Creator: Lyons, Nick

Provenance Note: The records of Nick Lyons' publishing and writing career were acquired from Tony Lyons on February 23, 2005. Nick Lyons is a well known as a publisher of sports books especially in the field of fly fishing and the author of numerous angling books.

Historical Note: Nick Lyons was born on June 5, 1932 in New York, New York. He attended the University of Pennsylvania, Bard Collage, and the University of Michigan, from which he earned a doctorate in 1963. Lyons married in 1957 to artist Mari Blumenau and the couple had four children; Paul, Charles, Jennifer, and Anthony (Tony). Lyons academic career began at the University of Michigan were he taught English prior to accepting a position at the Hunter College of the City University of New York in 1961. He remained on the faculty of CUNY until 1988. He also worked as the executive editor of Crown Publishers from 1964-1974. An avid fisherman, Lyons found a way to combine his avocation and profession in 1977 when he created his first publishing company, Nick Lyons Books, as an American subsidiary of the British publisher Benn Brothers Ltd. In 1984, he bought out the subsidiary rights and incorporated as Nick Lyons Books, Inc. It earned the reputation as one of the premier publishers of fishing books, but the company also printed works on nature, camping, adventure, gardening, woodworking, travel, the sea, history, food and wine, art and reference, hunting, general sport, and a few fiction titles. In 1989, in partnership with Peter Burford the name was changed to Lyons & Burford, Publishers. When Peter Burford left the company in 1997, it became the Lyons Press. In 1999, Tony Lyons, Nick's son, took over as President and Publisher of the firm with Nick remaining as Chairman of the Board. During its final full year of production in 2000, Lyons Press published 190 titles and had sales estimated at more than seven million dollars. In 2001 Lyons Press was acquired by Globe Pequot Press of Guilford, Connecticut. As well as being a book publisher Nick Lyons is a prolific writer and has produced several books on fly fishing. He has written introductions, forewords and prefaces for many Lyons Press books and also had a feature column of essays named the "Seasonable Angler" in Fly Fisherman Magazine for many years. Lyons has written articles for many other periodicals including Field & Stream and the New York Times, and several anthologies of these essays have been published. He is also a frequent speaker at functions devoted to fishing including museum openings, conventions, and meetings of assorted fly fishing organizations and clubs.

Content Description Note: The Lyons collection includes the corporate history of the firm represented by the by-laws, assorted minutes, contracts and agreements with authors, business plans, financial papers and investors and publisher agreements. Original editorial manuscripts of books published by Lyons Press and bound advance uncorrected proofs and galley prints, a full set of autographed catalogs, promotional materials and company memos are included. Also received were over 320 subject files for prominent authors and artists including Art Flick, Charles Brooks, John Troy, Tom McGuane, Paul Schullery, Ed Zern, Len Wright, Valerie Haig-Brown, and Verlyn Klinkenborg. Some were great friends and some were business associates. In addition, the collection includes: numerous original rough drafts, with notes and handwritten editorial notations, of articles and columns written by Nick Lyons for publications including the Fly Fisherman Magazine, Field & Stream and the New York Times; introductions, prefaces and forewords for many prominent fly fishing books; edited speech notes and cards for talks at meetings of Trout Unlimited chapters, the Anglers Club of New York, the American Museum of Fly Fishing, and conventions of organizations and companies related to fishing and publishing. Also contained in the collection are original art works, photographs, and personal memorabilia.

Restrictions: Permission to publish any documents created by Nick Lyons and unpublished prior to February 23, 2005 cannot be granted by Montana State University, and Montana State University holds no copyright of any kind for any material created by parties other than Nick Lyons, including (but not limited to) literary or manuscript copyright or copyright in any of the works of art. All Nick Lyons Books, Lyons & Burford and The Lyons Press corporate historical documents and all original signed contracts or letter agreements and all drafts of such agreements in Series 1 are restricted from public access until February 23, 2010. Also a selected number of author subject files denoted by italics R ** are restricted from public access until February 23, 2010. Another collection of author/subject files denoted by bold R * are restricted from public access until February 23, 2007.


Series 1 Nick Lyons Books, Lyons & Burford and Lyons Press Records 1971-2002 Boxes 1-13.
Series 2 Author Subject Files, 1932-2005
Series 3 Nick Lyons writings, articles, and speeches
Series 4 Artwork, photographs and personal ephemera

Series 1: Nick Lyons Books, Lyons & Burford and The Lyons Press Records 1971-2002

Business plans, financial records, minutes of directors and shareholders meetings, agreements and financial by-outs between individuals and corporations. Notes and memos to Tony Lyons and other staff members, various day to day materials with handwritten notations by Nick Lyons including correspondence, advertising materials, book proposals, etc. Also present are Nick Lyons' agreement to become an editorial consultant for Crown Publishers in 1971 and other publishers' agreements. Draft and final contracts, agreements and negotiations are arranged alphabetically by author. Also present are all company catalogues (autographed by Nick and Tony), many original manuscripts with editor/proofreader remarks and changes, book proposals, bound advance uncorrected proofs and galley prints (Lyons publications are autographed and meant for reviewers) and miscellaneous promotional materials. The historical corporate documents and contracts contained in Box 1 through Box 4, file 4 are restricted from public access until February 23, 2010.

Box 1   (Restricted)
1. Handwritten summary of collection and draft overview of Lyons Press by Nick Lyons
2. Benn Brothers Inc. - 1977-1984: business plans and agreements, correspondence
3. By-laws, business plan for prospective investors, related correspondence
4. Minutes - Board of Directors: 1985-2000 (incomplete)
5. Minutes - Shareholders: 1984-1999 (incomplete)
6. Financial statements, loans and business plans: 1982-1984
7. Financial statements, loans and business plans: 1984-1991
8. Financial statements, loans and business plans: 1992-1996

Box 2   (Restricted)
1. Financial statements, loans and business plans: 1997-2002
2. Business agreements, by-outs and shareholders agreements
3. Business agreements, correspondence, associated papers - other publishers 1971-1998
4. Nick Lyons memos and notes assorted - from day to day operations
5. Nick Lyons memos and notes (cont)
6. Nick Lyons memos and notes (cont)

Box 3   (Restricted)
1. Contracts, agreements and negotiations : A-B
2. Contracts, agreements and negotiations : C-E
3. Contracts, agreements and negotiations : F-H
4. Contracts, agreements and negotiations : I-K
5. Contracts, agreements and negotiations : L
6. Contracts, agreements and negotiations : Lyons, Nick

Box 4  (Files 1-4 restricted)
1. Contracts, agreements and negotiations : M-O
2. Contracts, agreements and negotiations : P-R
3. Contracts, agreements and negotiations : S-U
4. Contracts, agreements and negotiations : V-Z
5. Catalogs - Nick Lyons Books: 1983-1988
6. Catalogs - Lyons & Burford Publishers: 1989-1991

Box 5
1. Catalogs - Lyons & Burford Publishers: 1992-1994
2. Catalogs - Lyons & Burford Publishers: 1995-1997
3. Catalogs - Lyons Press: 1998-1999
4. Catalogs - Lyons Press: 2000- Winter 2001
5. Catalogs - Lyons Press: Spring 2001-Summer 2002

Box 6
1. Catalogs - miscellaneous publishing companies
2. Fliers, broadsheets, newsletters
3. Public relations: news releases, magazine and newspaper articles, photographs
4. Reviews, opinion pieces
5. Barich, Bill. Crazy for Rivers, 1999 - original manuscript
6. Brennan, Carlene F. Hemingway and His World of Cats and Dogs 2004 - book proposal
7. Campbell, A.J. Dripping with Pride, 2000 - manuscript submitted (unpublished )
8. Cole, John. Tarpon Quest, 1991 - original manuscript
9. Fromm, Pete. Blood Knot, 1998 - blue line copies

Box 7
1. Hemingway, Jack. A Life Worth Living, 2002 - original manuscript
2. Hemingway, Jack. A Life Worth Living - manuscript (cont)
3. Hemingway, Jack. A Life Worth Living - manuscript (cont)
4. Hemingway, Jack. A Life Worth Living - manuscript (cont)
5. Kittredge, William. Montana Spaces - : essays in celebration of Montana, 1988 - manuscript
6. Kittredge, William. Montana Spaces - manuscript (cont)
7. Kittredge, William. Montana Spaces - manuscript (cont)
8. Klinkenborg, Verlyn. Making Hay, 1986 - first draft manuscript

Box 8
1. Lyons, Nick, Editor. Hemingway on Fishing, 2000 - notes, research papers, promotions
2. Lyons, Nick, Ed. Hemingway on..., (cont) - manuscript in progress materials
3. Lyons, Nick, Ed. Hemingway on..., (cont) - foreword, Jack Hemingway - drafts
4. Lyons, Nick, Ed. Hemingway on..., (cont) - acknowledgment, Nick Lyons - draft
5. Lyons, Nick, Ed. Hemingway on..., (cont) - introduction, Nick Lyons - drafts
6. Lyons, Nick, Ed. Hemingway on..., (cont) - bibliography drafts
7. Lyons, Nick, Ed. Hemingway on..., (cont) - Hemingway writings used
8. Lyons, Nick, Ed. Hemingway on..., (cont) - Hemingway writings not used
9. Lyons, Nick, Ed. Hemingway on..., (cont) - Hemingway collected journal entries
10. Lyons, Nick, Ed. Hemingway on..., (cont) - photocopy prints of photos w/captions
11. Lyons, Nick, Ed. Hemingway on..., (cont) - photocopy prints not used
12. Lyons, Nick, Ed. Hemingway on..., (cont) - photo research w/photocopies of pictures
13. Lyons, Nick. In Praise of Wild Trout, 1998 - blue line copies

Box 9
1. Madison, Larry, photographer; text by Nick Lyons. Trout River, 1988 - drafts of text
2. McGuane, Thomas. Some Horses, 1999 - original manuscript
3. Prosek, James. In the Wake of Walton, senior essay, Yale Univ., 1996 (sent to Tony Lyons)
4. Prosek, James. Joe and Me, 1997- promo /informational materials from Wm Morrow Co.
5. Prosek, James. Joe and Me : an Education in fishing and friendship, 1997-galley, B&W
6. Prosek, James. Joe and Me : an Education in fishing and friendship, 1997- galley, color

Box 10
1. Van Put, Ed. The Beaverkill, 1996 - manuscript
2. Van Put, Ed. The Beaverkill - manuscript (cont)
3. Van Put, Ed. The Beaverkill - manuscript (cont)
4. Van Put, Ed. The Beaverkill - manuscript (cont)
5. Van Put, Ed. The Beaverkill - manuscript (cont)
6. Van Put, Ed. The Beaverkill - manuscript (cont)
7. Wright, Leonard M. Stonefly and Caddis Fly-fishing, 1991 - original manuscript
8. Book - Schmidt, Bill. Hooks for the Fly:a Tier's Reference Guide,1997 Piscator Publ.
9. Japanese book by Bando, Yuki. American Bamboo Rod Builders, ca 1999 with letter and note

Box 11: Bound advance copies and galley prints from Lyons and other publishers:
Babb, James R. Crosscurrents: a Fly Fisher's Progress, 1999
Babb, James R. Fly-Fishin' Fool, 2005
Babb, James R. River Music: a Fly Fisher's For Seasons, 2001
Barich, Bill. Crazy for Rivers, 1999
Barich, Bill. The Sporting Life: Horses, Boxers, Rivers and a Russian Ballclub, 1999
Bass, Rick. The New Wolves, 1998
Burton, Mallory. Green River Virgins and Other Passionate Anglers, 2000
De la Valdene, Guy. For a Handful of Feathers Atlantic Monthly Press, 1995
Detweiler, M. David. Evenings along the Stream. Stackpole Books, 1990
Ellis, Ron. Cogan's Woods. Pruett Publishing Co., 2001
Fromm, Pete. Blood Knot, 1998
Fromm, Pete. Dry Rain, 1997
Fromm, Pete. Night Swimming Stories. Picador USA, 1999
Gierach, John. Death, Taxes, and Leaky Waders. Simon & Schuster,2000
Gierach, John. Fishing Bamboo, 1997
Gierach, John. Good Flies: Favorite Trout Patterns and How They Got that Way, 2000
Goddard, John. John Goddard's Trout-Fishing Techniques, 1996
Heywood, Joseph. The Snowfly, a novel, 2000
Lee, Robert. Guiding Elliott, a novel, 1997
Lyons, Nick, Ed. In Praise of Wild Trout, 1998
Lyons, Nick. My Secret Fishing Life. Atlantic Monthly Press, 1999
Lyons, Nick, compiler and Editor. The Quotable Fisherman, 1998

Box 12: Bound advance copies and galley prints from Lyons and other publishers:
Bound advanced uncorrected proofs and galley prints from Lyons and other publishers:
Maclean, John N. Fire on the Mountain. Wm. Morrow and Co., 1999
Martin, Darrel. The Fly Fisher's Illustrated Dictionary, 2000
Mathews, Craig. Western Fly-Fishing Strategies, 1998
McClane, A. J. McClane's Secrets of Successful Fishing. Holt, Rinehart, Winston, 1979
McGuane, Thomas. Some Horses, 1999
McInerney, Jay. Bacchus & Me: Adventures in the Wine Cellar, 2000
Moore, Kathleen Dean. Riverwalking: Reflections on Moving Water, 1995
Morrow, Bradford. Giovanni's Gift. Viking, 1996
Norman, Seth. The Fly Fisher's Guide to Crimes of Passion, 2000
Nova, Craig. Brook Trout and the Writing Life, 1999
O'Brien, Dan. The Contract Surgeon, 1999
Olsson, Jennifer. Cast Again: Tales of a Fly-Fishing Guide, 1996
Page, Margot. Little Rivers: Tales of a Woman Angler, 1995
Plummer, William. Wishing My Father Well: a Memoir of Fathers, Sons and Flyfishing. Overlook Press, 2000
Probert, Richard Ezra. Archie's Way: a Memoir of Craftsmanship and Friendship, 1998
Proper, Datus. Running Waters, 2001
Prosek, James. The Complete Angler: a Connecticut Yankee Follows in the Footsteps of Walton. Harper Collins, 1999
Prosek, James. Fly-Fishing the 41st: around the world on the 41st parallel Harper Collins,
Quammen, David. Song of the Dodo Scribner, 1996 (advanced reader's excerpt)

Box 13: Bound advance copies and galley prints from Lyons and other publishers:
Quinnett, Paul. Fishing Lessons: Insights, Fun and Philosophy from a Passionate Angler. Andrews McMeel Publishing, 1998
Randolph, John. Becoming a Fly Fisher: From Brookie Days to the Tenth Level, 2002
Raymond, Steve. Rivers of the Heart: a Fly-Fishing Memoir, 1998 (2 copies)
Richler, Mordecai. On Snooker, 2001
Sandor, Marjorie. The Night Gardener, 1999
Schullery, Paul. Royal Coachman: the Lore and Legends of Fly-Fishing Simon & Schuster, 1999
Schullery, Paul. Shupton's Fancy: a Tale of the Fly-Fishing Obsession Stackpole Books, 1996
Sloan, Stephen. Fly Fishing is Spoken Here, 2003
Swisher, Doug and Richards, Carl. Back-country Fly Fishing in Salt Water, 1994
Thomas, E. Donnall, Jr. Dream Fish and Road Trips, 1996
Tidwell, Mike. Amazon Stranger, 1996
Waldie, Scott. Travers Corners, 1997
Wetherell, W.D. One River More, 1998
White, Randy Wayne. The Sharks of Lake Nicaragua, 1998
Wright, Leonard M., Jr. Trout Maverick: Fly-Fishing Heresies and Tactics, 1996
Wulff, Joan. Joan Wulff's Fly-Casting Accuracy, 1997
Wulff, Joan. La Precisione nel Lancio. GEA, 1999 (Italian version of above title)

Contents | Special Collections

Series 2: Author Subject Files, 1932-2005

This series contains the author subject files received in the collection. Subjects of the files may be an individual, publication or organization. The files are arranged in alphabetical order by author name in addition to files for outdoor authors and artists, other publishers and fans. (A group of unsorted letters have been interfiled as appropriate). Contents may include personal or professional correspondence between the author, Lyons publications and/or Nick Lyons. Many contain enclosures. The nature of the enclosures may include drafts of works in progress, editorial suggestions and requests, art work, postcards, photographs, tied flies, greeting cards, biographical questionnaires, copies of magazine or newspaper articles or assorted ephemera. RESTRICTIONS: A selected list of these author subject files denoted by italics R** are restricted from public access until February 23, 2010. Another portion of these author subject files denoted by bold R * are restricted from public access until February 23, 2007.

Box 14
1. Affre, Pierre
2. Allen, Gordon
3. Almy, Gerald
4. American Museum of Fly Fishing
5. Angler's Club of New York
6. Apte, Stu
7. Atkinson, R. Valentine
8. Attaway, Roy
9. Austin, Terry
10. Babb, Jim
11. Bachman, Robert
12. Baker, Palmer
13. Bam, Foster
14. Barich, Bill
15. Barich, Bill (cont)

Box 15
1. Barnes, Duncan
2. Barrett, Peter
3. Barseness, John
4. Bashline, L. James
5. Bass, Rick    R**
6. Baughman, Mike
7. Beaseley, David
8. Beck, Cathy
9. Begos, Kevin    R**
10. Behnke, Robert
11. Benn, Timothy    R**
12. Benn, Timothy (cont)    R**
13. Berls, Robert
14. Best, A. K.

Box 16
1. Bodio, Steve
2. Bodio, Steve (cont)
3. Bonavist, Tony
4. Borger, Gary
5. Bowers, Bill   R**
6. Boyle, Robert
7. Braithwaite, Jack
8. Brander, Mike
9. Brooks, Charles E.
10. Brown, Dick
11. Bryan, John
12. Bryant, Nelson
13. Buck, Dick

Box 17
1. Burford, Peter   R**
2. Burford, Peter (cont)   R**
3. Burger, Knox    R*
4. Burnett, David
5. Burroughs, Franklin
6. Burton, Mallory
7. Butler, Jim
8. Calabi, Silvio
9. Callaghan, Dan
10. Cameron, Angus
11. Camuto, Chris
12. Cardenas, Jeffrey
13. Carmichael, Hoagy
14. Carter, Jimmy
15. Carty, David
16. Casada, Jim
17. Cassell, Jay    R*

Box 18
1. Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum
2. Chatham, Russell    R**
3. Cicere, Andrew
4. Circle, Homer
5. Clarke, Bryan
6. Clarke, C. D.
7. Cole, John
8. Combs, Trey
9. Cone, Arthur
10. Cooke, Barrie
11. Coykendall, Ralf    R**
12. Coykendall, Ralf (cont)    R**
13. Craighead, John
14. Crockett, Mike
15. Cunningham, Rip

Box 19
1. DeMott, Bob
2. Dennis, Jerry
3. Despommier, Dickson
4. Detweiler, David
5. Di Benedetto, Catherine
6. Dick, Lenox
7. Droetto, Angelo
8. Earnhardt, Tom
9. Elliott, Charles
10. Ellis, Jack
11. Ellis, Ron
12. Engels, John
13. Fergus, Charles
14. Fergus, Jim
15. Field & Stream    R*
16. Fisher, Jon
17. Flick, Art
18. Fly FishermanHistorical Times

Box 20
1. Foote, Tim
2. Ford, Richard
3. Fornelli, Joe
4. Fox, Charlie
5. Francis, A. M. (Mac)    R*
6. Fromm, Pete
7. Garfield, Curt
8. Gauvin, Charles
9. Gibson, Barry
10. Gierach, John     R*
11. Gierach, John (cont)    R*
12. Goddard, John
13. Golad, Frank
14. Graves, John
15. Gresham, Grits
16. Grooms, Steve
17. Groth, John
18. Grover, Jan Zita
19. Haas, Evelyn
20. Haig-Brown, Valerie

Box 21
1. Hamm, Jim
2. Hammond, Bryn
3. Hardie, Eldridge
4. Harrison, Jim
5. Harvey, George
6. Hasselstrom, Kinda
7. Hederstierna, Claes
8. Hemingway, Jack
9. Henderson, Dave
10. Hepworth, Jim
11. Hill, Gene
12. Hoagland, Edward    R**
13. Holt, John
14. Houk, Stuart N.
15. Hughes, Dave
16. Hummel, Kermit     R*
17. Humphrey, Bill
18. Hyde, Elizabeth Walden
19. Iwamasa, Ken
20. Janes, Edward C.(Ted)

Box 22
1. Jardine, Charles
2. Jelinski, Jack
3. Jones, Allen
4. Jones, Robert F.
5. Karas, Nick
6. Katz, Merrill "Doc"
7. Kaufmann, William
8. Kawatski, Diane
9. Keller, Mitch
10. Kelly, T. H. Jr. (Tom)
11. Kessler, Herman
12. Kittredge, William
13. Klausmeyer, David
14. Klinkenborg, Verlyn
15. Klinkenborg, Verlyn (cont)
16. Knowles, Justin
17. Kreh, Lefty    R*
18. Krieger, Mel

Box 23
1. LaFontaine, Gary
2. Laidlaw, Bret
3. Lea, Syd
4. Lee, Art
5. Lee, Robert
6. Leeson, Ted    R**
7. Leeson, Ted (cont)   R**
8. Lehmann-Haupt, Christopher
9. Leiser, Eric
10. Lembke, Janet

Box 24
1. Leonard, Edson
2. Lilly, Bud
3. Lopez, Barry
4. Lowry, Beverly
5. Lyman, Henry
6. Lyons, Nick    R*
7. Lyons, Nick (cont)    R*
8. Lyons, Nick (cont)    R*
9. Lyons, Nick (cont)    R*
10. Maclean, John
11. Maclean, Norman

Box 25
1. Madison, Larry
2. Madson, John
3. Manocchia, Adriano
4. Marden, Luis
5. Marinaro, Vincent
6. Martin, Darrell
7. Martin, Darrell
8. Mathews, Craig     R*
9. Mathews, Craig (cont)    R*
10. Matthiessen, Peter
11. McCarthy, Terry
12. McClane, A. J.(Al)

Box 26
1. McCloskey, Bill
2. McDonald, John
3. McGuane, Tom
4. McManus, Patrick
5. McPhee, John
6. Mele, Frank
7. Melner, Sam
8. Merritt, Jim
9. Merwin, John
10. Metz, Robert
11. Meyers, Charlie
12. Meyers, Steve
13. Middleton, Harry
14. Migdalski, Ed
15. Migel, Mike
16. Migliore, Joe
17. Montaigne, Fen
18. Morris, Holly
19. Morris, Skip

Box 27
1. Mort, Terry
2. Morton, Bruce
3. Moser, Ron
4. Mosher, Howard Frank
5. Murray, Harry
6. Neff, Sid    R*
7. Niemeyer, Ted
8. Norman, Geoffrey    R**
9. Norman, Seth
10. Nova, Craig
11. O'Brien, Dan
12. O'Kelly, Sebastian
13. O'Neil, Michael
14. Oelgart, Ike
15. Oertli, Alfred G.
16. Ogelsby, Arthur
17. Olsson, Jennifer
18. Page, Margot
19. Palmer, Tom

Box 28
1. Patterson, Neil
2. Paugh, Tom
3. Pequignot, John-Paul
4. Perkins, Leigh & family members     R**
5. Pero, Tom
6. Petzal, Dave
7. Pfeiffer, C. Boyd
8. Pisarro, Joe
9. Plimpton, George
10. Plummer, William
11. Pobst, Dick
12. Proper, Datus
13. Prosek, James
14. Proulx, E. Annie
15. Quammen, David
16. Quesada, Luis
17. Raban, Jonathan
18. Raines, Howell    R**
19. Randolph, John

Box 29
1. Raymond, Steve
2. Reiger, George
3. Richards, Carl
4. Richardson, W. F.
5. Richler, Mordecai    R*
6. Ritz, Charles C.
7. Robinson, Alan James
8. Rogers, Neal
9. Rosenbauer, Tom    R**
10. Rowan, Roy
11. Rowen, John

Box 30
1. Rubin, Louis
2. Russell, Andy
3. Ryan, Will
4. Saile, Bob
5. Salmon, Dick
6. Samson, Jack
7. Sandor, Marjorie
8. Scheck, Art
9. Schreiber, Le Ann
10. Schullery, Paul
11. Schullery, Paul (cont)
12. Schwiebert, Ernest
13. Seybold, David
14. Shaw, Helen
15. Sheldon, Harold P.

Box 31
1. Sherwood, Patricia
2. Shultz, Terry
3. Siegel, Henry
4. Sosin, Mark
5. Soucie, Gary
6. Sparse Grey Hackle ( Miller, Alfred W.)
7. Sparse Grey Hackle ( Miller, Alfred W.) (Cont)
8. Stearns, Bob
9. Stewart, Dick
10. Stinehour Press
11. Sutcliffe, Tom
12. Swisher, Doug
13. Tabory, Lou
14. Taft, Dave

Box 32
1. Talleur, Dick
2. Talleur, Dick (cont)
3. Tanner, Gary
4. Tapply, Bill
5. Tapply, H.G.
6. Taylor, Bernie     R*
7. Taylor, Bill
8. Thomas, E. Donnell
9. Tidwell, Mike     R**
10. Tillenius, Clarence
11. Timken, Jane
12. Tolnay, Tom

Box 33
1. Traver, Robert (Voelker, John)
2. Troth, Al
3. Troy, John
4. Trueblood, Ted
5. Tullis, Larry
6. Underwood, Lamar
7. Van Put, Ed
8. Vance, Joel
9. Vletas, Steve & Kim
10. Volcker, Paul     R**
11. Waddell, Ted
12. Waldie, Scott
13. Waldman, Jonathan
14. Walinchus, Rod
15. Wallace, David Rains
16. Warner, William
17. Waslick, Mark
18. Waterman, Charlie
19. Wechsler, Charles
20. Wegman, William
21. Wetherell, Walt
22. Wethern, Bob
23. White, Randy Wayne     R**
24. White, Slaton

Box 34
1. Whitlock, Dave R*
2. Wickstrom, Gordon
3. Willers, Bill
4. Williams, Ted
5. Wilson, Dermot
6. Winchester Press
7. Wood, Charles B., III
8. Woods, Craig    R*
9. Woolner, Frank
10. Wright, Leonard M.
11. Wulff, Joan
12. Wulff, Lee

Box 35
1. Zern, Ed
2. Zern, Ed (cont)
3. Assorted book collectors
4. Assorted fan letters, thank you notes, requests for appearances, etc.
5. Assorted other publishers: A-G
6. Assorted other publishers: H-O

Box 36
1. Assorted other publishers: P-Z
2. Assorted outdoor artists
3. Assorted outdoor authors: A-G
4. Assorted outdoor authors: H-O
5. Assorted outdoor authors: P-Z

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Series 3: Nick Lyons writings, articles, and speeches

A collection of hand written and typed manuscript drafts with numerous editorial notes and corrections of Lyons essays, articles, forewords, introductions, prefaces of books, and speaking engagements. Speaking notes frequently have several drafts and editorial notes on full pages or 5x7 speech cards. Where publications and dates have been determined the materials are by publication in chronological order. There are also miscellaneous writings and unidentified articles with publication unknown. Dates of most speaking engagements are listed or identified by content.

Box 37
1. Article: "The View from Manhattan; On the Death of My Underwood Standard" for Big Sky Journal ca.2001
2. Article: "The Big Fly," Field & Stream - August 1990 (galley copy)
3. Article: "Sizing Up New Rivers," Field & Stream - May 1993
4. Article: "A Fisherman's Childhood in Brooklyn," Field & Stream - Jan 1994
5. Article: "The Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer," Field & Stream - July 1994
6. Article:" Connections," Field & Stream - Apr 1996
7. Article: "On Outdoor Re-Creation," Field & Stream - Winter 1996
8. Article: "Leon Chandler: Fly Fishing's Johnny Appleseed," for Field & Stream - nd
9. Article: "On Wearing a Tie While Fishing," Fly Fishing News - nd
10. Article: "I AM Emma Woodhouse," Forbes - ca. 2001
11. Article: "New Kafka Novel Soars," Natl. Book Critics Circle - ca. 1992
11. Article: "Rejection, Acceptance," New York Times (NYT) - ca.1992
12. Article: "Wild Brookies," NYT - ca.1995
13. Article: "You Should Have Been Here Today...with a Fly Rod," NYT - Fall 2000
14. Article: "Thoughts on the Upcoming Fiftieth Anniversary," NYT online - 2003
15. Article: "Learning about Fishing from the Living Room," NYT ca. 2004
16. Article: "Desperately Avoiding Trout Season," Special to the NYT - April - no yr.
17. Article: "Flies on the (Business) Brain," "Business World" NYT - n.d.
18. Article: "The Family that Fishes Together ...," Pennsylvania Gazette, Nov 1996
19. Article: "The Fly-Fishing Book Businessan Insider's Update," ca. 1984
20. Article: "The Sphinx on Canvas," Ennis, MT- 1993
21. Article: "Non-Imitative" ca.1995
22. Article: "On Great Pond" ca. 2001
23. Article: "Breaking Camp," on leaving his office upon sale of Lyons Press, Mar-Apr, 2002
24. Article: "By Way of a Resum," ca. 2004
25. Article: "The Art of the Trout Fly" n.d.
26. Article: "For a Ride," n.d.
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Box 38
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Box 39
1. Remarks: Introduction of Ed Zern, Trout Unlimited, TGF - Mar 8,1986
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Box 40
1. Talk: Anglers Club of New York Oct 24, 1995. Some Very Minor Tactics
2. Talk: Trout Unlimited, Coldwater Conservation Fund Oct 29, 1996
3. Talk: Anglers' Club of New York ca.1998
4. Talk: Anglers' Club of New York ca. 1999. Connett's Derrydale Press
5. Talk: Trout Unlimited - Morristown Feb 5, 2002
6. Talk: Alternative Books Aug 21, 2002 Misadventures of an Independent Publisher
7. Talk: Fish Tales (version 2) ca. 2002-3
8. Talk: Trout Unlimited, TGF Feb 28 (year unknown) Spring Creek
9. Odds and ends: Commentary - Sam Fadala's work ca.1994 More than the Advance
10. Odds and ends: Letter to FFM about extremely bad review, Summer 1998
12. Odds and ends: Traver on Fishing (rough catalog copy) ca. 2001
11 Odds and ends: promotional material for Fly-Fishers Book Club, Jan 2, 2001.
13. Odds and ends: essays - rough drafts and bits and pieces
14. Odds and ends: regrets for missing symposium (possibly on Ernest Hemingway)
15. Odds and ends: notes for comments to would be writers
16. Odds and ends: QSR, TN radio "Spirit of the Sport", Nick Lyons interview (audiotape)
17. Odds and ends: Outdoor Channel, Nick Lyons comments "Ernest Hemingway" 2002 (videocassette)

Contents | Special Collections

Series 4: Artwork, photographs and personal ephemera

Collected artwork includes an original oil painting, original watercolors, book illustrations in pen and pencil as well as copy prints of illustrations for publications, cartoons and promotional posters. Some are framed or mounted. Also present are an original sketch book, photographic prints in black & white and color, snapshots, slides as well as brochures, catalogues, and personal memorabilia. Signed artwork is filed by the artist.

Box 41
1. Daiber, Steven C: pencil sketch
2. Foley, Shep: - pencil sketch
3. Harrington, Richard: line drawings - copy prints ca. 1984-85
4. Kane, Taylor: watercolor
5. Leonard, Edson: fishing flies -plates
6. Lyons, Mari: 2 small book covers; 1 small watercolor reprint
7. Lyons, Mari: sketch book, Ennis 1993 watercolors and line drawings with Nick Lyons margin notes and commentary
8. Meltzoff, Stanley: 2 art catalogs
9. Sutcliffe ,Tom: illustrations - August 2002
10. Troy, John: 2 watercolor cartoons
11. Walinchus, Rod: authenticated lithographed art prints
12. White, John Robert: watercolors - sample slides
13. Illustrations: flies and insects for books
14. Illustrations: miscellaneous pencil and copy prints
15. Illustrations: set of trout fly plates
16. Illustrations: spot drawings of trout for books
17. Illustrations: unsigned angling drawings
18. Ephemera: brochures and book announcements
19. Ephemera: catalogs - fishing tackle and fishing flies
20. Ephemera: invitations and other memorabilia
21. Photographs #1-3: Brooks, Charles
22. Photographs #4-26: Callahan, Dan - prints of wildlife, river and fishermen
23. Photographs #27-34: Nick Lyons fishing; Nick Lyons book promotions, events
24. Photographs #35: Quammen, David
25. Photographs #36: White, Randy Wayne
26. Photographs #37: Wulff, Joan
27. Photographs # 38-43: bamboo rod building
28. Photographs #44-50: unidentified individuals
29. Photographs #51-53: slides of horses

Box 42 (oversized and fragile items)
5 mounted book promotion posters; 1 Barry Glickman numbered print; 1 Alan James Robinson numbered print plus original line drawings for In Praise of Wild Trout ; oversized original fly illustrations

Framed artwork
Lyons, Mari: 5 watercolors
Lyons, Mari: 1 oil painting
Prosch, John: 3 watercolor trout illustrations (field sketches)
Wolff, Glenn: 1 watercolor trout illustration with text for book (autographed)
Wolff, Glenn: 2 watercolor trout illustrations proofs # 2-3
1 Plaque: 1993 Kudo from Fly Rod & Reel magazine honoring Lyons & Burford Angling Books

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