Creator: Grant, George F.

Provenance Note: The George F. Grant papers were dontated to Montana State University by Dan Abrams of Forest, Virginia in March 2008.

Historical Note: George F. Grant (September 18, 1906- ) is known as an angler, flytier, author, and conservationist. Born and raised in Butte, Montana, Grant completed a business school course in 1924 and undertook clerical work for a career prior to World War II. He devloped a passion for fly fishing, especially on the Big Hole River, and commercially produced his custom made flys for commercial sale. He also patented a fly design method in 1939. Grant authored two books (Master Fly Weaver, 1971; Montana Trout Flies, 1972) and published many articles and essays in local newspapers, various angler magazines, as well as his self-published newsletter "The River Rat." Grant also worked tirelessly for the conservation and cleanup of the Clark Fork and Big Hole rivers in Montana and established a foundation in 1988 to continue his work on the Big Hole River.

Content Note: Audio cassettes, correspondence, slides, articles, and miscellaneous material relating to George F. Grant or the publication of his newsletter, "The River Rat." Most of the material was gathered by Dan Abrams while working with Grant on documenting his life and work, including correspondence and 35 mm color tranparency slides of Grant taken in 1982 and 1985. An incomplete collection of Grant's personal file of "The River Rat" is also included. The cassette tape recordings consist primarily of Grant narrating the articles he wrote for his newsletter and intended to be used as audio productions for fishing organizations. Tapes 1-4 are the original and edited version of an in-depth interview of George Grant by Dan Abrams in 1983.


Box 1
1. Book reviews and newspaper articles on or by George Grant
2. Correspondence between George Grant and Daniel Abrams 1981-1985
3. Transcript of Daniel Abrams interview of George Grant February 23, 1983
4. Miscellaneous material relating to the publication of "The River Rat"
5. Statistical data, biographical materials, and personal statements for George Grant
6. Slides of George Grant taken by Daniel Abrams 1982, 1984
7. The River Rat 1973
8. The River Rat 1974
9. The River Rat 1975
10. The River Rat 1976
11. The River Rat 1977
12. The River Rat 1978
13. The River Rat 1979
Box 2
1. Original dictation cassette of Daniel Abrams with George Grant part 1
2. Original dictation cassette of Daniel Abrams with George Grant part 2
3. Daniel Abrams Interview of George Grant part 1
4. Daniel Abrams Interview of George Grant part 2
5. A New Zeland Gentleman — A letter from Henry Heath / Taylor, Arthur M. — The dry fly down under
6. Allenspur Dam / Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
7. The Backwoods Flytier / Western Big River Fly Fishing
8. Big Hole River / Rehicle Dam
9. Dan Bailey—Famous flytier / The A. S. Trude Trout Fly and Western Wet Flies
10. Don Martinez (Famous Flytier) / Dangers on Western Rivers
11. Ellsworth Cardy / King of the River
12. The End of the Rainbow / The Wonderful Wild Brown Trout
13. Franz B. Pott, (Famous Flytier) / How Not to Write a Book
14. Goodbye to the North Fork / Farewell to the Lower Madison
15. Roderick Haig-Brown / Montana Fly Fishing History
16. Journeys into the Past / A Conservation Essay
17. Montana Odyssey / A Little Bird Told Me
18. Reville or Requiem / Sagebrush Rip-off [Rebellion]
19. River Rat #1 / River Rat #2
20. River Rat #3 / Tackle Counter Tales
21. Scales and Tales / Autumn Trout
22. The Vibert Box #1 / The Vibert Box #2
23. Western Style Dry Fliers / Pin Shaped Nymph Bodies
24. Wise River Flood / Rocky Mountain Whitefish
25. Woven Hair Hackle #1 / Paradise Lost
26. Woven Hair Hackle #2 / Trout Stream Value
27. Yellowstone River #1 / Charlie Cook's Big Trout
28. Yellowstone River #2 / Fragments of Fly History
29. Wild Trout Confessions / Confessions of an Addict

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