "Resumes and Life Histories of The Men's Coop Home 712 S. Wilson" compiled by Leroy Bergstrom

Box 2
1. Scrapbook 1938-42
2. Scrapbook 1944; 1946-60; 1968-69

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