Creator: Brooks, Charles E., 1921-

Provenance Note: The Charles E. Brooks Papers were donated to the Montana State University Library by Judith Knight of Elko, Nevada on August 8, 2007.

Historical Note: Charles E. Brooks was born in Venice, Illinois on February 28, 1921. As a child of 9 he started fly fishing and tying flies. He joined the Army Air Corps in May 1942, and served as a bombardier during WWII before his demobilization in November, 1945. He married Grace Swanson Judd in July, 1946. He reentered the Air Force in 1947 and retired in 1964 as a Major in the Air Force Reserve. He was a member of the Air Force OSI, served in Alaska during the Korean War and spent time in Morocco in 1956. After retirement he moved to West Yellowstone, Montana where he fly fished, tied original flies, researched and wrote fishing articles and authored six books: Larger Trout for the Western Fly Fisherman (1970); The Trout and the Stream (1974); Nymph Fishing for Larger Trout (1976); The Living River (1979); Fishing Yellowstone Waters (1984) and The Henry's Fork (1986). Grace and Charles wintered in California where Charles died on October 30, 1986 and Grace died in March of 2002.

Content Description Note: These papers include some business and professional papers which include a biographical sketch; copies of book contracts and related correspondence; military records; tax forms and a videocassette and DVD copy of Charles Brooks demonstrating tying flies. The majority of the materials are personal papers including birth, marriage and death certificates of Charles, Grace and Grace's son Lawrence Judd; a file about Larry Judd who died in Alaska in 1951; correspondence to Grace from Alaska in 1950 and Morocco in 1956, rough drafts and typed poems by Charles Brooks (undated), photographs of family, friends and fishing companions and a certificate of retirement with service medals. Also included is a 1986 videocassette and DVD copy of a party honoring Charles shortly prior to his death.


Box 1
1. Biographical sketch and history of Brooks's fly patterns
2. Contracts and related correspondence
3. Business tax forms, 1978-79
4. Military records and correspondence
5. Rough draft and typed poems written or collected by Charles Brooks
6. Birth, marriage and death certificates of Charles, Grace and Grace's son Lawrence Judd, 1921-2002
7. Lawrence (Larry) Judd posthumous High School diploma, letter award, newspaper clippings
8. Correspondence, May-June, 1950
9. Correspondence, July, 1950
10. Correspondence, Aug-Sept, 1950
11. Correspondence, May-June, 1956
12. Correspondence, July-Aug, 1956
13. Photograph 1-4 (color): Charles, Grace, relatives and friends
14. Photograph 5-9 (B&W): fly fishing and fishermen in west by R. Valentine Atkinson, 1979
15. Photograph 10, 36-38 (B&W): Charles E. Brooks bombardier portrat, 1943; Larry Judd
16. Photograph 11-35 (color, B&W, negatives): Charles Brooks - snaps and tying flies
17. 2 videocassettes with DVD copies: tying flies, 1985 and party honoring Charles Brooks, 1986
18. Certificate of retirement from United States Air Force,1964 and service medals

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